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ProMap Series Minnesota Big Lake GPS Maps
Gull | Lake of the Woods | Leech | Mille Lacs |Minnetonka | Ottertail | St. Croix
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CD-ROM & Waterproof Maps

Unlike other maps on the market, ProMaps are surveyed with boats and the data collected is placed into real world geometry by GIS professionals. What does this mean? Consider a run-of-the-mill paper map found in any sporting goods store. There are many differences between those maps and a true surveyed map.

Mille Lacs 1 foot Contour sample
Mille Lacs - 1ft Contours - Zoomed

First, it is easy to notice accuracy problems or a lack of data. This is due to the survey upon which it is based. All maps other than Promaps are based upon DNR data, some of which was collected in the 1960's. The lakes haven't changed much in 40 years but the methods of data collection certainly have. These surveys were done prior to GPS and in most cases without SONAR. Surveys done today make use of D-GPS and survey grade SONAR. The two methods lead to very different results, on a lake where the DNR may have had 2000 data points we have 5 to 35 million.

Secondly, the GPS coordinates are rarely accurate. This problem is a result of the GPS grid placed on maps. A GPS grid is meant for a round globe, when you flatten it out and place it on a paper map you create a series of problems that if go uncorrected create a lousy map. Imagine a paper map placed on a round globe. The only accurate GPS coordinate would be the middle of the map were it touches the globe. As you go towards the outside of the map, closer to shore, your GPS coordinates become less accurate. Our paper maps are rectified to fit the curvature of the earth thereby creating accurate GPS coordinates throughout.

BigLake MMC Chips For Your GPS-Depthfinder
Electronic charts with high definition contours for use with Navionics adaptive products (Click Here to see if your unit is compatible). The MMC chip includes Mille Lacs, Leech, Gull, and White Bear Lake in the 1' contours.

All CD-ROM Maps come with 254 Minnesota LakeMaster CD-ROM Maps. Click Here to see the 254 extra lakes included.

ProMap Series Big Lake Maps - CD-ROM & Waterproof Maps
Mille Lacs | Vermilion | Leech | Gull | White Bear | Upgrade | MMC Chips

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