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My parents are considering moving back to central MN from Northern MN in order to be closer to home. They have put Nest Lake on their short list of possible lakes. I would appreciate any information about the lake and the fishery. I have found some posts about weeds and poor water quality in summer. (So how bad is it????) Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!!

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Nest is a wonderful lake to fish, it is definately one of the better multi species lakes in the area. It is a very good panfish lake, lots of pike and bass and if you work a little bit, it isn't to bad finding them walleyes too. As far as it being bad, maybe during the dogdays of summer it is real weedy and green, but I myself have not seen it real green. Weeds are a good thing if you love to fish. It can get really weedy at times in the early part of summer, but it seems that the weeds die off shortly before the dog days of summer end. Let me know if your folks decide to buy a place on the lake or close by, I would be happy to hook up sometime and do some fishing out there......later...

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My grandparents live on the lake and I recreate/fish on it all the time.

Traditionally in the past 8 years or so the weeds will start growing about a week or 2 after opener and get really bad or bad enough to irritate a person until about the end of June when the lake warms up. The weeds die off then and the lake is good to go!

The lake really doesnt get green at all. Sometimes there is a slight bloom of algae in the lake but nothing special. My grandparents own a pontoon on the lake so when it gets off it’s off to the lake and out to the sand bar! It’s a nice little lake and in-fact the only one with at least 3(?) resorts on it yet. Out of the 5 that used to be on there...

PS, pray for high water levels all year this year. The boat landings in the area will need it!

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Brother Bro

It's a nice lake to land on...if they are moving....cheaper than Green....less pressure/water activities.....very nice multi-species lake....... 945 acres of fish and fun.....

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    • Neutz68
      Nope...   320er...   Thanks for the info.. 
    • fish_time
      I had an absolutely beautiful day on the water. The crappies I caught were over 12" . I personally have to say pink and white, and white on pink is the way to go for spring crappies. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/o19q4K1urBE  
    • Getanet
      Where the heck was this advice a month ago when I was booking our trip!  I knew nothing about Kabotegama and really only had a few choices of campsites available for the dates we wanted to go. Wood Duck Island looked as good as any. After I made the reservation I had read that the west end of the lake had better fishing earlier in the year since it was shallower than the east and the water warmed up quicker. Goes to show you can't trust everything you read on the internet. Even though we got skunked on walleye it was still one of our favorite trips. My buddy and I typically stay at a resort or one of our family's cabins. Camping got us outside doing stuff a lot more. If we had a roof over our head and a TV we would have spent a lot less time fishing when the weather stunk.
    • MN BassFisher
      Haha. We were using mostly Size 11's for our bites - Shadow Raps. Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it. The last few times I've tried to document our Walleye outings up there we only get like 1 or 2 fish and I don't do anything with the footage so I was glad to catch a handful to edit into a video.
    • MikeG3Boat
      This may not be what you want to hear but the answer is most definitely yes!  The Mega imaging really paints a perfect picture, you do not have to be an expert in reading side imaging any more you just look at the pictures and know exactly what your looking at.  On a side note, the outside case of the Helix 9 and Helix 10 are exactly the same.  I know the 10 is quite a bit more but believe me it is worth it.  I have made the decision to try and save some money many times in my life and only been disappointed, when your wishing you spent the extra cash within a month of your purchase that stinks and it is a really expensive decision to fix.  Just my $0.02.  Good Luck with your purchase.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I heard reports that the Fectos Point area has been good. I have not been there though. Big Bay is still going. I caught 7 in about an hour right at noon in pouring rain! Cliff
    • imhatz
      Was at Sand Point 5/17-5/23...did ok only..5 eyes, pike and smallies. The water temp rose so fast it turned off fish. We did better on Friday and Sat...then water warmed and slowed. Most on rapalas...no live bait.. That was a mistake may have done better. Hey slush you in a hot spot...or normal area on Crane. We tried NW bay and only Pike
    • Sushilicious
    • Sushilicious
    • Sushilicious
      So dad, my bro, n I started fishing at 4pm last Sunday (crane). We caught 21 eyes, 4 sauger, n a 10in. Perch. We were fortunate enough that 12 eyes, 2 saugers n the perch were keepers. We also had the pleasure of throwing back two 18", a 22" and a 24" eye. We ended up fishing  for 5 hours. There were 2 thing we noticed that affected r fishing. (A) the lack of water ment lack of current which is fundamental the first 3 weeks of opener. (B) we seen 14+ eyes surface as well as 6-7 mayflies in the boat. Getanet I hate 2 state the obvious but from my quick look at kab u weren't even close to a spot I would think would be good this time of year. The best 4 types of spots the first 3 weeks of eyes opener in vnp r current, current, current, n sand. I've never fished kab this time of year but I know Sullivan bay/ash river is the best spot.