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Bouncer vs. Lindy


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I see the discussions about lindy sinker weight. Let me take a little right turn here. I have younger kids (6,8yrs old) in my boat more often than not. I have done better in the past with a 1/2 - 1 1/2 oz bottom bouncer (depending on depth/time of year) on the mud, sand, gravel you name it.

It allows the kids to drag without getting hung up or mucked up since they have a little more trouble holding just off the bottom. Is the bouncer less effective than a lindy sinker???

I does seem to automatically keep teh bait a foot or so off the bottom, but I'm wondering if I'm missing fish?



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You might be, but you are also missing a lot of tangles in the kids lines and you know you are always close to the bottom. I wouldn't hesitate using a bottom bouncer with a little less experience angler. The other thing you could do is use a three way swivel and a 10" mono leader to a canon ball sinker (dropshot sinker works as well). You will get more feel, while still stay close to the bottom. Make sure you use a mono leader to the weight (8-10#) so if you get snagged that is what breaks. I use fireline from the rod to the swivel and mono on the rest. This isn't the best set up for rocky bottoms, but it is wonderful for sand and mud.

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