First Spring Bass Migrations – Giant Bass

THE FIRST SPRING BASS MIGRATIONS Giant Bass Movements  Just weeks after ice-out, or frigid open waters, the first spring migrations of giant bass begins, as the Largemouth bass and Smallmouth bass annual movements take place from main lake basins to migratory routes, and eventually to secondary staging areas. The instinct to spawn, in combination with warming weather trends and slowly rising water temperatures, triggers the first initial movements. I’ve been following these first movements
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  • Deer Land Management Madness

    Deer Land Management Madness


    My 60 acre family farm has seen it all. In the name of Deer Land Management, I’ve created bedding cover and foodplots, mineral sites and water holes. As a result of my efforts, we’ve killed some great bucks on our small Michigan farm. I’m having so much fun with improving our habitat that is has [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Minnesota likely to see early start to 2015 fire season

    Minnesota likely to see early start to 2015 fire season


    With the recent warm weather, Department of Natural Resources fire behavior analysts are predicting an early start to Minnesota’s 2015 spring fire season. Predicted temperatures this week in the 40s and 50s will likely take care of what little snowpack the state had this winter. Plus, forecasts for the next two weeks show mild temperatures and a [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Hop, Drop and Troll For T ...


    Hop, Drop and Troll For The Best Minnesota Slab Crappies

    It’s no secret.  Big water grows big crappies.  The large, deep lakes of Minnesota have an abundance of forage and more places for crappies to hide, feed and grow.  Find a big lake with relatively low angling pressure, and you’ve set the stage for potentially epic slab crappie fishing. But you’ve got to find them [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Sight Fishing – Get ...


    Sight Fishing – Get In On The Excitement!

    Sight fishing is nothing new to ice anglers. Sight fishing is a staring contest between you and the fish. Here we are, sitting above a hole cut in the ice staring at a wary bluegill, just waiting for it to take our tiny offering. This is as real as it gets. Everything is real time [...] [ Read More ... ]

  • St Croix Triumph Ro...


    St Croix Triumph Rods Have Gone To Pieces

    There are several reasons anglers don’t have a travel rod for larger lures and full-sized fish tucked away in their vehicle. For one, most are cumbersome and don’t balance well unless paired with a bulky reel. And then there’s the cost of dedicating gear to the sole application of heavyweight combat. The engineers at St. [...] [ Read More ... ]

    2015 MN DNR: Change...


    2015 MN DNR: Changes, New Regulations, More Opportunities For Anglers

    Changes to the 2015 MN DNR regulations will provide more fishing opportunities – and in some cases bigger fish – for anglers who want to fish for bass, sturgeon, muskellunge, catfish and trout. Changes include: Bass: New catch-and-release bass season is Saturday, May 9, until harvest season opens Saturday, May 23, in all but northeast [...] [ Read More ... ]

    Minnesota’s moose...


    Minnesota’s moose population remains at low levels

    The DNR has conducted aerial moose population surveys in northeastern Minnesota since 1960. A spotter counts moose as a pilot flies a helicopter across 52 randomly selected plots of 13 square miles. “Survey conditions this year were generally good across moose range, although there was much less snow compared to last year,” said Cornicelli. Data [...] [ Read More ... ]

    The Perfect Tackle ...


    The Perfect Tackle Bags For Combat Fishing

    It’s in honor of the service men and women around the world that Plano has designed a new line of military-themed tackle bags – tough-as-armor 3700 and 3600 Military Bags. Constructed with a durable canvas that’s reminiscent of an army rucksack, these fully armed soft bags include two 3700- or 3600-size StowAway® Utility Boxes and [...] [ Read More ... ]