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Fish N Chum
$19.95 -Intro Price $18.99
Fish'N Chum Rod Holder.
Introducing a powerful new type of fishing rod holder that attaches to an anglerís lower leg. Comfortable enough to wear all day, it is engineered to accommodate virtually any size leg.

Be sure to give this new fishig tool a very close and careful inspection. It is an amazing NEW tool that almost ALL anglers will want in their fishing arsenal.

Not only does this fishingrod-holder free up an anglers hands, the curved shape of the base frame against the surface of a leg, provides an immediate "feel" of any activity surrounding a bait or lure. This causes an instant reflex reaction TO SET THE HOOK. Through various movements of the leg, a hook will be set reflexively, almost without thinking. Because the fishing rod is right at your knee, it can easily be removed from the holder and reeled in.

You also have your rod holder conveniently transported and with you at all times.

The highly portable and compact holder is ideal for open water and ice fishing. The ability to jig a bait is perfect for icefishing. It is a versatile and adjustable fishing aid that fills a real need for millions of anglers. The fish'N chum rodholder, is the only adjustable lower leg mounted fishing rod holder on the planet. Out of all the other types of fishingrod-holders, this one is designed for year round use.

Ice fishing - Sitting anywhere with a couple of fish'n chums strapped on, you are able to jig a bait with just the up and down motion of your foot. The natural leg movement keeps your line from freezing in on those colder days. A person is able to jig a bait, and set a hook while keeping his or her hands warm.

Bait Casting - When standing, our holder is always waiting to receive your fishing pole, when you have to take the fish off, or just change that artificial bait. No more throwing the rod to the bottom of the boat, or sticking it between you legs. It keeps your hands free, you remain in a standing position and the rod is in a handy position at all times. It is super fast, and speed is good, especially when tournament fishing.

Stream Fishing - The Fish-n-chum rod holder keeps your fishing rod off the ground, out of the stream, and out of the twigs and leaves, leaving your hands free to take the hook out of your fish for a quick release. Since you can walk freely with our holder attached, stream and bank fishing is so much easier.

Still Fishing - Bottom fishing for catfish or walleyes, panfish or pike your rod is always at hand right where you are sitting or standing.

Trolling - is another great way the Fish'N Chum rod holder can be used. Since the holder heads are adjustable and removable, one holder can be to the front of the angler and the other to the back. While straddling the seat and using the seven foot rods, the holders are opposed and fourteen feet apart. This reduced the amount of line one puts out, and keeps the lures out of the prop wake. He or She can then run the motor, watching where they are going not having to watch the fishing rods. The bass or walleye will let you know when they hit. We like to practice catch and release when trolling.

River Flow Fishing - in spring is great for walleyes and catfish. With our holders all you have to do is raise your leg up and down to jig the bait in the current, and the hook can be set with the use of the leg. This is a true story, you can actually be reeling one in on one pole, have a fish bite on the other, set the hook with the use of leg. Once you have that barb in that fishes mouth the game is on where two lines are permitted. It's also handy if you get tired of holding your rod and just want to have it hands free quickly at your disposal.

Shore, Dock and Pier Fishing Oh Yeah! - Here we are again. It seems you are never in the right place, the fishing is always a little better in the middle of the bridge, or the other side of the dock. The clamp type rod holders are useless because you have to move around so much. With the Fish'N Chum you take your holder with you. It gets to be and actually seems just another part of you, a personal fishing rod holder there whenever you need it.

Physically Disabled - This rod holder flat out helps. These anglers WANT to do it themselves. A one armed man came and told us he would put his fishing rod between his stomach and his leg to reel. That shows all of us he is a person who wants to fish. Since it is possible to reel in the holder a one armed person could fish two fishing rods at one time.

We have heard quite a few stories about the disabled looking for anything to help. Another fellow said he had problems with arthritis and he wasnít able to hold his ice fishing rods anymore, his hand would get too cold. Heck, this works for anyone who ice fished to keep their hands in their pockets or mittens and WARM.

So don't settle for less, ACCEPT only the best.

Fish'N Chum Rod Holder Below Rated 5 Stars by

Fish'N Chum Rod Holder

$19.95 -Intro Price $18.99

Because *you* deserve the best!

It is our intention to get your order in your hands as soon as possible. The majority of the time your order will be shipped the same day and you should receive it within 2-4 days.

We do request a 2 week delivery time frame because occasionally items do become back-ordered due to high demand. Rest assured, we will do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction with our shipping process.


[email protected]
320 300-4210

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