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Winnie Report (2/15-2/2/18)

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Fished Thursday (15th) through Sunday (19th) out of Nodaks (highly recommend that lodge by the way).

Started west of Center Island in 13 FOW on Thursday and ended up with 80 dandy perch (8" and up), 1 17" eye, and a snot rocket.

Decided to go back to the same area the 2nd day and it had slowed down a bit, but we were much more selective on size (Dasani bottle and up)-we kept 60'ish perch, another nice eater eye, and 2 pike.

Saturday the bite was slow all over the lake from what we could gather, but we had a pretty good day in our eyes. we moved into the west side of Moses Bar and fished 34 FOW. We kept about 60 jumbos...most 10" or bigger. Another eater walleye and a few pike.

Went back to the same area on Sunday and it started off scary slow. Moved out to 38 FOW and started getting into the nice ones again along with a good flurry of pike action...I think we got 6 or 8 in about 2 hours.

Best 2 rigs for me personally was a Frostee spoon (perch w/ gold back) and slip bobber 6" off the bottom generally with a minnow I "slowed down" a bit with a couple whacks on the shanty floor. Thank God for the Vexilar as it seemed you really had to work for them Sat and Sun.

All in all an excellent trip! Too bad the wind had to be so blustery the last couple days or it would have been "balmy" weather. Guys up there this week should really slam them with the warm front.

Tight Lines and good luck all.


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140 perch! in two days, you had to have a hand cramp from cleaning all of those!

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I remember that being an average day 10 years ago. Now it's a pretty darn good weekend.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • crappieslapper
      Hi Guys & Gals, My brother in law recently purchased a property on Ely Lake. All the boys are invited up this year on Memorial. Unfortunately nobody in the family has been on the lake before. I thought I would reach out to the pros here on the forum to see if anyone would be willing to give us a few tips on fishing this lake. Thanks in advance, Dan
    • crappieslapper
      Hey Forum, My brother in law just purchased on Ely Lake. Memorial weekend will be the first time on lake. Wondering if anyone has some experience/tips they would be willing to offer the Ely lake rookies. Thanks so much. Dan
    • huntnfish
      I made it out last Sunday and did some searching for walleye. The search didn't produce any walleyes, just northerns and smallies. The water temp on the main lake was 58-59 with the bays being about 5 degrees warmer. The people I have talked to have had similar issues finding the eyes. We missed some fish that left the shiner all chewed up. Most of the fish marked were out in that 18-21 foot range which seemed pretty deep for this early. It could have been Saturday's cold front that pushed them a little deeper though. 
    • Hoey
      SRJ - Thanks for the report.  I heard the bite was very-good to excellent, off the rocks/reefs, in the mud/sand.  I will be at the lake fishing this weekend.  
    • srj
      What a couple perfect days for LOW on Monday-Tuesday. Fish seemed to be biting well from shallow to deep and from the south side to up north.  Caught fish from 7 - 28 feet in good numbers and sized from small to large. There seemed to be a lot more fish on sand and mud than rocks. Quite a few males caught near rocks were full of milt. Biggest an 28 1/4. Most on jig and minnow but some on crankbaits. Sure a big pack of charters hanging around the Knight Island shoal. Warm, calm and no bugs!! Hope Memorial weekend winds stay light. My new to me Ipilot Link Bluetooth remote somehow changed to German, Dutch or some other language on the display. Anybody ever have that happen? Good luck this weekend.
    • Mitch K
      Nah it was maybe 6-7 inch, maybe it'll be a keeper next year.
    • Stephen L Johnston Jr.
      Wow, thats like a 15lb walleye given that length. Wish i could see such a Waldo, too bad they are not part of this forum!
    • jigging-matt
      Nice pics.  Can't wait to get out this weekend and give it a try.
    • Nix769
    • curt quesnell
      Sunshine, pleasant temps, no wind, no bugs a perfect week to be out on LOTW. Oh yes, fish are going crazy....This weeks NCOR Vid shares what is working..Enjoy!