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MN’s best amateur bass anglers set to tackle Leech

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Minneapolis – August 28, 2007 – Minnesota’s best amateur bass anglers set to tackle Leech Lake

On Saturday, September 1st, approximately 200 anglers will arrive in the Walker area to practice and prepare for the Minnesota Bass Federation Nation Tournament of Champions on Leech Lake.

These 200 anglers have qualified from their local clubs from all over the state. 41 clubs will send teams and individual representatives to the Tournament of Champions (TOC). In addition to the TOC, an alternate’s tournament will be held on Woman Lake on September 5th. The weigh-in will be 3:00PM held out of Patrick’s Supper Club on the shores of Woman Lake. High finishers will advance to the TOC

Wednesday night is the banquet and pairings meeting that concludes with a raffle with all proceeds supporting a local charity. This year’s charity is the Boys and Girls Clubs of Walker and Longville.

Events culminate with a two-day tournament on September 6th and 7th. Horseshoe Bay Resort will host weigh-ins for the event starting at 3:00 PM on Thursday and Friday.

Anglers come from all over the state for many reasons; foremost is the camaraderie of fellow anglers and secondly to qualify for the 2008 Bass Federation Northern Divisional. The top 12 anglers from the TOC will advance next year to fish against 7 other State Teams from Wisconsin, Indiana, South Dakota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio on Fox River/Winnebago Chain near Oshkosh, WI in late summer 2008. At stake there is a chance to fish in the Bass Federation Nation National Championship and take one step closer to a Bassmasters’ Classic berth.

Fish care is an important part of protecting the resource, so for the third consecutive year, the TOC will be utilizing an in-water weigh-in system that reduces stress on the fish. Leech Lake is a renowned big bass fishery, which emphasizes the importance to return all the fish back to Leech Lake in good condition to be caught again for everyone.

”The great thing about the Minnesota Federation Nation State Championship is that we get a chance to give back to the community. Our sponsors have really stepped up big for our raffle and the local Boys and Girls Clubs,” says Tournament Director Peter Perovich. “We really appreciate the support we get from Skeeter Boats, MinnKota, Fig Rig Rods, and Lowrance.” If you are interested in seeing Minnesota’s best anglers, Horseshoe Bay Resort is the place to be September 6th and 7th.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release visit Minnesota Bass Federation Nation

About Minnesota Bass Federation:

The Minnesota BASS Federation is committed to promoting fishing for all ages and skill levels. We offer our assistance to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to improve fishing opportunities, habitat, water quality and preservation of public access to Minnesota’s waterways. The Fed works with state and local government, lake associations and other outdoor organizations to protect our fishing heritage. Through our youth initiatives, it provides education and on the water experiences to foster youth involvement and sustained interest in the sport.


Rich Lindgren, Marketing Director


Peter Perovich, Tournament Director

Minnesota Bass Federation Nation

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All I know is that those boys had some fun riding in those waves on Friday morning. I was out on Stoney Point when they came around and it sure was fun to watch a few of them take some "air"!! grin.gif


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lol... how big of waves where they?

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The waves were plenty big.... official results have not been posted. I had 10 fish for 31.52 and that was good enough for 4th out of 146 anglers. It took right around 30lbs to make the Top 12 and qualify for divisionals

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Nice job hellabass on the 4th place finish!!

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So who won the tournament then??

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Here is the top of the leaderboard....


1 10,000 Lakes 38 114.14

2 DH Bassmasters 38 110.63

3 Classic 7 Bassmasters 35 107.60

4 Loon State 36 106.12

5 Brainerd Lakes Bassmasters 40 106.04


1 Chad Kastenbauer Loon State 5 18.10 5 16.48 10 34.58

2 Brian Blaeser 10,000 Lakes 5 19.40 5 14.70 10 34.10

3 Chris Jung Stellar Bassmasters 5 12.62 5 19.30 10 31.92

4 Rich Lindgren Gopher Bassmasters 5 16.26 5 15.62 10 31.88

5 Dean Capra 10,000 Lakes 5 15.50 5 16.18 10 31.68

6 Rick Billings Zumbro Valley 5 18.30 5 13.36 10 31.66

7 Bob Sandquist Central Minnesota Bassmasters 5 13.68 5 17.94 10 31.62

8 Jeremy Crawford Wright County Bassmasters 5 15.36 5 16.26 10 31.62

9 Bill Ludenia DH Bassmasters 5 17.60 5 13.74 10 31.34

10 Rick Hemesath Upper Iowa Bassmasters 5 15.76 5 15.28 10 31.04

11 Chuck Steinbauer Baxter Bass Snatchers 5 17.66 5 13.28 10 30.94

12 Nicholas Gross Granite City Bassmasters 5 21.04 4 9.64 9 30.68

13 Ryan Brant Gopher Bassmasters 5 14.44 5 15.76 10 30.20

14 Paul Ruff DH Bassmasters 5 17.44 5 12.70 10 30.14

15 Andrew Nitchals West Central Bassmasters 5 15.20 5 14.84 10 30.04

16 Terry Tretsven 10,000 Lakes 5 15.92 5 14.04 10 29.96

17 Richard Kaupp Classic 7 Bassmasters 5 15.70 4 14.16 9 29.86

18 Harold Haglund Bass Wranglers 5 15.40 5 14.36 10 29.76

19 Steven Hirsch Bay La Croix Bassers 5 18.70 5 10.96 10 29.66

20 Chuck Campbell Zumbro Valley 5 16.08 5 13.54 10 29.62

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Chad Kastenbauer Wins 2007 Minnesota B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Championship

September 7, 2007

Walker, MN

Minnesota’s best amateur bass anglers tackled the huge waters of Leech Lake for the Minnesota B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Tournament of Champions (TOC) two-day event. 144 anglers from 30 different clubs competed for the top 12 spots to advance to next year's divisional tournament, which will comprise the best anglers from seven other states: Wisconsin, Indiana, South Dakota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio. Not only were individual honors at stake but the 30 clubs were completing for a top 6 finish so their club could advance to next year's Bass Club World Championships.

Day one went like clockwork as all anglers were on the lake by 7:30 a.m. The perfect weather proved to be an advantage as large bags were brought to the weigh-in stage. One bag weight broke the Federation record for a day’s catch; as day one leader Nicholas Gross from Granite City Bassmasters brought in five bass weighing a whopping 21.04 lbs. He was followed by Grant Lohre of Classic Seven Bassmasters at 20.30 lbs, Brian Blaeser of 10,000 Lakes at 19.40 lbs, Jim Severson of 10,000 Lakes at 18.16 lbs, and Chad Kastenbauer of Loon State at 18.10 lbs. Overall day 1 yielded 699 bass weighing 1989.38 pounds, which equates to a 2.85 per bass average. While Leech is renowned as a muskie fishery, those numbers obviously show that Leech Lake is also one of the Minnesota's premiere bass fisheries.

Heading into day two, the weather had changed overnight. Everyone got a late start due to the winds and it made fishing very tough. Chad Kastenbauer and Brian Bleaser held off the other anglers, including Chris Jung, who made an aggressive charge for first place with his 19.30 lb bag. While Chris didn't take the overall lead, he did take the day 2 and overall TOC big bass at 6.08 lbs. The remaining divisional team qualifiers are (in order of finish): Rich Lindgren – Gopher Bassmasters, Dean Capra – 10,000 Lakes, Rick Billings – Zumbro Valley Bassmasters, Bob Sandquist - Central MN Bassmaster, Jeremy Crawford – Wright County Bassmasters, Bill Ludenia – DH Bassmasters, Rick Hemeseth – Upper Iowa Bassmasters, Chuck Steinbauer – Baxter Bass Snatchers, Nick Gross – Granite City Bassmasters, Ryan Brant – Gopher Bassmasters.

Classic Seven Bassmasters was the sponsoring club and raised money for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Walker & Longville, and also collected financial donations to help Ed Bogen’s’ family. Tournament director, Peter Perovich said "the guys really stepped up and help make things work at Leech Lake so give Classic Seven club a big pat on the back - good job guys!" Steve Soukup of Skeeter Boats performed as Master of Ceremonies at Horsehoe Bay Resort, tournament headquarters. "The staff was first class and always there when anyone needed them" said Peter Perovich. He also wanted to express "a great big thank you goes to Ron & Sandy, Julie, and Rachel, and the rest of their wonderful staff for hosting the event".

Peter Perovich stated "a really fun thing about the Minnesota B.A.S.S. Federation Nation State Championship is that we get to give back to the community. Our sponsors really pitched in for our raffle with all the proceeds going to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Walker & Longville." Peter thanks the "women behind the scenes" Kathy Ludenia, Lois Steinbaur, Joan Lindgren, Linda Richardson, Kim Berg, and Felicita Montalvo who kept our scoreboard and paperwork in order which led to a smoothly run tournament. Accolades also go out to Mark Gomez for his assistance with the Alternates tournament, Paul Perovich who spent all week and helped out anyway he could, the Alternate workers, and last but not least Sally Perovich. A tremendous amount of planning and work went into this event. Former tournament director, Dale Richardson, said "it was one of the best TOCs ever".

Sponsors were Bass Boat Saver, Capra’s Sporting Goods, Checker Auto Parts, Denny’s Restaurants, Fig Rig Rods, Gopher Tackle Company, Horseshoe Bay Resort, John Roberts Printing, Minn Kota, MG Lures, Mojo Rods, Nelson Numeric, Northland Tackle Company, Reeds Sporting Goods, Sure-Life Laboratories fish release formulas, and Turn In Poachers.

Full details and standings @

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    • curt quesnell
      Getting these big fish back in the water as soon as possible is important in summer heat.    
    • MinDak Hunter
      Thanks guys! JB-how do you get the Mepps down deep?
    • rundrave
      I know its not attached to you. But the issue is with it being attached to the dog and if its running full speed and it gets caught on something. The injuries can occur when its a sudden stop and the collar around the neck is pulled hard from the weight of the dog.   Sounds like to you need to get back to the basics with the check cord and get back to sit, stay and come. You can work her with the check cord in a hallway at home with the doors closed, then move to a larger  grassy area etc. Keep the sessions short and praise, praise and praise some more when she comes back when called.   You never want to give a command you cant enforce and that's where the check cord comes in handy. We have all been there before. But if your not confident with her in the water next to a road you need to go back and revisit those commands and how to enforce them until she is ready. its just not worth risking injury.   You have to make the retrieving fun and if she doesn't bring it back your done for that session, and then she doesn't get to retrieve. Let her see you put the dummy away and then start another session at a later time. Praise, praise and praise when she does it correctly.   Dogs will pick up on your body language frustrations etc.  Just takes lots of reps and keep them short and be positive and she will get there.
    • TNtoMN_HuntFish
      I actually don't have that long leash attatched to me. Its 100' I believe and the only reason I leave it on her is because Round Lake is right by a busy road so if she wants to bolt after a rabbit or something I can quickly grab that leash. Also sometimes she'll grab the dummy and want to swim around with it so I give a few tugs to let her know her job is to bring it to me, not swim in circles. It's just a safety measure because she isn't quite ready for fully off leash training just yet. I almost never actually need to grab it.    Thanks for the advice though, the last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt a dog, especially mine. I never throw the dummy past where it's safe to walk so if she did get it wrapped in cattails or something and got stuck I'd quickly get her. 
    • Buzzbait Brad Ohio
      Thanks for having me Minnesota. I wasn't able to float the Ottertail river but I did fish the lake every morning. Most fish the first 3 days came on top water whopper plopper. The last day, the water temperature heated up to almost 80 so I changed it up a little bit and fished deep water 10-20 feet and caught fish deep. Here's some of the better fish from this week. The fishing up here is great. Can't wait to make it back. 
    • ZachD
      Nice job I will be out on Sat in the boat
    • hitthebricks
      Sounds like my problem, Thanks  
    • JBMasterAngler
      Small minnow raps, #2 mepps spinners, small spoons. Don't need anything else.
    • curt quesnell
      What a great day jigging out in the mud. Little or no wind all day and it was pretty warm but fish were active, biting and large. A big change came yesterday on my close by spots that threw me for a loop but the fish a few miles away seem unphased. I will say it again a great day!
    • monstermoose78
      Thanks for the advice Dave  I dont let Finn fetch on check cord any more. I only used it when he was a pup