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Houseboat trip 6/13-20

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Hello all,

My wife and I just got back to Pa. after what was a memorable trip!

First the fishing. We started in Cranberry fished the windy side of the islands close to deep water. My first fish from Rainy was a 28" eye. WOW. I did well there catching slots and eaters. Most fish were caught with a jig/minnow fished extreamly slow. We then moved to Saganaw bay (really Marion bay). Started out trolling to get the lay of the land and started marking fish in about 30 to 35'. We threw a marker and tried to stay on top of the fish (hard in all the wind). This worked better using a drift sock. The secret seemed to be fishing vertical and using a light jig/minnow. We got many fish there in 3 days duplacating the same tech. My wife caught her first fish ever,(except for a 7" trout) a 44" pike. I am very proud of her. She was using a jig with 6lb. line. quite a fish under those conditions.

Now the excitement. We were visited by 3 bears on monday night. The soe (over 250lbs) came on board our houseboat and crushed our trash cans. 2 other bears visited us during the night and next morning. 5 visits in all about 3 hours apart,the last about 9 in the morning. We tried everything to chase them off but, they kept coming back. The park service came out tuesday morning ( in what they said was 6' waves in Saganaw bay) to help us and determine what happened. As of tuesday they closed the Marion bay east site. What a couple days that was!

In closing, I would like to thank everyone that helped me prepare for our trip. Thanks for everything you do on this forum to help everyone. Also, many thanks to Park Ranger Jay Brown and Cam for your help with the Bear.

Can't wait to come up next year.

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Welcome to the site G.J. Glad your first trip was a success. Sorry for the bear onboard. Those rascals don't have very good manners.

I might suggest you try the months of July, August or September sometime. The weather is usually better then. We can have good weather in May and June too but we also frequently have 3 seasons in 36 hours.

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    • LoisBrowder
      So, funny pictures!
    • ZachD
      In my eyes anywhere on the Rum is great for smallies. So far this year everytime I have been out the levels have been great even after all the rain we had just had to wait a couple days and the water was great. I put in at the Anoka fair grounds and travel up river
    • ZachD
      (Too much mercury may affect a child’s behavior and lead to learning problems later in life.) That would explain some of the backwoods people     All jokes aside I would limit it to one serving a month for being pregnant or breast feeding for Bass, Catfish, Trout, Walleye, northern like they say   "Young children (under 15 years old) and fetuses are more sensitive to mercury. Too much mercury can cause lasting problems with understanding and learning. But studies show children benefit developmentally when moms eat fish low in mercury during pregnancy. "   Just because you are not glowing doesn't mean its necessarily healthy for a fetus it takes awhile for it to build up in a healthy adult that's just my           Methylmercury exposure in Wisconsin: A case study series” (2005)
      This articles describes exposure of 14 people who at fish two times a week or more and one person who ate no fish. "Three of the individuals reported vague subclinical symptoms such as mental confusion, sleep difficulty, balance problems, or visual disturbances, which improved after their mercury levels returned to  
    • trumy
      I belive you need to pick up permit day before you enter when getting a motor day use permit that's how it works on snowbank 
    • Smythe
      I'm heading up to Blackduck for the long July 4th weekend and we are hoping on maybe getting out on Red for a day.  I've only ice fished it twice,  so I'm wondering about the best places to launch the boat.  It looks like there is only the one public launch in Waskish.  The 2 times I ice fished up there we went out of JR's Corner resort.  Would it be best to just launch from one of the resorts.  Any advice would be appreciated,  thanks in advance.      
    • waterspaniel
      6/17-24 at LaBelle's Birch Point lodge in NW Bay.   walleyes seemed scattered--trolled crankbaits and lindy-rigged leaches.  cool, wet, windy weather half the week.  no bass.
    • monstermoose78
      Juan that is great area for smallies. The water looks clear for the rum it's time. It's a long way to the next landing so you might want put in in Princeton and fish to that access You can get out at highway 47 so that is not to bad. I forgot about that I was thinking you had get almost to Cambridge.
    • gus004
      Thanks for the update.  Keep this updated.  Heading up on Saturday for the week and need to dial in the bait for the week or if we are going to be spending all day looking for active fish.  
    • Satchmo
      Been a decent year on Kab, but the variable weather has fishing in an unpredictable pattern too. Much like last year, saugers have made up a big chunk of the catch, but walleyes are coming around. LOTS of small 9"-11" 'eyes around mixed with some 15"-16" 'eyes and sauger. Some folks are still picking up some of the jumbo perch too. Little pike are everywhere and quite the nuisance.
    • fivebucks
      You kind of hit the weather bad this past weekend.  Wind, rain, and more wind not to mention cold fronts moving thru.  I was on the lake my cabin is on in the general area of Red and I had a tough time scrapping together a meal - and I've fished the lake for 15+ years.  Sometimes mother nature throws you a curve and no matter how good the lake is sometimes it doesn't matter.