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Extreme Flathead Action!

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What a weekend of extreme flathead fishing!

Why Extreme? 'Cause I spent a couple nights in the boat with Rob (rushing) fishing flatheads on the Minnesota River. Rob knows extreme! smile.gif

I was not really sure what kind of a bite we were going to have, if we were going to have a bite. This is the earliest in the year I have started fishing flatheads but spring came early, water temps were way up, and the river levels are looking good so it was worth a shot.

We motored upstream checking out likely spots. A couple things we paid attention too while snooping around was the current and water depth. There is a lot of shoreline wood in the water right now but most of this wood is getting blasted by strong current. We were looking for likely areas out of the current with adjacent deep water.

The first spot we settled on Friday night was golden. At 9:28pm, I thought I noticed a thump on my rod and the tip started to pulse up and down. Hmmmm... somethings fooling around with my bullhead I thought. I picked up my rod and tried to feel for the fish but it didn't feel right, this sneaky devil was swimming upstream on me. I reeled up until I could feel weight and drove the hook home. Game on! Good fish! Didn't really think it was a big one until it surfaced out from the boat, kicked his tail, and pulled out 10 yards of line. LOL! I love this stuff. smile.gif

1st Flathead Outing of the year + 1st "Run" of the year = 1st Flathead of the year.

27lbs and change none-the-less. smile.gif


That fish right there made my night. It didn't matter if I caught another fish all night but that wouldn't be the end of the action. We located the boat closer into shore in shallower water and had action almost immediately.

The next fish is not much to brag about but proves the 1st wasn't a fluke. smile.gif


I had 2 more "runs" on Friday night. Missed on one of them and hooked up with another good fish that came unbuttoned halfway back to the boat. Dang! Could have been a real good night if I kept that one on.

Anyway... Saturday found me sleeping in until 1pm at which time Rob and I headed out to catch more bullheads. We were windmilling the bullies in left and right when Rob had to go and catch an "eater" sized walleye. Was this a sign of things to come? Maybe... smile.gif

Back on the river, it was scouting time again. We could have fished the same spot back to back nights but we wanted to do some more exploring. What we were looking for was more of the same, slack water areas with deep water nearby.

We did find some of these spots but I also found something I wasn't looking for... a trophy marbleye. smile.gif

This is the 3rd trophy walleye I've caught with catfish techniques- 8' Berkley Reflex rod, Garcia 7000C3 reel, 80lb PowerPro line, 10/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hook, and a lively little bullhead. smile.gif My bait was sitting in about 2' of water 3' away from the shoreline when I had a zinging little clicker run. We took a quick pic of a great incidental catch and let her go! Big smiles for me. smile.gif

Incidental 27" Walleye on a lively Bullhead


This spot we were fishing was not choice #1 for the night so we made a quick move to our "choice" spot, anchored up right against the shoreline, and I pulled this small flat out within 5 minutes of anchoring. Love it when that happens! Must have been my lucky new life jacket. smile.gif


We sat for awhile getting pounded by wind and waves. I need to mention that I hate wind! Part of the reason we tied right to shore was to keep the boat stationary, and therefore keep our baits stationary. Close to shore was probably good as this spot was a steep cutbank and I was still registering 8'-9' of depth 2' away from the bank.

About the time the grill and brats came out, Rob decided to take things to the extreme and get a flathead in the boat. Atta boy!

Rushing w/ an Extreme Action 24lb Flathead grin.gif


What a great way to start out the summer! This trip was either beginner's luck or a sign of things to come, lets hope its the latter.

Thanks for hopping in the boat Rob! Was an awesome 2 nights of fishing!

NOTE: Exact Fishing Locations not disclosed to protect the innocent. smile.gif

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Great to see ya had a good time this weekend Hanson... I have tuesday and Wendnesday off. Hopefully I'll have something to post.


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Looks like its time to go find some bait then! grin.gif

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nice fish and sounds like a blast now I just have to finish rebuilding my carbs on my merc and will be headin down that way soon I can only pray for a night like that.

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I'll be out there.....

Anyone else getting out tonight or this weekend??

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I'll be out Friday and Saturday for sure. Got my bullies already

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Maybe see ya out there.

I haven't found anyone to fish with yet for the weekend. All my buddies seem to want to go fishing on the lakes for garbage fish.....

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