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Hunting routine with your companion?

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I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on twisted stomach and how you prevent it? I'm also interested in how, when or what types of foods you feed your dog while on a hunting trip. Finally, what are your thoughts on the energy bars and/or energy drinks.

I myself feed my lab her normal dry food three hours prior to us hunting. During the day we stop for water breaks. At the end of the day she gets food/water again.


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My setter has a very touchy stomach so I have done research on this before.

This what I was told. It is better to feed them at night because dogs take 8 or 10 hours to get energy from their food, so if you feed them in the morning they aren't getting the energy from the food. I used to feed my dog in the morning, but he would throw up in the crate while driving to the hunting area almost everytime we went.

Also while on hunting trips the dogs get one or two cups more of food. I let them drink water throughout the day.

As far as food goes I feed them the chicken Sprout Ultra it has 30% protein and 20% fat so it has a lot of energy.

I dont use energy bars, but I do bring their normal treats with and I give them those when we take our lunch break.

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I was also told by my trainer to do evening feedings with the dog during hunting trips.

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    • Wanderer
      I’m still seeing very random thicknesses all over.  In the past few days I’ve been from St. Cloud to Winnie and have seen vehicles on the ice and open water on the same lake. I’m in Little Falls.  Tonight I checked 2 lakes NW of town.  Both had people fishing.  One looked to be safe for wheeler travel and the other, very near it, still had an open lead and you could see the difference between the first sheet of ice and the second. I hope it doesn’t get covered with snow anytime soon so we can still tell where the changes are. Be safe. Bring floatation and picks.  And don’t drive yet! Ruh ro....
    • Bigfatbert
        Nice fish , great pics ,, what times of the day were best for you ?        
    • KidMoe
      I was on a small north metro lake today and found between 2.5 and 4 inches. One of the spud bar holes I punched started spewing water up so definitely needs a little more time. 
    • trebormorgan
      I was out on Round Lake last night (12/9/17) for the first time of the year. I was very surprised to see 12 inches of ice. I checked a few other holes and found anywhere from 11-12 inches. Keep in mind, I was about 300 yds out from the southeast shoreline. I’m not sure if it’s consistent across the middle of the lake. I only saw one group with a snowmobile. All other groups walked out, at least where was.  Anyone have any reports for ice thickness on other lakes in the area?
    • Billy G
      Alot of open water pockets on bigger lakes still, some people out on cannon on 3 inches about 60 yards or less from shore. 
    • sartellangler05
      Called baitshop, he said people are going out from beach and a couple houses out. Wouldn't say how much ice. Who's got an ice depth?
    • Mike89
      awesome fish!!!!  see ya in March!!
    • JerkinLips
      Had great fishing out from McKinley in 28 FOW on Friday-Saturday.  Caught a great mix of dinks, eaters, and slot fish.  I ended up catching five 22-25" walleyes, but my guest on Saturday (Chris Larson) caught the largest at 25½".  Best action was using a chub on a plain hook, but small jigs and rattlers also had action.  Walleyes still didn't like the sucker minnows. I had 8½" of ice where I was (was 6½" the previous week).  But be very careful out there because there are bad spots as people have mentioned.    
    • sartellangler05
      Anybody walking out yet? Preferably would like to know Glenwood side..
    • eyes55117
      Just want to put this out early... hoping to keep up on the ice conditions along the north shore of superior from Duluth N. 2 1/2 hr drive is a bit far to check ice. Thanks for all the help from people in the area.