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anchor man

Oil change for Yamaha 4 stroke F150 outboard

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I'm looking at doing my own oil changes and have had the shop do it during winterization for the past few seasons so I'm not to certain on the procedure for this engine. Is it as simple as pulling the drain screw, changing the filter and adding fresh oil? Is there anything else to be aware of? Also, is there a big difference in quality for the oil filters from name brand to cheapo brands?


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Changing oil can be very messy with the Yamaha 4 strokes. The oil plug is above the prop and when you pull the plug oil drips down the whole lower unit making a messy clean up. What I found works is to get a fitting the same size as the plug and connect a hose to it and drain into a pail.

Move the motor up and down and let it sit for a hour or so. This gets most of the old oil out.

I also then change the filter out. Get the Yamaha Filter. Its not much more. I run amsoil and run the yamaha filters and have had very good luck with them.

I also drain out the lower unit and fill it up. I do this all once in the summer and right when I winterize.

I put on a lot of hours on though so most people wont need to do this but once when winterizing.

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If your 150hp is anything like my 60hp Yamaha 4-stroke, you shouldn't have much trouble at all.

I bought the boat/motor new last year and didn't have any experience changing boat motor oil and I was able to figure it out. I followed the instructions in the manual and things went really smooth.

I start by opening the cap where you will eventually fill the oil. Then I open the drain plug and let the oil drain. There is a short rubber hose (maybe 1" long) built into my motor that drains the oil away from the motor housing.

Once the oil flow slows to a trickle, put the plug back in.

The oil filter is a little trickier. It is a horizontal arrangement...I made one heck of a mess last year with this. In order to make less of a mess, I'd turn the motor so that the oil can drain into the filter as much as possible. Stuff a couple of absorbent rags under the filter. Unscrew the filter and have something to catch some of oil right away.

Reinstall the new filter with some oil on the rubber seal.

Refill the oil using the quantity in the owner's manual and you are good to go.

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