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      Fishing Minnesota has added a new menu item (see above) called Fishing Report Clubs. It's a way to keep the really good fishing reports coming and being shared only with those who also provide detailed fishing reports. We will only approve new members who request to join if they have already posted a recent fishing report in the area forum, associated with the Fishing Report Club area  you want to join. Initially we are going to limit the number of regular memberships, in the Fishing Report Clubs, to the top 20 members in each Club, to those with the best frequency and quality fishing reports provided in the club and less so in the regular fishing report forum open to all members. The higher quality fishing report reserved for the club of course. If  you want see detailed fishing reports/tips  around your area and will share your detailed fishing report as soon as you join, then Join Now! Some of the clubs are starting to fill fast. Use the Fishing Reports Club link in the Menu above (after you've posted a fishing report in the regular area forum) and request to Join.

    You know what we all love...

    When you enchant people, you fill them with delight and yourself in return. Have Fun!!!

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thanks kelly/west wind

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i woke up sunday morning,with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt.and the beer i had for breakfast tasted better than the last captain coke i had just before i fell out the door and passed out the night before, so i had one more for desert.
thanks kelly i think i owe ya. at least for the cabin rental. it worked out perfectly. i don't think i could have made it any further. at least i avoided the 1200.00 fine smile.gif man where were the fellas from the bandaid brigade. i thought they were up there for the women. i still can't believe all the fine ladies in there! did i get lucky? i can't remember----
i'm not sure but i think i left without paying part of my bar tab???? i didn't see any checks written to w.w. in my register. hope my credit is good. i'll be back!!
see ya'll soon. keep your stick out of the water--------jigglestick---------

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Ely Lake Expert

Jigglestick, it is a good thing you were careful not to get that $1200 fine. It is something to stay away from, even though it is a tested and proven good golfing story grin.gif

Ely lake expert

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You might have "got lucky" if you hadn't picked my daughter to try with. smile.gif hehehehehehe
Yes that was most likely "the Bandaid Brigdes" darkest hour. The bar is as full of good looking and single women as I have seen since the great walleye days and the "Brigade" is sitting around their campfire singing songs and telling scary stories. grin.gif When I went up to check on them at Midnight 4 of the 18 or so were still standing.
The last I remember of your bar tab is when you went to pay it and decided that it wasn't big enogh yet so you ordered another round for "everybody".
We are going to try to get the ATV run put together for June 8th if you can make it. We are try to find a weekend when NINETOE isn't here but he keeps changing dates. smile.gif Last year it took an hour to get his machine out of the rice paddy.

Waskish Minnow Station

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Well Kelly, if you plan it for the 8th of June I wont make it. I have a funeral ,er ah,,,,wedding to go to wink.gif

...Hail The Flashlight King....

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Tom Sawyer
      Side Image...
    • SkunkedAgain
      Is anyone planning on getting new gear for this season? I went from planning to get an underwater camera, to all new rain gear, to finally settling on merely getting a cheaper pair of rain pants to wear under my current bibs. I also got another ultra light panfish pole since it's always the most popular one on the dock. Anyone buying new boats? New rods? New electronics? New cabins?
    • Tom Sawyer
      New personal best twice for the girlfriend yesterday, I helped catch our fresh Lenten dinner for todayLooks like I need to buy another FLX 28....Time to get out there, the fish are fired up
    • mrpike1973
      I absolutely love a 6 inch hole more holes per charge and a hardly ever lose a fish in the hole. I had a 8 inch and sold it. I panfish 99% of the time with some cats on the chain and at our get together almost everyone used a 6 inch hole. everyone got them up.
    • eyeguy 54
      As I age and cant jump off the bucket as fast as I used to I am enjoying the 6 inch for that occasional dandy panfish that comes unbuttoned right at the top of the hole. They have a hard time turning around and zipping back down.   Doesnt happen often but my chances of grabbing the fish are improved when it does. 
    • MN BassFisher
      I am heading to Florida on vacation in a day and I'm not sure what sort of ice conditions I'm going to come back to in the Twin Cities in April. With that I mind I decided to walk out on a Metro lake with a buddy on Wednesday to try to capitalize on a sundown shallow water bite. We used big baits and fished a shallow weedy point. The Crappies would come flying out of the thick stuff and hammer the baits - it was a lot of fun to watch on the flasher! How late into April do you think we'll be ice fishing in the Metro?  
    • Wanderer
      Beautiful colors!
    • smurfy
      nice!!!!! nuttin better then a fresh meal of skin on sunfish.
    • leech~~
      Um.............. other then a few private PM's to people. Looooks like Jan 20th Brainerd area, Extavaganza 2018 thread.     
    • gimruis I'm not going to get into what I think of this boneheaded proposal but it goes against pretty much every piece of science out there.