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Feb/March Project: King Crow Fishhouse 'Touch-up'

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Back in 1998, purchased a King Crow Fishhouse and have been using it ever since.  It's seen a pile of ice time, numerous guests, lots of fish and maybe a few adult beverages :D.


This year, with the 60 degree days in February and lack of safe ice, i deemed it time to 'touch up the paint'...

The past +/-20 years of use was showing:










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Enter the heated garage, 4 1/2 grinder with sanding discs, various wire brushes and hard work and got it cleaned up.


Used a sealer/primer called CorroSeal.  It applies over tight rust and chemically combines/converts iron-oxide.  This is some of the most amazing stuff I ever seen.  It starts as a milky-white liquid and turns purple\Black when conversion is complete.

Next up, some new fenders, wheels, tires, hubs, springs, cables and a really nice coat of Rustoleum Royal Blue oil-based epoxy finish, and I ended up with :















I'm ready for next year!!!!

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Posted (edited)

Wow, I would say about time that frames looking a little scary. Once you get it down to metal the best you can take a real good look at every inch on the bottom of frame for small cracks and weak spots. That way you may be able to throw a patch on them before you repaint it up. I would even use a small hammer to tap bad looking spots to see if their weak. Once you paint it all you mite want to give the whole thing under there a good coating of the black undercoating for extra insurance. I had a steel snowmobile trailer rail just snap in half when it all looked good. Suk's when your way up north or on the road!  :(

Good Luck with the project. Post pictures when done. :)


P.s looks like your ready for some new tires (weather cracked) and paint the rims while your at it! New look all around!

Edited by leech~~

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