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Whats are your favorite bass rods?


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I'm an avid bass angler and have been for many years now and I'm curious: what are your favorite lengths and powers when it comes to rods for all the different bass catching methods? When do you prefer spinning vs. baitcasting? (Largemouth mainly but be free to talk about rods for smallies too.)

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For bass... 6 foot medium action Ugly Sticks with 2000 sized spinner reels. Nothing but good vibes all around!... both for the action and the budget!

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I fish on a budget as well. I like a couple combos I've put together. On the heavier side is a Berkley Lighting Rod, medium, 6.5', with a Cabelas low profile caster. The other is a light spinning setup - St. Croix Avid 6' with a Shimano Sedona 1500 series. They treat me well, and going light when the conditions permit is serious fun.

11 days until bass opener! Walleye opener gets cramped in with Mother's Day, but bass opener gets a three day weekend! grin.gif

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For casting, I have a 6'6" and a 7' Shimano Convergence with a Shimano Curado SF low profile casting reel on both of them. I chase bass alternating between these two rods. Can't you tell Shimano is my favorite?

For regular fishing or bobber fishing when I'm bored, I have a cheap 6' Walmart Rhino rod minus the 4 inches of the tip when it got caught in my truck door.

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Please feel free to post this again in our Bass forum here on FM...

Flipping- 7'6" MH Crucial Flipping stick

Crankbaits 7' TC4 Crucial Crankbait rod

Docks 7'MH spinning Rod

Texas Rig-6'10" MH Extra Fast tip

jig worm 6'8" M spinning rod

Drop Shot 7'2" M Spinning rod.

Carolina 7'MH

Topwater 6'6" M TC4 Crankbait rod.

I use baitcasting for just about everything except docks, and light jig worm and dropshot applications...Or at times very light crankbaits.

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I have two rods for bass fishing.

7' Gander MT Rod Med/Hvy with a Bass Pro Extreme Bait Caster

7' GLoomis Med/Hvy with Pflueger Trion Spinning Reel (actually use them both for walleye as well)

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The only dedicated bass rod I have is a G.Loomis BSR 803 GLX spinning rod with an older Diawa reel (the last reel I need to replace/upgrade). I use it to cast plastics and plugs like bass orenos and frogs around cover and in junk.

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I built a rod on a G-Loomis IMX 844 blank that I plan on using for jigging and wormin. Probably one of my new favorites smile.gif

Also like the 7-foot Crucial casting with the poodle tail. Put a Chronarch MG on it and man does that balance out nice!

Also can't go wrong with a GL3 for throwing cranks.

Cortland makes a few nice blanks that make excellent dock rods. Very stout yet has a quick action. 6'2" and you're good to go.

A lot of great bass rods out there. Quantum makes a few nice ones as well, but I'm stuck on the custom craze. Made the mistake a learning how to build one a few months back at Thorne Bros and now it's turned into an addiction smile.gif

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I only use a spinning combo for throwring x-raps and senko's. I use a 6'6" M or MH Shimano Compre I cast right handed and feel I have better control and able to move the baits better with a SC.

I have a number of other Shimano rods for my baitcasting arsenals that I am very happy with. My favorite set up is a 6"10" MH with a curado attached....very nice feel in the hands grin.gif I also have a 7'6" flippin stick from Shimano. Great action and lots of backbone for musclin' big bucketmouths. I use a baitcaster for everything else (t-rigs, tubes, and spinnerbaits/buzzbaits).

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My favorite rod for bass fishing has to be my old Diawa Heartland-X 6'-6" MH. I wore out a Shimano Citica reel on there and switched to a Calcutta. I worked my butt off one summer when I was 12 years old (14 years ago) to save enough to buy the rod and reel, ended up at about 205 or so for the combo. My sister stepped on it once and broke an eye, but that was repaired and it is still just as good as new. Many fish and many fond memories with that one. It will be in my will for my son, but thats a good way down the road.

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I love my 6.5 foot St. Croix bait two piece bait caster that's made for lures up to 1 ounce. It's just perfect.

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Texas Rig--7’ Rogue Rod MH--Daiwa Fuego 6.3

Flipping--8’ St. Croix SCIV MH--Johnny Morris JLM1000 6.3

Pitching Jigs--7’6” G-Blanks 12-24lb--Daiwa Team Z 105H 6.3

Pitching Creatures--7’6” St. Croix SCIV MH--Daiwa Viento 6.3

7’ Jigs--7’ Shikari 14-20lb--Daiwa Team Z 105H 6.3

Carolina Rigging--7’ American Matrix MH--Pflueger Supreme

Spinnerbait--7’ Setry Spinnerbait 8-17lb--Shimano Scorpion 1000 6.3

Frog Rod--7’3” St. Croix SCIV MH--Daiwa Zillion 7.1

Horny Toad--7’ St. Croix SCV MH Green--Daiwa Zillion 7.1

Crankbait Deep--7’6” G-Blanks 8-17lb--Pflueger President 6.3

Buzz Bait--7’ St. Croix SCV M--Pflueger President LP 6.3

Jerkbait--7’ St. Croix SCV MH--Daiwa Team Z 105H 6.3

Senko--7’ G-Blanks 10-20lb--Daiwa Team Z 105H 6.3


Texas Rig--7’ G-Blanks M Split Grip--US Reels 230XL

Shaky Head--6’10” St. Croix SCV M--St. Croix Avid 2500

Wacky Rig--7’ St. Croix SCV M--Okuma Inspira IA20

Tube--7’ Fenwick HMX M 10-20lb--Pro Qualifier PQ6030

Jerk Bait--7’ Hustler M 10-17lb--Okuma Metaloid MT20

Dock Skipping--6’6” St. Croix SCV M--Quantum Energy PTi 20

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My absolute favorite stick is the Quantum PT Tour Edition KVD 6'10" MH w/ the Quantum Burner reel on it. Greatw for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, even use it for frogs.

Other fav's include:

St. Croix 6'6" MHF w/ Pflueger President for flippin/pitchin

Galyan's 6'6" MHF w/ Shimano Curado for cranks and some topwaters

Those are my primary three baitcasting outfits. There are a bunch more combos w/mostly BPS sticks and Quantum reels for various other purposes.

For spinning it is the following:

Fenwick 6' MH w/ Pflueger President 35 series for docks

BPS Extreme 6' Woo Daves Medium w/ same reel for finesse

Same outfit in MH for senkos, tubes, etc.

BPS Extreme 7' Med w/ Abu 502 for drop-shot, etc

Daze Off

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For bassin I find 6-6'6" is best when accuracy is necessary and 7'+ when distance is required. Most my rods are MH, which is probably the most common power on bass rods. If I could have one rod it would be a 7' MH baitcast rod. That being said my favorite bassin rod is my Kistler Magnesium senko special (7' MH baitcaster).

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