Summer Windows For Out-Size Bass By Brett Richardson

The late summer period, just about two weeks prior to turnover, have produced multiple trophy largemouth and smallmouth summer bass for my fishing partners and I for more than 50 seasons. Chasing off-shore giants during the latter part of the summer season has been quite rewarding. The largest bass in the system can be locating on main lake basin forage in various parts of the water column, or by pounding crawdads on pelagic humps, ledges and basin channel depressions as the hot weather period i
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  • Minnesota state park bike trails offer new tune up stations

    Minnesota state park bike trails offer new tune up stations


    Purchased as part of the Pedal Minnesota ( initiative, which strives to make Minnesota the “Bike Friendly State”, Minnesota state park bike trails are now available at several state parks and trails. The stations are equipped with basic bike maintenance tools, including air pumps. Funding for most of the stations was made possible through a [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Ignite a new passion for ...


    Ignite a new passion for the sport: take a kid fishing!

    Want to take a kid fishing and introduce them to the joys of your favorite sport? You can make sure that everyone has the first of many great days out by taking care of a few simple things before you hit the water. “A lifelong interest in fishing can be ignited or extinguished in a [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Keeping it Wacky with a W ...


    Keeping it Wacky with a Wacky Rig

    The question comes up often – and who can blame: “if you could only pick one presentation for bass fishing, what would it be?” I’m sure the answer to this question is different for everyone and can sometimes be determined on the body of water most frequented, or the region you’re fishing in. The answer [...] [ Read More ... ]

  • Early Season Bass from Troy Smutka.

  • Better Bang for You...


    Better Bang for Your Bass, No Trouble – Minnesota Bass Fishing

    For all the press the southern states get for bass fishing, here’s a dirty little secret many of us already know: Minnesota bass fishing is some of the best you’ll find in the country for both largemouths and smallies. You might not catch a 12-pound fish, but solid numbers of 3- to 5-pound fish are everywhere [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Good Conditions on ...


    Good Conditions on Tap for Minnesota Fishing Opener 2015

    Barring storms, favorable conditions should be on tap for anglers for the 2015 Minnesota Fishing Opener, when fishing begins for walleye and northern pike Saturday, May 9. Walleye and northern pike spawning will have been on-track before the opener, and anglers have a wide variety of choices this year while planning fishing opener trips. However, [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Get the Net!


    Get the Net!

    Netting a fish must be a coordinated effort; done right, it means sweet success and high-fives all around. Part of that success is choosing the right net for the job. Anglers should consider the type and size of the fish they expect to encounter to pick the proper net. Elements to consider are hoop diameter [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Watch the skies for...


    Watch the skies for pelicans migrating to Minnesota

    Flocks of giant white birds are catching the eyes of outdoor enthusiasts across Minnesota, as once-rare American white pelicans migrate north to their nesting grounds across the state, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. American white pelicans were driven to near extinction in the early 20th century from human pressures. There were no [...] [ Read More ... ]