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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The GPS/PC Application Interface?

2. Which GPS Units Work With Lake Map PC Interface?

3. What are the system requirements?

4. How can I get one of these Lake Maps or get more information?

What Is The GPS/PC Application Interface?
They are a multi-function, CD-ROM based, Lake Depth mapping application developed to enhance the current methods, tools and information used by the sport fishing market. In addition to the ability to display and print a large number of detailed and/or custom colored Lake Maps, the have the ability to import or export GPS points for any location in the Lake Map database. These GPS points can be transferred to or from hand held GPS receivers for in-boat use and for maintaining a detailed fisherman's database of fish caught.

The ability to determine fishing locations by exporting GPS coordinates prior to arriving on the lake is only a small part of CD-ROM lake maps helpful tools. BigLake, ProMap, & LakeMaster also have the ability to maintain a detailed historical database of all fish caught. This detailed 'fishing log' database manager includes the location, fishing conditions or weather, fish species and statistics, bait or lures used and even has a remarks section to record the fishing technique or presentation that was used.

Each State edition of BigLake, ProMap, or LakeMaster will have a statewide map database (Minnesota Edition-254 lakes) including all of the detailed lakes maps depending on which state your edition is for. Each BigLake, ProMap, LakeMaster, & Custom lake map will display all necessary lake details including depth contours, islands, reefs, points, bays and access points. In addition to the detailed lake maps, each state database in BigLake, ProMap, or LakeMaster will show the name, coordinate location and shoreline (no depth contours) of all remaining lakes in the state that are approximately 200 acres or larger. The statewide map database will also include all standard geographic features such as roads, highways and cities for easy orientation when searching or driving to a specific lake.

Which GPS Units Work With PC Interface?
*Rino 110, *Rino 120, *Emap, *Etrex, *Etrex Venture, *Etrex Vista, *Etrex Summit, *Etrex Legend, *Etrex Camo, *12, *12XL, *12map, 12CX, *2 PLUS, *3 PLUS, *45, *76, *128, *162, *168, 175, *176, *180, *182, *185, *188, 215, 225, *230, *232, *235, *238, 48, GPS 65, GPS 100, *GPS 120, GPS 125, GPS 130, GPS 135, GPS 205, GPS 220

*Sportrak, *Sportrak Map, *Sportrak Pro, *Meridian GPS, *Meridian Gold, *Meridian Platinum, *Meridian Marine, Magellan 330, Magellan 330 , Magellan 320, Magellan 310, *Magellan 315, Magellan 300, *315, *ColorTraK

*LMS 160, *LMS 1600, *GlobalMap 100, GlobalNav 200, GlobalNav 212, GlobalNav 310, GlobalMap 12, GlobalMap SPORT, AirMap, AirMap 100, AirMap 300

*Journey, *Status, *UltraMap, *AccuMap GPS, *Expedition, *Expedition II, Explorer View, AccuMap Sport, AccuMap 12, Map Guide, Map Guide Pro *GPS units tested by WayPoint Technologies Inc.

What are the system requirements?
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System
Windows© 95, 98, 98SE, 2000, NT, ME, XP

32 MB RAM, 100MHz, CD-ROM

16 bit Color, 600 x 800

System Requirements For Optimum Performance
Operating System
Windows© 98, 98SE, NT, XP

128 MB RAM, +500MHz, CD-ROM

16 bit Color, 600 x 800

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