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With Mom coming today for a week, I thought I'd sneak out this AM for some trolls. Surface temp was 70F, overcast, with very light rain. 7:30AM Fish #1 came in on a purple ghost rap with small bells in the lead right off the VanVac access. 2-3 lbs range. 9:00AM Fish #2 was a beaut! I had just gotten into the narrows of the N Arm and set up. Trolling a 00 white dodger with a green/silver Cleo. Right past the right hand island at the end of the narrows (STF knows the spot) he hit. It was all I could do between the kicker, ball dragging bottom, and struggling for the net (which I had ever so cleverly stuck under the gunnel out of the way) to get him in. Very similar to Steve's beauty we got in that spot however his head was almost black, jaw hooked, and nose looked like he had been excavating boulders for a living. 10# range for sure. Perfect release and heart still pounding I reset. Before I could get the ball down, mister toothy couldn't resist all that flash and spanked the Cleo hard. I had him on for a minute or two til he'd had enough and snapped the 10# mono without much effort. Both trout were native and released. I was hoping for a stocker to throw on the grill but no dice. BTW mister toothy, that green/silver Cleo has been my goto. YOU OWE ME!

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Steve Foss

Way to go, Mr. Chunky! I was deep into a bathroom renovation when you were fishing, then I absconded to the woods with my new photo gear until sundown.

He who pays the laker gods enough eventually gets paid back. Guess we're not giving out that exact North Arm spot to ANYONE, are we, after five fish in two years ranging from 8 to 12 pounds? grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

Looks like your mom will be leaving just when my company gets here for next weekend, then the weekend after that I'm shooting Blues Fest, and the weekend after that it's a long weekend at the lake for cabin renovation. mad.gif

Guess I won't get to ride in the way cool new boat until September. Guess we better pencil something in then, eh?

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Either that or we both fall off the face of the earth for some long over due buddy fishing time. Heading out this morning taking a couple of clowns with. One of which you know. I'm on a mission to bring mom and grandma lake trout for dinner. BTW my granny is THE famous bullhead cleaner. She could clean a 5 gallon bucket full in 5 minutes.

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    • DonBo
      I did.  Season D.  
    • BobT
      I have been using my X67c on the ice this year and encountered a small problem. Occasionally, it will have a hard time differentiating between bottom and the surface ice echos. I have tried everything I can think of and can't seem to filter it. If I switch to manual depth range I can see where bottom is but the sonar displays that it is only about 3' deep. Not a serious problem but annoying. Tried varying sensitivity, adjusting interference filter, adjusting surface clutter filter with no success. Any ideas?
    • BobT
      That was an aggressive trip. Did you actually find time for fishing?
    • Borch
      Score a tag @DonBo?
    • LoonASea
      A fishing buddy is moving to Olympia Wa and selling his great lakes gear ,,, May pick up some more great lakes gear from him Picked up a used lund rebel a month ago that is only partially rigged to my specs ,,,, Need to load my walleye and musky gear in that boat (nothing to buy ,,just move),,, Watching the weekend fishing shows there is some tackle thats peaked some interest but at this point is a want and not a need 
    • Mnfisher
      Please.....a report if you go out!   
    • Josh.P 86
      I haven't fished up there for a couple of years but the first time i fished it was about fifteen years ago and we were on moccasin. We did pretty well caught lots of sunfish but size was nothing special. Crappies were decent with a couple large ones. Since then i have gone back maybe three times and caught more large mouth bass than anything.
    • Josh.P 86
      Anything i can without my wife noticing! lol
    • PRO-V
      Makes sense. I live in northern Minnesota so most of our lakes don't seem to require much stocking other than old mine pits. I'm not familiar with the southern half.
    • OhioVike
      I picked up new rain gear last year.  I took a layering approach and went with Gill. I love the stuff and can more comfortably wear it in warmer climates.   jacket - bibs - bib& insul bib -