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As I sift through & gear up for Opener I want to adapt my Pike presentation using plastics. For years I have simply jigged larger plastics off the bottom in a Walleye type walk, it's past time to adapt. How do you all rig for Pike with plastics, especially if you use a leader line ( what type? ) away from the weight to keep the bait off the bottom. Thanks for any & all tips.

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Casa - The last 2 years I've had good luck just north of you in Ontario using an Erie Dearie with a 3inch white power grub threaded up the single hook. You can troll or cast these and they have their own short wire leader built in, but it's a good idea to use a longer steel leader with it for the bigger pike. These are a weight forward spinner with a single hook.

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Jim Hudson


If you havent yet.. Try using some of the plastic or plastic/jig combos that are common for musky fishing...

A J-mac jig or Esox Cobra jig (lots written on these in the past few years by Doug Stange, Rob Kimm, Pete Maina, etc) in the 5/8 ounce with a big shad tail will catch pike, hands down.. Also, the regular sized bulldogs (orange and black) get the job done too... Rig with a straight sevenstrand that you can twist or snap onto the lures... Can rig the jigs with reaper tails as well...

Other plastics I have had luck with are Storm WildEye Split Tail minnows, carolina rigged in the 5" Pearl... Rig with Sevestrand to the bait after adding a bullet weight and bead to the top of the hardware... Good bait to work on lethargic pike in the shallows... Bump it along, the minnow works along and on the drop, it shimmys down to the bottom.. like a dieing smelt...

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    • Tom Sawyer
      With the snow cover completely gone and lots of standing water, 60s in the forecast, with plenty of sunny days next week, this may be my last weekend on the ice South of Hwy 210 . Fish have really been on the chew
    • Alex wilhelmi
      hey guys..i installed the helix 7. took it out the other day. it keeps  randomly shutting down, with the motor off it will stay on no problem. Heres where i think i f'd up. i used the same 3 amp fuse harness from the old sonar that came with the boat, the old hb depth only kind. its wired right to the ignition wire. i used the correct gauge wire where i needed it. im guessing its not getting enough juice? also if i wired it direct to a separate battery, how do i go about hooking up and on board charger? or would i be ok just wiring direct to the battery that runs the motor? thanks for any advice. those musky lures look so bad ass! nice work !!
    • delcecchi
      Really small scallops
    • delcecchi
      I think it is a matter of the material involved.   Ethanol can corrode some metal and dissolve some organic stuff like rubber or plastic that gasoline doesn't affect.   Or so some sources say.     
    • Tom Sawyer
      I guess I was being to kind. Nah nah nah nah, ....Turn out the lights already. LMAO!How Disappointing. Wolves your next......
    • ProGuideEyes
       Did you leave vermilion Tom???
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      The cheeks are almost like scallops! Cliff
    • mrpike1973
      Ahh people like me good to know they are out there.
    • IceHawk
      Couple boat  trailers sitting on 22 access this afternoon. Everyones getting the itch 
    • smurfy
      Yeah and if that's the case bring your own water for the boat to sit in. I've seen nest on a normal opener!!