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Mr. B

First time to Kabetogama & Namakan any advice?

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Mr. B

I am heading up to Kabetogama and Namakan for a week this weekend. It will by my first time renting a houseboat. Does any one have any advice at what to bring and things to watch for? Any ideas as to what the fish are biting on would be great. It does not matter what we catch.


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If the weather holds your gonna have a blast. I have done 4 houseboat trips up there and always had very good fishing in August. Bait can get spendy so if you can bring your own (in bulk) it can save you (DRY ICE). I can recommend a spot on Nam that is right out of a steve Lyman painting up toward Mica bay close to kettle falls too. Its a little hard to see when your coming up on it but it really tucks you out of the elements if it gets windy great tie downs attached to the rocks on both sides. We had no trouble putting a 54' boat in there. I don't have a map handy or I would give you the name of the site. On the main lake outside of the spot there is a numbered navigational bouy. The boat will have a map that will point out the houseboat campsights. If your going to do alot of cruising there are alot of places to put that houseboat for the night. I have found that on the first day it can be a little hard to find a spot outside of the ash river. you might have to cruise a little but that's all part of the trip. Your gonna love it. The fishing is excellent. Mostly Eye's but be prepaired to land a few Pike (BIG) I think the smallest pike we pulled out of the lake was 6lbs and the largest went 15+. I couldnt count the number of Eye's. Don't forget the Smallies too. The maps on the boat do give you options where to fish you just need to use them for a guideline and tweak it from there. I wish I could remember the name of that camp site if you find it you will know though.

Have fun and bring your hook-outs.


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Fishing has been rather slow on Kab/Nam with walleyes. The plus is that sauger and perch have been plentiful. Smallies hittin near the rocks and pike near the weeds.

I suggest you have spoons, spinners, crayfish colored and immitation type rebels or raps. Plan on casting from your little boat near the shorelines and rock piles.

Leeches have not done much this year, for live bait, try crawlers and or minnows. Minnows however are tough to keep on your houseboat.
Short snells with and without spinners seem a fair choice for slip sinker presentations early am and later pm the most consistent times.

It has been hot here for the last month temps are expected to stay warm during daytime. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and maybe some fish will come your way.
Good luck, guts < )))))><

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    • busse3775
      You can get around anywhere on Ottertail. I have been out there the past couple weekends and we currently have 20"+ of ice. It is a little rough and some deeper snow drifts but you shouldn't have a problem. A lot of houses and traffic on the lake. 
    • Wanderer
      Ditto this. ^^^^.  Plus they eventually crack and break.
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Mike, the clam bar is going to be your best bet. But I run the troo shine strip lights in my one man flip. There great super bright and have sticky tape on them to connect to a pole. The clam light bar is about same in price maybe a bit more but extremely bright and can be mounted in your poles. I also have the clam sled lights on mine to not as bright but helps light up the ice in front for fishing or the sled or both. Hope that helps 
    • MikeG3Boat
      I am looking for a LED Rope lights to hang in my clam ice house for fishing at night.  I know you can purchase a light bar from clam, but I am thinking there must be a cheaper way.  I am looking for suggestions.  Please provide the brand.  Thanks, Mike
    • Rick G
      The white hockey tape, then black electric tape over.  The hockey tape by itself gets too wet for me. The black electric tape sheds water better than the hockey tape.  After a few yrs of use the black will leave a gunky residue on the rod if used by itself Have also tried the reel bands, not a big fan of them when fighting a big fish.
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Masking tape on rod handle then electrical tape reel to rod. Works good!
    • BriGuy88
      Hockey tape for me.  Bought a roll 10 years ago and probably have another 10 years left in it, unless I go on a shopping spree for rods/reels! 
    • EricO
      Finally got out there Saturday after wanting to for almost 10 years! After reading all the pointers on here and looking at maps we gave it a try. Ended up catching around 15 between the 2 of us in about 4 hrs biggest being about 6lbs. Had a blast and will definitely do it again!  Oh and you're not kidding about a lite bite I think only one actually pulled the bobber  under!
    • tca12
      I was on Turtle Lake.  I've always found the clarity good there although I also haven't seen a boatload of pike.  Centerville was awful a couple of weeks ago as was Peltier although they both can change in a few weeks.  Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I was up north seeing almost 50 fish in two days on a small lake west of Bemidji.  Nice clear water there and pike from 10 to 38 inches long. 
    • MitchRapp
      Just fished Potato for the first time this winter. Found walleyes in 15 feet of water off the mid lake humps during the day/late afternoon. Had the camera down and saw plenty of eyes but couldn't get them to bite. Was wondering if this lake is more of a night bite.
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