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Crappie Keith

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Crappie Keith.

Do you have a job or are you a professional crappie fisherman.? Do you have a magazine?

Were you just born last month because I have never seen you here before and there can't be to many crappies left in the lakes up there that don't have a hole in there mouth. And suddenly you have taken over the local scene on here.

How many fish can you eat in one week.? Do you like tartar sauce.? So many questions. So much fishing to do.

Thanks. grin.gif

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Yes, I have a real job.

No, I do not have a magazine.

I've been on other sites for about 1 year.

The locals call me CK

Yes,I like to post.

Yes I have fished 20 of the last 26 days since the ice went out.

Yes ,I do live in the middle of 368 lakes.

No ,I do not eat hardly any.

Yes, there are many crappies and gills that have a hole in their lip still swimming in the lake.

Do I mean to dominate this site,no.

Do I like to talk about fishing, yes.

Do I take others to my spots ,sometimes when ask nicely.

Do I ever get skunked,rarely.

Will I ever give those pannies a break ,yes

Walleyes are the next target.

I'll catch 500-600 in the next 6 months.

What else were you wanting to know?

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Interesting, Crappie Todd and Crappie Keith. You two would make a good couple. You should get together and go fishing sometime.

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Hey Dale!

Been out lately?

CT,I grew up in this area so if you need help finding fish ,just ask.

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Went out on Rabbit, Nord and Sissy but got nothing but bass. I Caught one 20 inch on the crappie rig. That was a good time!!! cool.gif

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Siss has got some dandy eyes in her.

The gills are not bad either.

Too bad the creek weeded over going into 10.The 70's were awesome for fishing.

10 had some of the nicest p'seeds you ever saw.

Hey Crappie Todd

here's a taste of how the winter went.


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My name, Crappie Todd came from a Guy named, Dave Gentz. I date it back in the about 1985. It was about the time Dave became popular with Babe winkleman. No longer a team they used to fish Gun lake. Most people know Dave, his name is all over the state in the winter time. Also I fished Lake Hattie at Tuck A way resort and was in the beginning and rapid end to a magazine named "pan Anglers news.... I still have copies of it. I wrote beiefly.

I fish crappies 85 % of the time and gills 14 % and snag a walleye accidentally now and then @ 1%.

I eat a few and stronly believe in catch and release because the lake I am on...... I have been blamed for its down fall. So, I have an attitude towards the DNR thinking I am one man lake ruining crew.

Walleys are my weakness.... I posted looking for Bull heads. You must have seen it.

No one responded. I deleted it.

Mabey we will bump in to each other some time.

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CK is the best thing to happen in years to this site....there were many times people used to ask questions about the area and did not receive any answers from anybody local....We used to catch nice bullies on Portage just east of Gun..

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I forgot ..

The golf coarse is called Mn.National.

I'll be guiding for them once they fill up their townhome communitiy.

It's going to be THE place to golf around this area very soon.

Wayne is in the middle of his 6 year plan.

He sure has done a lot of stuff over there to make a world class place.

Back to fishing.

Going out in the predawn time to Round then after daybreak to Sqaug until 11.Then RJ Fritz,MeanGene O. and my boss plus Mallard to my monster gill holefor a noon run.Then back to those eyes at dusk to 11 pm.

Boy ,she's gonna be a long day.

I'm pre fishing the gill hole in 2 hours to make darn sure the gills are in.10-12" monsters,ya baby!

I'll have some pics and maybe some video.

I'm thinkin RJ will shoot for his show Out & About on WCCO.

Even if them boys bag it on me ,I'll be rearin & releasing.

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( Note from Admin, Please read forum policy before posting again, Thank-you. )

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I was thinking the same thing.

There are those that love the pics I'll post up or possibly glean some trick or method I'm using.

Others assume I'm taking all of these fish home to eat

and they want it to be known that I should stop.

I've seen the whole gammet of responses.

I'm just a humble fisherman ,promoting fishing.

It is and always has been my goal to get guys excited about fishing.

Teaching others to fish or to become better at what I call my main passion in life.

If you want to see something really cool there is this 8 year old kid that comes from a broken home that I've helped to get into fishing and now he's tying his own jigs.

It's so cool to run into him & hear his stories of fishing .

He gets so pumped.

I believe that's why God put us earth to help & uplift others.

On the other hand if you want to go out fishing in a lake that's producing I'll share it with you.

I spend near 200 days a year on the water & or ice just to keep the pulse of the fish.What I do ,I could get 300$ a day in guide fees ,but for the most part it's all free.

I've made a ton of friendships this last year doing this & I'll continue to have a blast rearing.

So in conclusion being apart of a forum in FM is important to me.

Helping others grow,promoting our industry and reaveling in what mother nature has to offer all of us!







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Read forum policy on photo posting.

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I see nothing wrong with these pics. I have seen hundreds just like them posted all over this forum.

Can you please elaborate about what portion of forum policy this violates? I just reread the policy and find nothing wrong with them.

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it might be the pics that have some fish laying on the ice? I think I've read something about that in the forum pic rules but cant remember.

You'll hear no bashing from me! keep up the good work.

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What a strange frickin' post. CT - do you have a point to make here?

Actully I guess I can say Yes to that. Your on every posting for the area there with about the same pics. You have so many pics I have trouble looking at the posts because I have dial up and can't even use the forum to simply look at it. Down load time might as well be nap time.

It great you have pics of you with your fish. But whats your point posting em every single available forum there.

If you continue to post where I can't use the forum to look at other responses in words, than I will just shut up and go away.

Its not about anything more than that.

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What ever happened to asking nicely?

I have dial up as well and have no problem looking at the pics.

If you can't read any forums that contain pictures then are you going to ask eveyone who posts pics to stop so that you can read all the forums easier?

Also if you check out the Mille Lacs forum at all there is a thread there titles Mille Lacs Pictures. There are pictures of perch sitting on a cutting board next to a filet knife. If those pics are ok then I am sure these will be just fine.

Keep on keepin' on CK.

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Lets try to keep this a fun forum for all and try and refrain from the bashing.

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We're looking for fish pictures in good taste that encourage selective harvest principles so the dead fish rule is as follows: Fish pictures must be in the natural environment where the fish is caught that do not look frozen, stiff, bloodied or look like they were just poured out of a bucket and no stringer or fish in a bucket pics. Fish Mount and live release tournament pictures are ok as well. All other dead fish pictures are not allowed.

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( Note from Admin, Please read forum policy before posting again, Thank-you. )

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