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Training an older dog

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My current lab is 8 years old. I started training her as a pup but through the years of having young kids, new job, etc, I admittedly stopped training her and she regressed in many of the things I was teaching her as a pup. I enjoy hunting her - she has a tremendous nose and is still a pretty good retriever (she is still an asset in the field and not a liability). She has never been overweight and although turning gray, still in excellent physical shape. I have always felt a little guilt of not having helped her achieve her full potential as a hunting dog. My son is now old enough to begin to hunt along side of me and I wonder if I can still teach the old dog new stuff. This spring I am going to begin again with some training. If nothing else it should sharpen what she already knows. Any tips on this? Is it still possible to teach an old dog new things?

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There is no age limit as to teaching a dog. Just understand that if your going to teach her something, if she already has a bad habit in it's place, you'll have to undo that first and then work on the new task.

Typically a slower pace is needed for older dogs with more repetition. As you said, if nothing else, just sharpening up what she already knows will be g reat thing to do.

Have fun with her and I hope you get her to a level of finished that you desire!

Good Luck!


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