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Jim Uran

Fishhouse wiring???????

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I recently acquired a fish house. It is wired. Unfortunately the lady didn't know much about it, but it was a darn good deal so I bought it anyways. It is wired and what coming off the existing wiring in a box in front of the fish house is two large clamps(designed to hook up to the power source) but the house is wired for 110 not 12, I was gonna buy a generator for it, but have no idea how the heck to hook it up??? The wiring is your standard wire for wiring a house and it has those big clamps on it as mentioned above and she said her husband would hook up to a generator.... ANY THING WILL HELP ME HERE FELLA'S is there something you can buy to hook up to the generator than to these big clamps??? Thanks in advance.

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I also bought a perm from a guy who he and his brother built the house and had it wired with regular 110 house wire.

It has a extension that plugs in to a outside outlet and the other end has the clamps for a battery. There is also a "inside" cable with clamps as well for a battery inside the house instead.

Mine is 12v but only with house wire which I guess is used quite a bit.

Never had a "generator" so I'm not sure how that hook up would connect if it's actually only 110.

Are there 12v lights inside that you can see are 12v possibly ?

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