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Moose Hunt in Zone 28


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I was lucky enough to draw a permit for a minnesota moose hunt in zone 28. I would like to hear from anyone familar with the area moose. Zone 28 is an area north of Two harbors around the cities of Wales and Highland.

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Congrats on drawing the permit! We were successful in that zone last fall, we did not see a lot of moose but had an excellent time and shot a 1100lb 36 inch bull on day 9 of the season (over 300lbs of meat in freezer). We saw more moose on the northern edge of the zone, off the langly river road. Lots of logging areas leading to river and creek systems, clear cuts. Like many other hunts, find places which are harder to access. Weekends you will find more grouse hunters and need to get away from loggin roads. I suggest scouting as much as you can, we scouted for three weekends and felt like we could have done a lot more. Get yourself a platbook and a good set of updated arial photos. Last year it was hot and we saw the majority of moose in thick-lowland areas. Moose are large and dark and if its hot they look for the cooler places to hide. Somedays it was 70 degrees, and lunchtime proved a good time to find grouse and a break. Find water sources near clear cuts. Don't be afraid to revisit an area the next day after calling. We would sometimes draw moose to an area late in the day only to hear/see them the following day in the same spot. beautiful country, relax and have a good time, do your homework and spend the time in the woods, once in a lifetime, do it right and you'll be successful!

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