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Improve Your Versatility
Shockingly Easy

Chip through the ice easily with this amazing lightweight ice saw and start cutting any shape hole you want. You stand up and cut your angling hole or your spearing hole.

Ice Fishing HoleYes this tough saw does cut circles! Ideal for first ice because it weighs under 7 Lbs. All you have to carry is your saw, ice fishing rods, and of course jigs and bait!
No auger or chipper needed.
This saw does it all.

Here is what a satisfied customer has to say:
I took the ice saw out and was amazed at how light and tough it was. I easily chipped through the ice with it and quickly had many holes sawed through 6 inches of ice. I truly thought it would be a lot of work, but it was so easy, I gave up my gas auger the next outing to cut down on the weight. Thanks Fish for making such a versatile tool.

GoodFishin :  )
Rick Paquin

Cutting an ice blockIdeal for first ice
It's easy to cut a bunch of holes so you can be in the right spot at the right time.

Ideal for reopening your angling holes when you leave your house for a few days instead of smoking the house up with your gas auger. It weighs less than 7 lbs. So it's ideal to take with you while moving from hotspot to hotspot.

Larger holes in the iceThese saws aren't only for fishing, trappers use them and a friend of mine uses his to cut the hole for his annual dip in the lake with the "Polar Bear Club" Brrrrr?

No gas or oil to mess with and it always starts! Keep your saw inside your vehicle with no gas smell and you can lock it inside with your other valuables.

Cuts any shape hole you want. Chip through the ice with the saw and start cutting in any direction by turning the ice saw the way you want to cut.

Folded and extended ice saws 
For that serious ice fisherman or woman! At only 7 lbs, it's so lightweight and easy to use!! Anyone can use it! Here is the new "fish's sporting toys folding ice saw" made of hard, high abrasion resistant steel for many years of cutting.

Fish's Folding Ice Saw Features

This incredible saw has a 42 inch steel blade with 9 hand sharpened teeth and a solid wood grip handle. Each saw is 44 inches long when folded and 82 inches long when opened. Locking pin to keep saw open or closed when transporting. Easy, safe and fun to use!!!!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We will replace the saw or refund your money, less shipping and handling.

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The Ice Saw will give you many years of use before needing resharpening under normal conditions and usage. If would like to have it resharpened you may send the Ice Saw to Fish's Sporting Toys with $21.50 and it will be resharpened and shipped back to you! Give us a call for details.

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