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Fish Brother Tip-up
$29.95 -Intro Price $28.99
Special Introductory Pricing for Two Tip-ups.
Retail Value: $35.90. Now only $28.95
Order Today

Fish Brother Ice Fishing Tip-up.
Patented as the “Packaged Platform Tip-Up”, it is the epitome of simplicity. Two ruggedly reliable and easy-to-use tip-ups that compact into their own case/base container. When in use they keep the ice hole free of snow and as the bases are black and absorb heat, help prevent the hole from freezing. Adjustable drag, above water reels, high visibility and ease of use has helped this new product earn a high degree of reliability in the tough hard core ice fisherman's market.

Solar cover keeps hole from freezing, very portable, and easily set-up.

This unit brings a whole new dimension to your tip-up fishing.

Read what Pro Angler and owner of
Tips Guide Service just sent us
"In my phone message I believe I told you that I've owned one of the Fish Brother Tip Up's for several years and I love it. I have had several of my customers ask where they could purchase their own. I bought mine at a winter sportsman show, and I always kept my eye open looking for them at sporting goods and bait and tackle stores and never could find them, so I was surprised and happy to see them on Fishing Minnesota's web site.

Hopefully they will be there through the ice fishing season so I can tell my customers were they can get a couple for themselves.

Being a Professional Fisherman and Guide I'm always looking for products that can help me become successful, and that I can believe in.

I've been guiding for seven years and fishing as a pro with the Minnesota Pro/Am Bass Tour for Four years. I've made several appearances on the Minnesota Pro/AM's TV show. The show appears on Fox Sports Net and on 45 KSTC.

If I could be of any service to Fishing Minnesota or Fish Brother Tip Up's, Please feel free to call me, or e-mail me.

Mark Tipler


  • Freezeless: Sets over the hole to seal out cold air and drifting snow.

  • Compact: 2 tip-ups fold together (see pic above) and stores in 5 gallon pail.

  • Quick set-up: Slide in the arch and you're ready to catch the big ones.

  • Tangle-free string guide.

  • Adjustable line tension.

  • Easy to see if fish is taking line - reflective dot on spool

  • Fingertip roll up.

  • Black in color to absorb heat from the sun.

  • Large spool allows fish to take line with no resistance.

  • Large spool holds plenty of line.

  • Spool flag release with variable tensions.

$29.95 -Intro Price $28.99
Here are what other top notch ice fishermen are saying:

Guy Ellis -Manistee News Advocate Sports Columnist, comments:
“When I saw these tip-ups, I knew they were a good thing, and friends expressed similar sentiments. These rigs have proven themselves on the lake.”

Steve Griffin -Independent Sports Writer on the Web, All Outdoors Inc.,:
“With an adjustable reel drag, ...fits in a 5 gallon pail, and a price of around $25 for 2 tip-ups also fits a fisherman’s budget.”

Chris Williams -Reporter for TV 9&10, says:
“A unique, working fishing device that has a lot of thought and ingenuity built in, yet remains simple and functional.”

Barry Luopa -Canadian Fishing Team:
“I wanted to prove it. Very neat package.”

Gene Schafrof -Rocky Point Resort , Ray, MN:
“These rigs sell themselves.”

So don't settle for less, ACCEPT only the best.

Fish Brother Tip-ups
$29.95 -Intro Price $28.99


It is our intention to get your order in your hands as soon as possible. The majority of the time your order will be shipped the same day and you should receive it within 2-4 days.

We do request a 2 week delivery time frame because occasionally items do become back-ordered due to high demand. Rest assured, we will do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction with our shipping process.

MN residents please ad 6.5% sales tax

[email protected]
320 300-4210

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