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Slang names & nicknames for fish, gear

Weed Shark

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We were getting sidetracked on the kid's fish knowledge thread. To keep focus there, I'll start a new one. Let's here fish nicknames and slang terms. You must provide the meaning since it is not always completely clear. So far we have:

Walleye: Ol' Marble-eye, Heavy one that hangs down/Lead Pencil

Largemouth Bass: Bucketmouth, Ol' Mossy-back

Crappie: Specs, Ol' Papermouth, big/Slab, big/Crappellunge

Smallmouth Bass: Bronze-backs

Northern: Snot Rockets, Green Toothed Weed Shark, Small/Hammer Handle, skinny/Snake, Large/Gator

Dogfish: Barker

Carp: Ol' Buglemouth, Bugle-mouth Bass

***Throw in gear names if you want***

Rod: flexible/Buggy Whip, stiff/Pool Cue

Steel leader for flyfishing: Piano Wire

Some of them are widely accepted, some are used only in your circle of friends. Sometimes it is a regional thing midwest, down south, or those Canucks (Canadians).

Pronunciation changes too. One example I kenw but never laughed about until the following conversation. My wife and I befriended a couple from Georgia. We are at a barbeque having a beer:

Me: blah,blah "...Crappie..." blah, blah

Him: "What did you say?"


He and his wife look at each other for a moment and burst out laughung.

Him: "They're pronouce it a little different where we come from. I have to admit, your way sounds better."

Note: Up north it is said as "Croppy," down south it is, uh, well, you get it....

Him: "If I told my fishin' buddies (now using his most refined tone) 'Look...I caught a CROPPIE!' they would throw me out of the boat."

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Largemouth: Big/Hawgs

Smallmouth: Big/Pigs

umm...what else?

Catfish pole: Tent pole

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Sunfish, perch, rock bass "Bait stealers" or sunfish while chasing them are "sunnies"

Back home rough fish are "trash fish"

Northerns are " slimmers" "snot rockets" "hammer handles"

Largemouth are "bucketmouths"

Rapalas in our group at least are "raps"

Our group refers to any type of lindy rig or crawler harness "spinners" wether they have a spinner or not

"jibbling" is any kind of subtle jigging action

umm what else.....

Oh yeah "PILE OF S***" is anything that isnt reliable and often refered to broken trucks and or outboards even if they are reliable grin.gifgrin.gifmad.gifcrazy.giftongue.gif

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Walleyes: Gravel Lizards

Bass: Daubers or Mud Daubers

Bluegills: Bulls

Northerns: Slimers

Catfish: Mudcats

Bullheads: No name but when they start biting it's "Bullhead Bullsh$t"

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Pike= Green Death

Largemouth= Football

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Walleye: Sand Carp; bottom feeders

casting into the trees: fishsticks

and i have one buddy who fishes with rods we swear were made from a brromstick.

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Rockbass: baumann-walleye/because when I'm walleye fishing this is all I seem to catch.

Muskie: ski/water wolf/meaning a predator in the waters

Thick weeds: slop or slop fishing!!!

Spinners: lindy rigs with or without a blade trolled for the "bauman-walleye"

Bird fishing: when we happen to launch our baits into the trees instead of the water.

"Donator": when you enter a tournament and become one of the losers. You DONATED your money to me, the winner!!!! Or the next time your buddy enters a tournement, tell them to just donate it to me because that's were its going anyways. grin.gif

Structure: pretty lady sun bathing on the dock!!! cool.gif


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You can't forget about the "Weed Bass, Stick Bass and the occasional Brush pile Bass" for those miscalculated casts. grin.gif

And of course you always need to catch your "Salad" while trolling for those eyes.


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You can't forget about the "Weed Bass, Stick Bass and the occasional Brush pile Bass" for those miscalculated casts.


Miscalculated cast = birds nest = backlash = professional overrun = "first day with the new reel"


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Hey CA,

Aren't you forgetting one?

Crappie after cold front: "CRAPPIEATTITUDE"

MR grin.gif

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Walleye = Walters as in, "I know your down there Walter!"

Smallmouth = Smallies, Humpbacks, Footballs

On our yearly BWCA trip we call anything but a Walleye a trash fish. A buddy holds up a 40" Northern, "Put that trash fish back in the water and start focusing on dinner!"

Big fish = Hoss, Pig, Sow, Gator, Monster, Old Son, Big Daddy, Grand Daddy, The Dooshie Reeba (I think it's a made up term, but I've been using it so long I don't remember), General Sherman, Catfish Hunter......theres probably 20-30 more I'm forgetting.

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Walleye-Walter J. McGillicuddy (My husband is too funny!) cool.gif

Northerns-El Slimo (My slang name for 'em)


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Oooh. LOL's

(Fishermam's) Christmas tree = casting into the trees.

Lochness monster = snagging on submerged timber


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Small northern under 14" are hammer handles

Walleyes are Walter's

Big female bass with bellies are footballs

Small Bass are McDonalds or quarterpounders

Fishing green colored water "is fishing the tea"

Our latest one is when fishing for the biggest fish in the lake we are looking for Ricky Bobbie

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When ever someone gets a snag on the bottom I tell them I hope they aint hooked on the plug. Wouldn't want ya to pull the plug out and drain the lake.

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Small Northern - Hammer Handle (like my name!)

Large Northern - Living Log

Weeds - Grass Bass

Dragon Flies - Mosquito Hawks

Herons - Shite Pokes

Sunfish - Silvers, Punkinseeds, Brownies (or Centipedes or Mud Suckers (Depends on the type of sunfish).

Largemouth Bass - Black Bass

Grub Worms - Kenneeps (sp?)

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add another one...

BEER= canoopers or cold boys

Beers = Orange Whips smile.gif you remember where that is from of course smile.gif

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[quoteBeers = Orange Whips smile.gif you remember where that is from of course smile.gif

Could that have been from the classic "BLUES BROTHERS?"

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    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end... Lake of the Woods ice fishing is still going strong.  Ice trails and ice roads are doing well.  Some anglers report slush when going off of the roads and creating their own trails.  Good idea to work through your favorite resort and outfitter this time of year.  Ice fishing is still readily available if you want to get out. Both day houses and sleeper houses are out and can be through March 31st.  The forecast ahead has high 30's during the day and teens at night.  Work through a resort or outfitter as they monitor conditions closely on their ice roads. The walleye and sauger season extends through April 14 and the pike season never closes.  Perch, eelpout, tullibees and crappies are also in season. A good week of fishing for some, mixed for others.  Walleyes seem to be moving this time of year.  If you are on them, it is normally good.  The combo of the jigging line and deadstick is working well.  One day they want it moving, the other, the deadstick is the ticket.   Huge pike continue to be active with good reports this week.  Setting up in 5 - 15 feet of water is the depth most anglers are targeting. On the Rainy River...   The morning / evening bite has been best for walleye anglers.  This time of year, extra caution is needed if fishing around moving water.     No open water fishing to report as of yet.  On the Rainy River, ice can go out quickly, only Mother Nature knows.  We will keep you posted. Remember, on Four Mile Bay and the Rainy River, catch and release only for walleyes and saugers through April 14th.  The big lake is still open for harvesting walleyes and saugers through April 14th.  Up at the NW Angle... Good walleye and pike reports by anglers this week up at the Angle.   Like the south end, a plain hook or small glow jig with a live minnow has been working well.  Walleyes, saugers, jumbo perch, big pike and eelpout in the mix. Crappies continue being caught on the Ontario side of the lake amongst the islands.  We recommend using a guide as ice conditions amongst the islands with current and neck down areas, etc.   For those looking to access the NW Angle while avoiding customs, snowmobiling across the lake on the marked trails are in good shape or utilizing the Lake of the Woods Passenger (bombardier) Service keeps you in Minnesota.  During the open water months, boating across or charter boat service is available keeps you out of Canada.  
    • Hookmaster
      Drove out again on Tonka yesterday late afternoon and fished sundown. Six other vehicles on the bay. Ice in great shape. Lost a lot of snow since last Wednesday. Snow melt starting to drain down the access so that'll go first. My hot spot was  still hot but not as many bigger crappie. Had to coax them a little to bite. Still got a 12 (inhaled the jigging spoon), a couple 11s and several 9-10. They were 80-90 feet away from where I caught them last week in 20-22' instead of 18-20' maybe because of the bright sun. Gotta love LiveScope for helping to find them. At 4:24 pm (spring solstice) I thought the fish might start jumping out of the holes or at least go on a ravenous bite, but nothing changed. When all that bit were little bluegill I went looking for the crappie and didn't find them. I did find 2 schools of sunfish. One in 15' that had 7" fish and one in 18' on a ridge between shoreline and a hump that separates 2 deeper holes. Those were 8" average.
    • Wanderer
      I rarely buy live bait in the summer also, with the exception of leeches.  But all of it needs to be kept cool and oxygenated so the bait coolers do prove their value.   You might want to shop around for bait prices though.  Maybe out of the 7 county metro you could call ahead.  I found decoy suckers for $3 each over the winter.
    • gimruis
      Part of my issue with live bait is that it generally results in a higher hooking mortality than artificial does, especially in the heat of summer.  95% of what I catch is intended to be released, so in order to maximize that, it helps to avoid using live bait.  I'm not saying you can't accidentally kill a fish with artificial that is deep hooked, because you certainly can.  But as a general rule, they are more often hooked in the mouth with artificial.   The cost is also ridiculous for some live bait too.  Crappie minnows and waxies aren't bad, but when you start talking shiners, jumbo leeches, and decoy suckers...it gets out of hand quickly.  The last time I bought a big decoy sucker for muskie fishing years ago, they were $14 each.  15 bucks for a dozen shiners and half of them are dead by the time you get to the lake?  Take my left arm too why don't ya.
    • Bloatlord
      End of April is my guess for lakes along the I90 corridor.
    • Rick
      A weekly list of news briefs about fish, wildlife, and habitat management.Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • leech~~
      Great.  Have to swing by soon to see what they have, then over to Petti Bros for some jerky and sticks!  
    • Dash 1
      Great news. They opened last Wednesday. Sounds like it’s about twice as big. Looking forward to checking it out soon. 
    • Luv2BowHunt
      It was dismissed before court via email correction from enforcement officer Robert Gorecki.
    • Luv2BowHunt
      It was dismissed before court via email correction from enforcement officer Robert Gorecki. 
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