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Custom GPS Lake Maps
Custom GPS Lake Maps

Our Mapping Service calibrates lake maps to GPS coordinates, allowing anglers to better utilize their GPS equipment. The calibrated map and provided software allow a person to upload, download and save waypoints. It also allows a person to upload and download the GPS track to see where you have been fishing or plot where you wish to fish.

This service calibrates lakes that are 13,000 acres or less and can calibrate approximately 90% of Minnesota DNR lakes in this category. If we haven't calibrated the lake or lakes you are interested in, we will verify the calibration free of charge and refund your money if your favorite lake cannot be calibrated.

A current user says:
This program is awesome! I love it. The Ottertail map accuracy is really great. I'm amazed!

Mike Jordahl - Fishing Guide, Battle Lake, MN

Custom GPS Lake Map Program
Click here for better view.
1 map = $19.95
3 map set = $44.95

Maps delivered to you by:
1. E-mail - no extra charge
2. CD-ROM - extra $5 charge.

How does the system work?
1) We provide you 2 files
a. Calibration file (.map file of lake)
b. Lake image (.bmp file of lake)

2) You download the shareware map viewer (Oziexplorer from the web or the CD) and open the .map file in the shareware and you're ready to go.

What can you do with the system?
1) Mark waypoints on the map and view the waypoint's GPS coordinates.
2) Add comments to the map.

Additional functionality if you have a PC Interface cable and a compatible GPS (Magellan, Garmin, Lowrance, Eagle or MLR)
3) Upload waypoints to your GPS
4) Download waypoints from your GPS
5) Download tracks from your GPS to your computer to see where you have been fishing.
6) Mark a track on the map where you wish to drive or fish on the lake and upload it to your GPS
7) Use your GPS, map, and software to view your actual travel on the lake map. You would need a notebook computer for this functionality and a GPS that is NMEA compatible.

How Does the Order Work?
1) Check to see if the lake you want has been calibrated yet.
(90% of lakes under 13,000 acres can be calibrated.)






2) If not in list above just pick your lake when ordering, we will verify if your lake choice can be calibrated.
3) If your lake can calibrated to GPS coordinates your order proceeds and you are sent the finished calibrated files via either e-mail (no additional charge) or put in on CD-ROM and mail it to you ($5 additional charge)
4) If your lake cannot be calibrated your money will be promptly refunded.

Click Here to order online or
Call for more info: (320) 300-4210.

Common Q & A's

Q. Can I use the map without a PC Interface cable?
A. Yes, however, the PC Interface cable allows you to upload and download the detail from and to your GPS. It is highly recommended, but you can write down the GPS coordinates from the map, and put them in by hand into your GPS.

Q. How would your maps help me?
A. Would you rather fish or spend most of the day driving around the lake looking for a hump or bar or deep hole that is on the DNR map and you can't find it. This is a great way to get you to some key spots and then use your other electronics to pinpoint the spot-on-the-spot.

Q. Will there be any additional costs?
A. If you have a supported GPS, the software that reads my maps is shareware. All you need is the GPS, a cable to connect it to your computer, and the map or maps I will provide. The only additional cost will be buying more maps from me once you find out how well they work.

Q. I get a message saying my software isn't registered, I thought I paid for the map?
A. The shareware software is being provided as a courtesy. You can purchase the full version if you wish but all the functionality needed to utilize the map and the software is provided in the .map file. If you have a background in mapping or GPS technology, you may want to purchase the full version to do some calibration work yourself.

Q. Will the DNR map show me all the structures?
A. Unfortunately the DNR maps don't pinpoint every detail but no lake map does. They are a very good starting point to isolate the areas of the lake and the structures you would like to fish.

Q. Can you calibrate every DNR lake map?
A. I can calibrate between 80-90% of the maps that are 13,000 acres or less. Some of the reasons some maps aren't able to be calibrated include satellite images not being available or inaccuracies in the DNR map.

Q. Can you do other states maps?
A. Currently, I only have copyright access to Minnesota DNR lake maps. I am investigating relationships with other states to see if I can gain access to other maps. ND lake maps do not appear to have all the characteristics necessary for a proper calibration.

Q. How accurate are your maps?
A. I use 14 calibration points to calibrate the map. I don't use the map features for calibration but instead utilize satellite technology to calibrate the map. From a calibration standpoint, the map is accurate to within a few yards. However, the DNR maps are not always as accurate. Also, depths and contours change as lakes change, so depth ranges could be off from season to season or year to year. However, it will get you close enough to the structure elements to use your electronics to get you to the exact spot you are looking for. Also, GPS technologies have error margins in them as well and this varies depending on if your GPS is WAAS enabled and many other factors. Try a map and see what you think. $19.95 is small price to pay for increased fishing time and less time searching.

Q. Will I see where I have fished on a lake?
A. Yes, you can download waypoints from your GPS as well as the track detail. You will be able to see where you fished as long as the tracking feature has been activated on your GPS.

Q. Are the waypoints preset?
A. The entire map is calibrated, so you can choose any area on the map and the GPS coordinates will be associated to the points you have chosen.

Q. Can I upload the lake to my GPS?
A. No, the lake itself cannot be uploaded. However, your waypoints and tracks can.

Q. Doesn't Lake Master software provide a similar service?
A. Lake Master CD is a great way for people to get an idea of where to start fishing on a lake. The problem is that they typically don't have a most of the smaller Minnesota lakes on the CD, or you might not want to pay for all the lakes when you only need 1 map. I can calibrate most of the maps the DNR has put out. This is over 4500 lakes. Ask for a lake, and I will calibrate it.

Another happy customer says:
I can attest to the quality of Kirsch's product. I was quite impressed with the system. I think the software is extremely useful for fishing a body of water that you've never fished before. Call Kirsch before you go, get an electronic map of the place, and upload likely spots to the GPS before you head out there. For the money, it's a good buy.
Scott Engel - Fargo, ND


Order Custom GPS Lake Map(s)
For only $19.95

Click Here to order online or
Call for more info: (320) 300-4210
Use Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Check, Money Order, or Paypal.
Price: Only $19.95 or $44.95 for three.


It is our intention to get your order in your hands as soon as possible. The majority of the time your order will be shipped the same day and you should receive it within 2-4 days.

We do request a 2 week delivery time frame because occasionally items do become back-ordered due to high demand. Rest assured, we will do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction with our shipping process.

MN residents please ad 6.5% sales tax 


320 300-4210

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