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Precision Trolling-the Trollers Bible

Only $24.95

Called the "Trollers Bible" by Keith Kavajecz, Gary Parsons, Ted Takasaki, and other great anglers who use trolling as one of their productive techniques.

If you've seen the seminars by the pro's, *yes* this is the book. You won't find it at or barnes and nobles.

Reduce the time you spend finding the *fish zone* with your favorite lures and trolling equipment. Now, for the first time, you will know what depth your bait is at in the water.

Congratulations! You have just taken a cyberleap in trolling knowledge and fishing skills!!!

The authors of Precision Trolling bring you the most comprehensive and advanced trolling guide available.

Dive Curves
By teaching you the fundamental aspects of trolling, and providing detailed "dive curves" for your favorite lures, Precision Trolling lets you accurately place your lures at precise depths.

By doing so, you will improve trolling efficiency, avoid costly hang-ups, and add a new dimension to your fishing skills. In essence, Precision Trolling is a sighting system for crankbaits and other trolling devices.

The fundamental tool of Precision Trolling is the "Dive Curve". We've studied over 179 crankbaits and other trolling devices using scuba. By studying crankbaits by direct underwater observation, reliable and accurate data can be obtained that represents the relationship between "feet back" and "feet down". When placed into graphical representations, these "dive curves" become veritable gunsights for a particular trolling tool.

Depth Control
By understanding and controlling the other variables of depth control, the precision troller presents lures to precise depths with deadly accuracy! Now you too can join the savvy ranks of the Pro's who use Precision Trolling.

Now Available! The 6th Edition of Precision Trolling.
This handy, water resistant flip chart is packed with trolling knowledge and includes dive curves for over 179 popular crankbaits and trolling devices.

What's in It For You
It includes several detailed chapters on trolling , including a three dimensional look at crankbait trolling fundamentals, Off Shore Snap weights, planer board trolling, Dipsy Diver trolling and much more!

We've added laminated covers and coated pages to help protect it from the elements.

After all, you won't want to go fishing without Precision Trolling anymore than you would want to hunt without your gun scope, now you can put your bait "precisely" on fish.

Precision Trolling Book
by Dr. Steven Holt and Mark Romanack

Code: 500
Precision Trolling - The Trollers Bible
Price: $24.95. Click Add To Cart 1st
Order now and show your friends how to use differant lures trolling and put those lures exactly where you want them - in front of your fish's lips and save money doing it.

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We do request a 2 week delivery time frame because occasionally items do become back-ordered due to high demand. Rest assured, we will do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction with our shipping process.

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