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Mark Christianson

A not so happy, yet happy turkey hunter

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Mark Christianson

A coworker of mine bagged a 25.25 lb bird on Sunday.

Beard - 10 inches

Spurs - 1.25 and 1.125 inches

He came down to chat today to talk about it, and I asked him if he had it measured up and scored.

He looked at me funny and I explained you can score turkeys, kinda like a deer.

So we pull up the NWTF website, and they have an online calculator that you plug in the vitals, and it spits out your score.

His total score was 71. Knowing that his bird is enormous I said we need to find the record book info. NWTF just happens to have an online listing for all states, ranks, etc.

Marks bird would have placed 20th on the all time NWTF typical turkey record list in Minnesota!

In order to be official to be ranked, you need the following:

Any Eastern bird weighing more than 22 pounds must be weighed to the nearest ounce on scales inspected and certified as accurate for trade by the state department of

agriculture, and a weight coupon or signed document presented for proof.

He called the registration station today, and they have not had theirs certified for several years, because they didnt want to spend $20 a year to do it.


So Mark has a bird that is a once in many lifetimes bird. Oh its his first ever bird too....

He is not overly disappointed, but he definitely has a slouch to his saunter today after finding this out.

Great bird regardless!

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BUMMER, kinda like the guy who caught the state record bass and found out after he ate it. confused.gif

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Not to high jack your thread or anything but I have an almost identical story.

Went out last Saturday for my first ever turkey hunt. I was hunting some private land next to a state park that I have been fortunate enough to get drawn to deer hunt the last couple years. Each year during deer hunting I would sit and watch 30+ turkeys strut in the field across from me.

This year my dad and I finally got drawn for our turkey permits (3rd year finally). I got out to my spot right near the state park where I had seen the turkeys the previous fall. I set up on the edge of the woods near a clearing adjacent to a field that spreads into the state park.

5:45 am I hear some gobbling and so I respond with some calls of my own.

5:55 2 hens walk right into the decoys

6:00 I hear gobbling getting closer and coming from in front of me

6:05 I look up to see a tom in full strut 150 yds out in the corn field. I'm looking into the sun so all I can see is a big sillouette.

6:07 I hear a loud whoosh behind me

6:09am A large tom comes out of the field from the state park chasing a hen, and follows the field edge right next to me. He is in full strut and not very happy. He gets within 15-20yds I wait for a shot and take it.

he made a run for the state park so I shot again (didn't want to chase him around in the park since I couldn't have brought my gun in)

Long story short, after we finally found a registration station I asked the gentleman if he had a scale and would weigh my bird, he did. He got down on his knees to read the scale since the sunlight was so bright and the scale had a digital read out. He finally gets the weight and the first words out of his mouth are Holy ****. I said what? He said "28.5 lbs, the state record is just over 30"

Needless to say I was gleaming ear to ear especially since my pop's biggest turkey was just over 27 lbs. 6yrs ago (also his first)

The final measurments were 28.51 lbs, 9.5" beard and 1-3/8"spurs.

Of course my digital camera batteries were dead so I had to borrow a 35mm disposable for pics but I will post them up as soon as I get them.

By the way my name is also Mark...Coincidence?

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Mark Christianson

Well, if your measurements are correct, and that scale is certified, you qualify to take over the number 9 spot for typical turkey killed with modern firearm in MN.

Your score is 75 based on those numbers.

That is if you care about that stuff.

Go to the NWTF web site if you want the info for submitting your bird.

Thats awesome!

This is beautiful!!!!!

My name is Mark too, and I go May 8-12! I am gonna need an ATV to haul my bird out with the luck the Marks are having. grin.gif

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You should probably put a blade on that ATV to get rid of the BS you are spreading buddy!!!!

Most Jakes aren't that heavy laugh.giflaugh.gifwink.gif

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My name is also Mark,And I had a little luck on my 1st turkey hunt.On the 2nd morn.I had a tom gobble 200 yds. away.Then 4 hens and a jake came out 20yds away.The whole time the big guy was strutting his way towards my decoys and the live birds.when he finally closed the distance and circled my decoys,I dropped him at 23yds,I could barely breath.The bird weighed 25.25lbs,10.5" beard,1.25" spurs.I,m having a full strut mount done.I'll try to post some pics.

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Turkey scores are fun, but I would say it does not fall into the same level as B&C scoring of antlers ...

The NWTF does register turkey scores, but it is also an income generator. I believe many hunters use it to document their SLAMS (eastern, merriam, rio, osceolla).

Here is the process from NWTF:

Both the hunter and the primary witness must be, or must become, a current NWTF member in order to register the bird.

The cost to register each bird is $10. The cost of membership is as follows: $30 per year for Regular members, $25 per year for Wheelin' Sportsman members, or $25 per year for Women In the Outdoors members. One check may be written for turkey registration and membership fee.

Step 1: Download the NWTF Wild Turkey Records Official Registration Form.

Step 2: Completely fill out the form, provide proper attachments (if needed) and obtain proper signatures (see form for details).

Step 3: Mail registration form and attachments (if needed) to:

The National Wild Turkey Federation

Attn: Wild Turkey Records

P.O. Box 530

Edgefield, SC 29824

If you are not a member - I suggest you join. NWTF has been very active in MN expanding the range of turkeys north and west. cool.gif

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