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On Saturday at o dark 30. We were wading off of Diamond Point not much happening and I took a knee in about a foot of water just off from the old launch spot. Well heard a splash right next to me turned on the head lamp and a big pig muskie was laying right there well over 42" with a smaller probably closer to 36" laying right alongside, I am sure they were a spawning pair, so we watched em for a bit as they cruised around out feet and then drifted off.

I tell ya turning that light on and first thing ya see is those eyes looking at ya that close wakes ya up. All in all way cool.

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One little eye and one northern, spent way to much time avoiding boats in 3 fow, I mean really do folks have to get that close to the shoreline.

Did better Saturday night on the trout with the kids, and again on Sundsay. We ended up with 25 trout from Saturday and Sunday with some real nice ones.

I want to let things settle a bit before taking the kids out after eyes to many yahoos to make it enjoyable.

It was funny watching younger guys playing bumper boats and yelling at each other. Especially the ones running shallow getting hung up on Diamond Point Bar wished i had a video of that.

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I mean really do folks have to get that close to the shoreline.

I went to BSU and while attending that glorious establishment of higher learning I along with my buddies fished Diamond Point a LOT at night. We had the same experiences as you did with the boats though. I was very frustrated when they could fish the entire lake and they anchor right in front of you.

One experience we heard a boat coming and turned our headlamps on so they could see us. The stopped literally 30 feet from me and anchored RIGHT where we were casting the edge of the dropoff. I told them that it was ridiculous that they could fish anywhere and they had to set up right there and no reply. So, I casted my #11 countdown across the bow of the little metal boat and began to crank it in. I heard the tink tink as it his the one side of the boat and dragged across the floor of the boat and then over the other side and splashed back into the water.

Without a word, they pulled up their anchor and left.

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    • Bloatlord
      End of April is my guess for lakes along the I90 corridor.
    • leech~~
      Great.  Have to swing by soon to see what they have, then over to Petti Bros for some jerky and sticks!  
    • Dash 1
      Great news. They opened last Wednesday. Sounds like it’s about twice as big. Looking forward to checking it out soon. 
    • Luv2BowHunt
      It was dismissed before court via email correction from enforcement officer Robert Gorecki.
    • Luv2BowHunt
      It was dismissed before court via email correction from enforcement officer Robert Gorecki. 
    • Hookmaster
      Last weekend I was monitoring a bay on Tonka whether people were still driving out. I saw 6-7 vehicles. In one spot there were 4 trucks with 3 wheel houses. One of the houses was 20 ft+. On Sunday I arrived to see the sheriff put up a thin ice sign that 6 vehicles had driven past.   I returned to fish it last Wednesday late afternoon with 4 vehicles already out. Drove to the spot I fished 2 other times in the last month and drilled the first hole. LiveScope showed the fish 30-50 feet away. Drilled a cluster of 5 holes in that spot and game on. It was almost as fast as you could put your line down. A lot of up bites. After it slowed down on the small jigging spoon, I switched to a 4mm tungsten jig and caught more. The fish shifted 10 feet away once where one of the other holes was and then went back to the initial hole. For crappie, I ended up with a 13, a couple 12s, couple 11s, three 10s and a handful of 9s. Also 4 bluegill either side of 8” plus several smaller of both species. All fish were released. The pictures I posted are the 13 with me, both 12s an 11 and a dink. I measured them on a Li’l Dipper which is accurate from the middle of the hole at the top of the handle. I am going to order a Ketch board. The rod for the tungsten jig is a Tickle Stick and for the spoon a Panfish Sweetheart.   All three times I’ve fish this spot the big fish move out about 60-90 minutes before dark. I suppose they are moving to a different area (weedline?) to feed. If I get out to this spot again this year I’ll try and figure out where. When I drove off the bay there were still 6 other vehicles out.  
    • TomWehler
      Yup. Bullseye on the Ricochet . Bit o simple St Pats humor as that’s how I live n guess this flows thru my fingers.   Always interesting to see how close guesses are here.   where my island is clears out before the bay n large sections of lake so that is fun also. In past a few times last 28 years I hit it right on. Silly icy fun Big Smiles n Keep on Rocken! T            
    • delcecchi
      8 degrees in Rochester this morning.    looking at the 10 day forecast for Cook, not much melting going on out to the end of next week.
    • leech~~
      May 2nd up in Ely?  Not a chance!  May 15th maybe!  
    • chaffmj
      I'll take May 2.  
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