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Fishing Acapulco

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I'm lucky enough to have a wife who is going to a conference in Acapulco the first week of December. Oh, I'm also lucky enough to be able to go with her. grin.gif I do plan on fishing while down there and was wondering if anyone had any good guide or charter service recommendations.

I've done some saltwater fishing in the Florida Keys, Tampa area, and Hawaii, but never in Mexico. I like to fish more hands on rather than take turns cranking in a marlin, etc. Anyone know of any good resources? Any tip at all is much appreciated.

I'll most likely be bringing some fishing gear with, but probably nothing heavier than heavy bass, light pike-type set ups, unless I hear from here otherwise. I do enjoy shore or pier fishing saltwater as well.



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Have not fished Acapulco, but have fished in Zihuatanejo (sp?) Sailfish is king in this part of the world. If you will be there more than a couple days I would recommend going to the docks when the boats come in-5:00 usually, and see who has fish. Do this a few days and a pattern emerges. Usually a few boats do better than others. Then talk to the fisherman who come off these boats to see who had the best experience with their captain / crew. Book with this guy. Usually they are only booked a day or two ahead.

Obviously you need to be in town for a while for this to work, but it works great. The day I caught my sailfish there were only 3 caught by the whole fishing fleet.

Check out as many boats as possible. Try to get a deal if you want the boat to yourself, they're Mexican, they will deal.

Another tip, learn a few basic phrases in Spanish. The locals you deal with, although most speak English, realy appreciate it.

Good luck and have a great time!

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MJ; I fish cabo and Mazatlan frequently (leaving for cabo Oct 10th!) and read a lot about the area, but Acupulco just doesn't come up much. I don't doubt sails would be the main target, and imagine dec might still be good, but they like warm water and thats getting pretty late. See if you can find a couple "fish timing charts". I don't put a lot of stock in them, but it's a start. Hanging out at the docks is great if you have tons of time, I've never had that luxury, plus, where I've fished, if the bite is good the better boats are booked in advance. good luck, let us know how it goes.

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    • OhioVike
      With social media the new normal is for people to rant the open airways.  Unfortunately, some times people cross the line. I don't think that has happened here, but I would also say that I have sympathy for the new owners of the Landing.  I continue to go there knowing I will pay more than I generally would want to.  I would probably go more if their prices were lower as they are much closer to me than The Crescent.  
    • cookie129
      Another sunrise and another sunset made my day yesterday as I  enjoyed a day on such a grand lake. I spent part of the morning in old Minnesota making some phone calls, planning my day and even wetting a line.
       Berry and his crew Ted, Mike  and Scott had left early do to the weather conditions in southern Minnesota. They only managed 3 more fish after the move. "Stupid fish".
       I hung out in old minnesota until the generator ran out of gas so I could figure out how long it ran on a tank. !0 1/2 hours as she quit running at 8:30 am. Sure would be nice to have that burg system? Oh that's right its in the snow bank . "Stupid thing" not sure why it fails.
       After fueling up the generator I made the morning rounds to be a little disappointed with the fishing report "Stupid fish" Oh well as Wayne always says if we caught them all there would not be any to catch.
       I then went over to clean and prep Montana for Brian and Stacy as they were coming up for there 25th anniversary.
        I also gave Reid and Jason a couple tips as they were off to find the very elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. They only caught one walleye in North Carolina so I told them when they came back it would be in a new spot.
       I then said goodbye to Steve from Michigan  and his crew in Florida. They did horrible on low and did not fair much better in florida the third night. They did have some action on tip ups though just outside the house.
       Then over to north Dakota where again no fish "stupid fish" what a horrible spot that turned out to be. We talked and I told them I would be back at 10:30 to move the house. Arriving back at 10:38  we were on the move. I told them if all went well they would be wetting a line again by noon. I also said if they wanted they could ride in north Dakota. Scott ask if I had any more shovels and I said sure do I have 3  so they all pitched in to dig her out. The move went well and just like I promised they were wetting a line  by noon. Cory said the ride was way smoother then he expected.
       The phone rings and its Stacy and Brian 2 hours early, perfect as the house is ready to go. At the same time Buddy Hillmen calls and says he is over the pressure ridge and were going to open another mile of road. OH! Oh! plan A is now switched to plan B. I get them checked in and I'm off to help with the new road.
       It did not take long to burn up a 1/2 tank of gas. I checked in with Buddy Hillmen and headed home to  gas up, check the fluids and get back out to the houses as I still had more work there. Moving north Carolina went well other then a few issues with the extension cords. As my very good pal Wayne says. "Here at Cookies we do it right cause we do it Twice"
       Once North Carolina was all set I was back out to Hillmen's highway where we would keep plugging away on the new mile of road. 2 hours later and I was heading home for a quick bite before making the evening rounds.
      Stacy and Brian were the first stop where Stacy had lost 5 fish at the hole. I gave her a tip on landing them so we will see if that pans out.
       Reid and Jason found north Carolina and had a blast fishing outside all day. They landed a few walleyes but no" elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie". I guess that's why I call them elusive.
       Last stop was at North Dakota ! I had played a round of Texas Hold um with them the night before and wanted another shot. 
        Scott did not play, he sure deserves to catch a few fish as he was always holding his fishing rod and jigging  when I stopped in. One fish was all they caught on the new spot "stupid fish".
       I lost a second time in hold um and headed home where I ran into a local Dave him and his son had set up just to the north east of us where they landed 3 nice fish.
       Well back to the grind again today. we have mike coming for north Dakota and Kieth and his kids coming for florida. I told both them that check in was at 2pm.
    • ZachD
      Lundeens was out of shiners when I was there granted it was Sunday
    • ZachD
      I believe that one in Monticello closed down
    • BassThumb.
      Most of our fish came on minnows under bobbers. I spooked countless fish with even subtle jigging.