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Deer Scent

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Question about deer and scent. I am somewhat new to deer hunting as opposed to upland birds, but they are delicious so I am going to spend the weekend in a stand.

First: I hunt in South Central MN and my stand is in a field adjacent to CRP that gets hunted once or twice a week for pheasant. The stand is not far from the farm house - i.e. people smell is not new to the deer in the area.


I plan to-

(1) Wash my stuff with scent free soap and hang it outdoors for a couple of days before Saturday's opener and overnight between hunts.

(2) Spray down with "scent-killer" before hitting the field.

Issue: Is there more I should be doing? Perhaps to cover up the oder of my gun?

Does anyone have recommendations of scents to use or not to use. Such as various urine that is for sale, etc? Does this stuff work? An old timer told me that extra scent just tells the deer that something is up, might this be especially true in a field near a farm house that gets a lot of traffic.

What do you do?

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I don't think you should have to worry about your smell if you are hunting in an area where they "are used to people smell" but washing the clothes won't hurt, thats for sure. I would spend opening day just letting them do their thing without any kind of scent, and if that doesn't work, Sunday put out 3-4 wicks with a doe urine (#307 has never done me wrong cool.gif) and see what happens.

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