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bad start to the week..smelly

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so lets hear the home remedies...Elvis (yellow lab) got a surprise this morning by one of those fine black and white critters that smell really nice...In the dark at 5am we did the tomato paste, followed by dawn dish soap, then after my nose recovered a little bit I went back with vinegar and backing soda, followed again by some dawn dish soap. Going to call the vet to have him checked just in case, didn't see any bites scratches but figure better safe than sorry. Also figure they will have some "skunk off" or similar at the office for me. I might end up having to use some on myself, I can't tell if I smell or not because the stink is still terrible in my nose. Thanks for your ideas.

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Best thing you can use is a remedy easily found online.

I believe you mix 1/4 cup baking soda with 1 teaspoon of dawn dish soap, and one small bottle of hydrogen peroxide. I am about 99% sure on that ratio. I had one dog run into a skunk about three weeks ago.

You lather this on a dog (I get mine damp first) for at least five minutes...10 are probably better. Then rinse.

You don't really want to get this mix in their eyes. A few drops of olive oil in each eye will help keep it from stinging them. I have found that most of the stink is on the head/chest/neck area, so be sure to clean the head well.

Repeat as necessary...(It usually takes me two doses on a 40lb dog)

You can use the same stuff to "de-skunk" a collar too.

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    • PRO-V
      I always did best with frozen Cisco's suspended on a quick strike rig.
    • PRO-V
      I tried a few times during that 30 below weather. Saw nothing but thousands of wolf tracks. That night while we sat on the hunting shack deck having a cigar a pack of coyotes we're yipping out by our trucks 400 yds away. They were probably tipped off by our generator though and couldn't get them to come in. I did see 2 moose 30yds in front of me going into one calling spot. That was cool.
    • going4it
      Coon lake up 65 and off 22. Also Lake George. Both pretty good panfish populations to keep busy. 
    • Brandon Klatt
      Thanks for the replies guys. Usually target panfish and eyes so actually going for pike is kinda a whole new world to me. lol
    • mrpike1973
      Lots of little sunnies there is a spring in there in the deepest spot be care full. There are better lakes in my opinion.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      They work. And as stated, sometimes better then live suckers! Cliff
    • Wanderer
      I can’t say Big Marine is a big fish factory but it should have nice clarity.  The main lakes of Minnetonka are pretty cool to play on.  Yeah, Minnetonka is a muskie lake but there are a lot of nice pike swimming out there.
    • AlwaysFishing23
      I’ve had the same issue with keeping them alive. Dead bait works way way better than live bait anyway. Defiently going to give that a try wanderer!
    • Wanderer
      I’ve saved dead/dying suckers before.  Pull them as soon as you can and freeze em.  I’ve sprinkled them with salt before bagging and freezing.  Fish them on the bottom. There was a time I targeted big pike with big minnows and would actually kill a minnow before sinking it to the bottom with one of my lines. As with everything, it’ll work better some places at some times, not as much as a live minnow other times.  Later season when pike cruise just below the ice scooping up the dead loss of the winter, suspending your dead sucker a foot below the ice can be your big fish ticket.
    • Mike89
      welcome to the site!!!
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