Jig and Pig Walleye

The trend we see developing has been right in front of us for an awful long time.  Pork rind has been used to tip bass jigs forever.  Before the explosion of soft plastic products over the last twenty years, most bass anglers tipped both spinner baits and jigs with pork. Over the years, pork kind of disappeared from the forefront of the fishing scene but we still had a few souvenirs like the phrase 'jig and pig' which began to morph into something that wasn’t quite so much pig. Pork trail
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  • Minnesota Northern Pike Problems: You Can Still Comment

    Minnesota Northern Pike Problems: You Can Still Comment


    In hopes of improving northern pike fishing, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants to expand the dialogue with anglers and darkhouse spearers about the northern pike problem in Minnesota. So what’s the problem? Well, there isn’t just one problem – or one solution – because pike populations differ in various regions of the state. [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Minnesota Sturgeon Fishing: Bigger and Better

    Minnesota Sturgeon Fishing: Bigger and Better


    Anglers have more opportunities to fish for Minnesota sturgeon because of a new catch-and-release fishing season this year. Here’s what you need to know. What does the new season mean for anglers? The new catch-and-release season on inland waters began this year. Each year, it closes from April 15 to June 15 to protect sturgeon [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Spinner Rig Snake Rigging ...


    Spinner Rig Snake Rigging Walleye

    Like many anglers, I started out relying on crawlers to tip my spinner rig. Crawlers can be fished through such a wide spectrum of speeds and what walleye can resist the squirming undulating action of a big fat crawler pulled through the water? Over the past ten years, like many anglers… my rig tipping has [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Late Summer Giant Bass &# ...


    Late Summer Giant Bass –  Pre-Turnover Magic

    In between the hot, late summer weather and worst boat traffic of the season, lies a light at the end of the tunnel for serious trophy bass hunters. The two week time frame preceding the turnover can offer some of the best trophy fishing for late summer giant bass, both largemouths and smallmouths. This scenario [...] [ Read More ... ]

  • Early Season Bass from Troy Smutka.

  • Minnesota DNR prais...


    Minnesota DNR praises new aquatic invasive species law

    The Minnesota DNR aquatic invasive species (AIS) training and trailer decal program, which was due to launch this year, was repealed by the Minnesota Legislature during its recently completed special session. In its place, the Legislature added an AIS affirmation provision to some licenses. The affirmation will be added to new watercraft and nonresident fishing licenses [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Fish stocking impro...


    Fish stocking improves Minnesota walleye waters

    Anglers in the area are never far from a lake where they can catch Minnesota walleye; fish stocking keeps it that way. Stocking Minnesota walleye involves taking eggs from waters that have reproducing walleye populations and releasing newly hatched fry or small Minnesota walleye fingerlings into lakes that don’t have reproducing populations. The Minnesota Department [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Waterfowl serve as ...


    Waterfowl serve as reservoirs for avian influenza

    “We know that waterfowl serve as reservoirs for avian influenza because they contract the virus, but normally are not killed by it. However, what we don’t know is what role wildlife may have played in recent infections in domestic poultry,” said Lou Cornicelli, DNR wildlife research manager. “We’re continuing to take a science-based approach to [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Better fishing than...


    Better fishing thanks to MN DNR musky study

    The MN DNR musky study involves collecting information and studying musky populations; measurements are recorded, sex of the fish is identified, and an electronic tag implanted in the fish is scanned, before it is returned to the lake. One day, it could take an angler’s lure and provide a long-remembered thrill. This process allows the [...] [ Read More ... ]