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I will be going up there this weekend, wondering what was working. I was on mille lacs for the opener and it was bumper boats but we got fish. thanks in advance

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Flood the Rink

Fished Blackduck on opener weekend and yesterday (5/15).

I had success in 8.5 to 10 fow pitching jigs (1/8th to 1/4 ounce). Lighter the jig the better. Spot tail shiners seemed to work best on opener but yesterday only fatheads seemed to catch fish. Yellow, chartreuse, or orange colored jigs worked.

Pitching the jigs seemed to work best as I was unable to get any strikes near the boat. I tried slip bobbering with no success. Others around me were catching fish with bobbers however.

Fished Red Sunday afternoon until dark. When the wind was up I drifted with rigs tipped with shiners or fatheads. Neither produced more than the other. 6-8 fow worked best. My catch rate was down from last year but still managed 2-3 fish an hour. After the wind died down I pitched jigs with modest success. Bobbers did not work for me on Red either. Might be me smile.gif

Good luck!

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Thank you for the information I will be up there tomorrow, if you see me give a shout. I will be in a tan/white alumacraft.BTW I am already feeling the tug on the line.

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    • Finnish Flash
      I got a good idea........maybe have a couple more beers and not worry so much about your neighbors. In fact invite them over for a dinner and a beer and discuss your issues...that's how my neighborhood settles issues.  Man to man...works out pretty good....
    • Wakemup
      Send him some literature on CWD. Like FishingCT mentioned, disease spreads at common gathering points where deer may rub noses. CWD, for example, spreads through a prion or protein that can spread this way.  This spread of disease is an example of why disease in raised herds is such a big deal.
    • FishinCT
      Feeding deer, especially in the winter, is a really good way to spread disease. Maybe you won't have to worry about them as much next winter after all
    • Wanderer
    • james_walleye
      Because I'm sure he was serious about Molotov cocktails.  Is there an eyeroll button? 
    • Bigfatbert
      I agree with your neighbor , it isn't a big deal , your grass will grow back , and my guess is with the spring rains , all poop pellets will disintegrate and be totally gone soon , if they are not already gone ..  my question is what the heck are you planning to do with Molotov cocktails ?  If I saw you toss one at the deer , I would be calling that CO , and he WOULD have something to write YOU a ticket for . .  And if you flung one onto my property , well let's just say you would have a big issue to deal with yourself ,, that would be me !!! My suggestion is to just relax ..
    • Wanderer
      Fence and pressure from the neighborhood is your best best until there is a law against it. Good luck.
    • delcecchi
      My deck?
    • PRO-V
      A letter from all the neighbors or a neighborhood meeting with him sounds like a good first thing to try. Maybe he'll get the hint. Better than war.
    • james_walleye
      Got a good tree for a stand? Haha