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100's of fish caught

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Where to start.My head is still spinning.


OK I got it,bagged work at 3 bells .My son and Dad & I hit my hole for what I thought would be good ,but so so.


I was soooooo wrong! :lol:

We caught 100's of fish.


The bass were coming..Do I love those fighters,my son does too!




The water was 50 on the nuts and we were work 2-4 feet of water.

You can tell that the water is warming,look at how black the males are getting.


T.H.E. jig was working really well.

Too well ,I caught another bass after I do not know how many I reared on & snapped off.I know I should have retied ,but I had more.

Well anyway I switched to loby's Drag-n Mags & never skipped a beat.


They inhaled that plastic like no tommorow.Like it was there last meal.

I strapped on the Drag-n Mag onto a 32nd oz jig that was white with orange eyes and a collar.


I know the 1st one caught 30 fish and was in the mood for more ,but like earlier I had more & a pike snipped it off.

Well I retied in about 45 seconds and went back to drilling them again.

To be honest I'm glad I sent them home with the 20 we kept &as my arms hurt & this post is draning what I have left.Sure is nice to not have to clean fish.

had to leave a few for seed anyway.


I had Sunday open yet & I asked if those two giggling girls wanted some more abuse.I think you know the answer to that.

I also got a firm handshake and a wink from pops,so cool.

As we drove back across the lake I looked back to say goodnight , this is what she said back.


See ya soon!

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Nice job, I hope to be doing that with my father on Monday. He always seams to have trouble catching fish. If that is your dad in the picture behind your son, is he from SSP? He looks like a guy who I played ball with a looooonnnggg time ago.

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Not the same guy. It is funny though, they say everyone has a twin somewhere.

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yup my dad too.

He used to be one heck of a fisherman & hunter ,but the stroke did him in so now I really try to cater to him & do all I can to get him in the fish.

I'll be going back in there in the after noon tommorow.

I have another small lake that has monster gills in it that I'm going to see if they are in yet.

It's loaded with springs so it takes a bit more to warm up.

I'll come back to make the posts.

I think I'll start a new thread called Bulls& Slabs.

good luck finding some quality fish!

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you the one that makes those jigs?

if so we fished opener together about 4yrs ago and had our way with those mud minnows and also hooked up that snapper.

nice pics.

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you the one that makes those jigs?

if so we fished opener together about 4yrs ago and had our way with those mud minnows and also hooked up that snapper.

nice pics.

you old dog,how ya been?

I thought I saw you go through town yesterday?

Drilled another 100 mudminnows today,boy those males are getting black in the ole hole where you have to wisper to be heard .;)



We hit that gill hole ear;ier this morning.

Check these out.






Those bulls just started so we will have a few days of banging until openers.

Too bad you are busy or we could go tommorow for those bulls.

I do not have a date for tommorow so I'll be home tying should someone pull up with that pro-v.

Here's some parting shots at the end of the day.




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man them's some nice pics, went out yesterday on a larger lake

did meady oaker. would like to hookup with ya. you still in the same house? will be at the rock show next saturday but can get away just about any time so let me know if it would work. untill then TEAR SOME LIPS he he.

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That cold front moved them out to some deeper water 6-8 FOW.

I figured as much and we did find us some,but not as many.

Here's my son David with a few he caught.


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Had some great gill action today.






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crappiekeith, I have met you at the rustic trail in palisade more than once. are you still making those jigs? I was out on a lake west of palisade this weekend and did good on the crappies.

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yes&yes& of yes!

Snagged a few today.Nothing huge ,but respectable.

That wind & high pressure had me scrambling.



We caught 30 or so.

My bud came up fromt he TC.

Ole Cyberfish was a blast to have out today.


Here's a pretty seed.


CF did a good job on most ,but busted off on two big head shakers.


Once these crappies spawn we will see those really big bulls move in.


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