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Yesterday was about as miserable as conditions can get! Big wind, cold temperatures, and unending drizzle all day. My Parents are visiting and I was disappointed thinking that the day after the cold front would be a total bust. Wrong! We left this morning to low 40 air temps and 50 degree water temps where we started. After an hour of zero action, we tried spot #2. A pretty stout north breeze was blowing into the shoreline I wanted to fish and I had to run the motor on 4 to maintain the proper trolling speed. It didn't take long for the action to start and by the time we finished later in the morning, my Dad had his limit of really nice 15.5"-16.5" walleyes. As a bonus, he caught a real dandy. We didn't catch any dinks this morning and I'm hoping that the bigger fish are finally turning on. We tried both leeches and minnows but, the minnows were the ticket this morning. We had hits from 21'-27' but the "best" depth was 25'. The fish were definitely laying in an area that was gravel bottom with boulder snags as I edged closer to shore and mud as I mover deeper off the gravel.Water temps warmed to 54.5 degrees by the time we left around noon. All things considered, it was a great morning!

Good Fishing,

MarkB smile

This fish was released after the picture taking.


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Many thanks for sharing and opening my memory locker of my Dad...


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Nice job. I admit I wimped out yesterday & stayed on shore. We tried for a little while this morning north of Pine Island but not a bite. Had a big musky follow up to the boat to let us know that he was the boss tho' Great job on getting your Dad on fish. My Dad has passed but the memories of fishing with my Dad is something I think of every day with great fondness.

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Capt. H (Ret.)

Thank for sharing!! That's what memories are made of.


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Casey Sunsdahl

Very Nice!

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Nice fish! Saturday was a cold one for sure. Think I was more comfortable back in early February on that -39 morning drilling holes.

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You are a lucky man to be out with your dad. Mine's still kicking but his days of getting up here are over. Won't even let me come and get him. And, yes, it was surprising that fish were hitting after that colder weather moved in. I heard leeches are working now, too and will try them this evening. There are a lot of 12-13 inchers in Frazer. Bodes well for the future. Thankfully there are some larger, too. West end is best.

Thanks for the report and savor your times with Dad.


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    • OhioVike
      I picked up new rain gear last year.  I took a layering approach and went with Gill. I love the stuff and can more comfortably wear it in warmer climates.   jacket - bibs - bib& insul bib -        
    • h8go4s
      Like stocking walleyes into every mudhole in the state? Yes, I'm exaggerating, but if walleye stocking were ended, lots of lakes would eventually be walleye-free. Stocking fish in Minnesota (walleyes, trout and muskie for the most part) is done to boost tourism and all the various industries associated with tourism. That includes resorts, bait shops, restaurants, boat manufacturers and retailers, tackle manufacturer and retailers, clothing manufacturers and retailers, guides, advertising, publishers, websites and probably others I haven't thought of. It's a big part of the economy, and the popularity of muskie fishing is booming. The state should promote and support muskie fishing just like walleye fishing for the same reasons. No, I'm not a muskie fisherman. I own a few muskie baits and occasionally fling them around, but not seriously. I'm too old and my shoulders are too lame to do that very long. I've caught maybe 6 muskies in the last 15 years, and most of them were caught bass fishing.
    • Wanderer
      I need to pick up 1 or 2 Muskie combos by June but haven’t fully decided what I want. Other than that, I’m taking it easy. My checking account is still feeling the effects Black Friday 2017. 
    • muskie-mike
      A bag of 50 1/16oz jig heads,that's it so  
    • monstermoose78
      Thanks to those who came
    • phishslayer
    • eyeguy 54
      True dat!  Ducer slides right next to the ice. I did fish in a couple 8 inch holes yesturday for a couple minutes after some guys left. Almost felt like i needed a life jacket on!! Lol
    • Alex wilhelmi
      I'm so jealous of you guys, I put my ice fishing gear away couple nights ago. It took 3 Busch lights and and one Keystone light tall boy to muster up the courage to pack it away till next winter. Sad day.
    • pikeandchester
      Spent some time on on Francis today. Ice on the main part of the lake looks to be in great shape but the west access is pretty bad. Got the ATV out, Probably not getting a vehicle out though. Saw one car out, don’t know where they got on the ice. Shore isn’t pulling away yet (other than the access).
    • IceHawk
      You hole hop like me or the guys I fish with you just added another 50 holes or better to your day doubleing them up for transducers. Rarely do we plop down in one spot unless its lights out!