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When otters attack...

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Duck hunted in Manitoba a couple years ago. Something was attacking our decoys, like jaws from underneath. It was a River Otter. We laughed until it came on-shore and attacked the golden retriever. Scared it off with a shotgun blast, they're protected.

Next morning, we're setting out decoys; other side of the huge weed point. An otter attacks a decoy. My friend says, "...it's back!" Otter sticks his head up next to me; the only light is on the bill of my cap. I'm in the front of the canoe; the dog is behind me. I hit it with a canoe paddle, but it's still there. I jab it hard and push it under with the paddle tip. It disappears. We paddle backwards, deeper, un-casing a shotgun. Never see it again. A little nervous sending the twelve year-old retreiver after ducks those days.

Since have heard stories of River Otters killing large dogs; grabbing them by the snout and pulling the dog into the water. One attacked a four year-old boy; and a rowing team later. A rabid one attacked a police officer.

Now, I shake my head when I see a "cute, playful otter" wildlife program.

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Any mammal that is on the ground and approaching my dog will be shot. Call in dog, leash, shoot.

Wolf attacted Brittany a year or two ago (not mine, story in paper).

My older Brittany was nose to nose with a large coyote in ND last fall. Then they started circling each other.

If I would not have come over the rise, difficult to know what was really about to happen. No opportunity to shoot it....

Skunks will die when opportunity exists.

I shoot all porkies that are on the ground, but not in trees or climbing a tree. Natural selection.

To be honest any skunk, fox, or coon seen during the day and unafraid of man - is either very young and/or more than likely rabid.

I see otters spring and fall, but where I am hunting they run or swim away fast. I would not shoot unless they are coming to us...

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I agree. We were ready to. The otter never gave the opportunity for a clear shot the first time, after attacking the dog. We had spread out and the dog was alone by/in the canoe in between us. The second time was before shooting and our guns were still cased. They are Federally protected here. In Canada, who knows what hoops we might have had to jump through if we shot one to protect the dog. Luckily, it didn't work out that way.

We were worried about rabies. The dog yelped, but had no wounds or limps. Must have been surprised.

I know the timberwolf story. Thought it was sad how the hunter was treated initially.

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We get otters in the blocks every year on Big Winnie. They go into stealth mode when they see the decoys, submerge and attack from below. It's hilarious to watch but we have never had a problem with the dogs. Any birds down are in jeopardy and we have lost a few to the otters. We lose more to the eagles than the otters. We even had a baldy take a pass at a dog on a retrieve.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • gimruis
      Part of my issue with live bait is that it generally results in a higher hooking mortality than artificial does, especially in the heat of summer.  95% of what I catch is intended to be released, so in order to maximize that, it helps to avoid using live bait.  I'm not saying you can't accidentally kill a fish with artificial that is deep hooked, because you certainly can.  But as a general rule, they are more often hooked in the mouth with artificial.   The cost is also ridiculous for some live bait too.  Crappie minnows and waxies aren't bad, but when you start talking shiners, jumbo leeches, and decoy suckers...it gets out of hand quickly.  The last time I bought a big decoy sucker for muskie fishing years ago, they were $14 each.  15 bucks for a dozen shiners and half of them are dead by the time you get to the lake?  Take my left arm too why don't ya.
    • Bloatlord
      End of April is my guess for lakes along the I90 corridor.
    • Rick
      A weekly list of news briefs about fish, wildlife, and habitat management.Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • leech~~
      Great.  Have to swing by soon to see what they have, then over to Petti Bros for some jerky and sticks!  
    • Dash 1
      Great news. They opened last Wednesday. Sounds like it’s about twice as big. Looking forward to checking it out soon. 
    • Luv2BowHunt
      It was dismissed before court via email correction from enforcement officer Robert Gorecki.
    • Luv2BowHunt
      It was dismissed before court via email correction from enforcement officer Robert Gorecki. 
    • Hookmaster
      Last weekend I was monitoring a bay on Tonka whether people were still driving out. I saw 6-7 vehicles. In one spot there were 4 trucks with 3 wheel houses. One of the houses was 20 ft+. On Sunday I arrived to see the sheriff put up a thin ice sign that 6 vehicles had driven past.   I returned to fish it last Wednesday late afternoon with 4 vehicles already out. Drove to the spot I fished 2 other times in the last month and drilled the first hole. LiveScope showed the fish 30-50 feet away. Drilled a cluster of 5 holes in that spot and game on. It was almost as fast as you could put your line down. A lot of up bites. After it slowed down on the small jigging spoon, I switched to a 4mm tungsten jig and caught more. The fish shifted 10 feet away once where one of the other holes was and then went back to the initial hole. For crappie, I ended up with a 13, a couple 12s, couple 11s, three 10s and a handful of 9s. Also 4 bluegill either side of 8” plus several smaller of both species. All fish were released. The pictures I posted are the 13 with me, both 12s an 11 and a dink. I measured them on a Li’l Dipper which is accurate from the middle of the hole at the top of the handle. I am going to order a Ketch board. The rod for the tungsten jig is a Tickle Stick and for the spoon a Panfish Sweetheart.   All three times I’ve fish this spot the big fish move out about 60-90 minutes before dark. I suppose they are moving to a different area (weedline?) to feed. If I get out to this spot again this year I’ll try and figure out where. When I drove off the bay there were still 6 other vehicles out.  
    • TomWehler
      Yup. Bullseye on the Ricochet . Bit o simple St Pats humor as that’s how I live n guess this flows thru my fingers.   Always interesting to see how close guesses are here.   where my island is clears out before the bay n large sections of lake so that is fun also. In past a few times last 28 years I hit it right on. Silly icy fun Big Smiles n Keep on Rocken! T            
    • delcecchi
      8 degrees in Rochester this morning.    looking at the 10 day forecast for Cook, not much melting going on out to the end of next week.
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