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Experiences with a 5 month old GSP

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Seeing the post about what to expect with an 11 month old GWP, I decided to post about my expereinces with my 5 month GSP.

For starters, I will say that I am well aware that he is still VERY young and has lots of time to learn. This is my first pointer, so it is a totally new expereince for me having to get the dog to point before I shoot.

I spent most of the day in the woods near Emily with him on Friday. We covered a lot of ground early in the day without seeing, pointing or flushing a single bird. There were many areas where he would get "birdy" and really work areas over very thoroughly and kept going back to the same spot to pick up the scent. We didn't see our first bird until 3:30. After that, they were everywhere. We saw 14 birds over the next 90 minutes. Of those 14, the pup had a legitimate chance to point 12 of those birds, but did not point any of them. It is very obvious that right now, he just loves to run in the woods and explore. Several times he ran right by the birds and never even noticed that they were there. On one occasion, he ran to within 7-8 yards of two birds that were standing right in the middle of the trail, only to turn and run back toward me. To his credit, the birds were down-wind, so scenting them may have been a bit hard, but I was at least hoping he would see them and point.

At one point, while he was off to my right, exploring and sniffing about 50 yards into the woods, a bird got up about 15 yards to my left, which I shot and dropped into a swamp. I looked for it for 15 minutes, while my pup just sat in one spot in the swamp, seemingly smiling at me the entire time. I finally walked over to him only to see that he had found the bird and was sitting very proud with it between his front feet. That brought a huge smile to my face, and a good rub down and lots of praise for him.

While it was frustrating at times to not see him point birds that I knew were there, it was a lot of fun to watch him run, play, explore and gain lots of confidence. As the day went by, he seemed to run and hunt with more purpose despite not actually pointing a bird. When I kenneled him for the last time Friday evening, I felt a sense of pride and confidence that he has many bright days ahead of him aside from all the hard work him and I will put in along the way.

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Not knowing anything about pointers, I would say it sounds like a good first day! Exposure to the woods and all their smells, finding a downed bird, and just plain ol' having fun is a great way to introduce a dog to hunting! It's no different than a young child! Make it fun and they want more.

On a side note, we hunted for 4 hours yesterday afternoon between Motley and Nevis and never even flushed a bird! I never walked a trial once and walked many different types of cover. Pretty disappointing. I'm trying to get my young dog on birds and the last 2 areas we've hunted, have been real disapponting in terms of bird numbers.

Good Luck!


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    • paceman
      Made it out last night. Beautiful night. Caught a bunch of Crappies, sunnies, a norsky and a few walleyes. All CR. Amazing how quiet the lake was. I was the only boat out for the most part. First boat in parking lot at 5:30 and no AI inspector this time. Have not seen them for quite awhile now.... Water temp was 78. Panfish were caught on simple Jig/plastic in about 12 feet along shoreline weeds. Walleyes on spinner/crawlers in 17-20 on midlake structure.
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      Berserker Bass.   This is probably the most exciting hit I have ever had from a bass.   Had to slow it down to get the full effect .Berzerker bass video
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      Have not fished down there but up river a little way in the Ramsey area I have been doing well on smallies Either trolling raps up river bouncing of the bottom or drifting down pounding the shorelines with meps spinners.   Meps are one of my favorite lures for the river that and buzz baits.   The Mississippi is fun because you have a chance at catching anything.
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      Go to the fields off hwy 10 where diamonds used to be and where the boat launch is in Ramsey. I plant feathers and stuff there sometimes there is a variety of tall grass around there.   the best pre buy program I have found is at golden meadows. if you put money on an account before aug 26 the prices are  depending on when you go Aug. 20 - Sept. 4
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      Hmmm...getting a prosthetic foot and attaching hooks now
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      Im wanting to go and fish the missisippi river by my place, there is a little inlet with some down trees, a drop off  and a little bridge that goes over the inlet. Its off of east river road at the end of 79th.  I believe its called riverview heights park. My questions is, has anyone gone fishing there? I see people there quite often and have chatted with them a little bit, but haven't gotten much out of them. It looks promising for some largemouth and catfish. if you have fished there what works good? and are they biting now? I will be there at about 5 am tomorrow morning.
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      This rain is keeping the rum muddy.
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      Nuts, I had to leave Fraser on Monday for some business and a trip, but I think your MO is the right one. However, there are a lot of small (10-12") fish on the reef tops as of Sunday. You might try deeper water just off the tops. I'm not a fan of bobber fishing (like to feel the bite) but it's been a consistent winning method. Dick
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      He is huge