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Jim Uran

Fishhouse wiring???????

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I recently acquired a fish house. It is wired. Unfortunately the lady didn't know much about it, but it was a darn good deal so I bought it anyways. It is wired and what coming off the existing wiring in a box in front of the fish house is two large clamps(designed to hook up to the power source) but the house is wired for 110 not 12, I was gonna buy a generator for it, but have no idea how the heck to hook it up??? The wiring is your standard wire for wiring a house and it has those big clamps on it as mentioned above and she said her husband would hook up to a generator.... ANY THING WILL HELP ME HERE FELLA'S is there something you can buy to hook up to the generator than to these big clamps??? Thanks in advance.

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I also bought a perm from a guy who he and his brother built the house and had it wired with regular 110 house wire.

It has a extension that plugs in to a outside outlet and the other end has the clamps for a battery. There is also a "inside" cable with clamps as well for a battery inside the house instead.

Mine is 12v but only with house wire which I guess is used quite a bit.

Never had a "generator" so I'm not sure how that hook up would connect if it's actually only 110.

Are there 12v lights inside that you can see are 12v possibly ?

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    • Borch
      The forum has do much more than fishing reports, hot bites, etc.  There's been more general and specific fishing  techniques, information and connecting with each other that has happened  here.     I can get hot bite information in a lot of places.  In fact many hot bites never do up on these forums.  Sounds like you've got a lot of information in a lot of places.   That's great!  Many of us have done the same thing.     Many of us have got together on the ice, in the woods or on the water because of.this forum.  That's what I've always enjoyed the most.     Hope to be able to keep doing that for a long time.
    • JeremyCampbell
      Briggs is open as far as I could see.I will be out that way again tomorrow I'll get another glance and see if I spot some on a different side of the lake
    • smurfy
      Been a long long long time since my pops took me there!
    • Coleman
      Correct.  You can throw him a buck or two to keep the road graded and all is good.  At least that's my understanding.  
    • eyeguy 54
      maybe saturday if any ice left.