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Fish were really active on Saturday, moved lots of fish on topwaters from 5 till dark. Had 3 blow ups, no hook ups. One was due to operator error, the other two were due to the fish not looking at what they were trying to eat...

Someone else on the lake caught a ski right at dusk, I could hear them screaming for joy all the way across the lake.

It is getting way too hot though, parts of the lake were 80 degrees, the main basin was 74 to 76. With no cool down in site, before long temps will be pushing 80 all over the lake.

I will be putting away the Muskie sticks until some cooler weather comes through - which might be October the way this summer is going.

Hopefully the temps cool down for the FM gathering planned, otherwise I would seriously consider changing the date. If you hook into a decent fish that puts up a fight - with these hot temps it's pretty much a death sentence...

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We will be heading up there this weekend fishing mainly pikes and bass but we have caught some nice ski's doing that. Your right about the water temps are real hot and can be very damaging to the ski's so we'll have to be careful if we hook into one.

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    • Wanderer
      There's still driveable ice in the Ely area.
    • BassThumb.
        We were fishing tip-ups for pike and jigging spoons for perch over by Terry's the last few weeks. There were quite a few perch in the 3-10" range. Sometimes we had ten marks on our screens at once. They were in shallow, 6-8', and the big pike were chasing them.   Also, Rocky Reef had some pockets where the perch were thick this winter. Those tended to be in 11-16'.    I still think the perch are in there, but they're difficult to find under the ice.   Get the boat out there and idle around side-scanning for baitfish pods, kand you'll see a lot of what look like perch schools.
    • smartguy
      White Sand had 12 inches last Monday when I fished it.  ice cracked and began shifting a few days ago.  Interesting year as ice is still tight to shoreline, but some of those cracks that developed a few days ago are up anywhere from a foot to 5 feet wide now.      I'm done. was hoping to hit N.Long one last time but not worth the risk anymore.    
    • delcecchi
      46 inch pike in MN sort of a stretch as well, although I was "only" about 5 inches short on one last summer. (on vermilion)
    • eyeguy 54
      3rd smoke.   just gets better and better.  good for breakfast