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Snow on Red????

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I'm coming up to fish this weekend and was wondering if there is enough snow on the lake to pack around the portable's skirt. Sounds like the temps this weekend will require some good insulation. Thanks for all the great information, I'm amped to get up there.


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There are snowbanks around. Might just have to stop and throw some on the tailgate before you get to your spot. Its worth it

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Welcome to the FishingMinnesota family!

I heard thru the grapevine that there is almost all glare ice out there. Not good for snowmobiles or banking the house. Maybe someone can share some first hand info?


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There's plenty of snow for banking... You just have to pick a snowy spot to set up! The snow is mainly in "patches" on the lake, areas around ice piles and stuff like that are great locations for finding snow. The only thing is if you have a permanent house you might have to take alot of scoops from one area and bring around the house, so it takes alot more work. A sled to pile snow in, could be the ticket! As for poertables, nooo problem..You'll be fine.

Good luck.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • JBMasterAngler
      As of last weekend ice was 13 inches in most places. Sure to be thicker now with the cold temps. Just be careful, even during the coldest winters, there can be some thin spots out there.
    • monstermoose78
      This crunchy snow is tearing Finns feet up. I am thinking of getting him some booties so he run around without making the house look like a murder happened 
    • BrianF
      Was sledding both on and off the staked trail yesterday.  Was COLD!!!  Happy to report that where we were (W side) most of the slush is frozen and not a problem. Traveled over a few pockets of watery slush, but they were small and easily managed.  Everything else is firm and crusted over. It’s minus 34 as I write this, so expect that any last remaining pockets of slush will be pretty firm  soon enough. 
    • pikeandchester
      14 inches of ice on the west end of Francis on Tuesday, but the access was heaved up so bad I don't think I could have pulled the wheel house out. Caught 1 sunny but only fished for about  half an hour. Mostly checking ice thickness. Checked the ice on Elysian, 12 inches near the south access and 10 inches further out.
    • pikeandchester
      Garrison Sports Red Door Fisher's Agate Bay Nitti's Hunters Point Mac's Twin Bay Hunter Winfield's Chapman's Lyback's Beachside Izaty's Bradnt's KJ's Rocky Reef Randy's Rentals Terry's Boat Harbor  Theses are ice roads I have found from internet searches. Anyone care to add to the list? Thanks
    • brrrr
      How's the ice condition this year?  Good for driving out?  
    • Bigfatbert
      Also just 4 fun .     Tom , Fred Bear , Max Power , n Mrs W !   There you are back in the wild again , back where you belong ! Does Fred tell Max to go up on the ridge while he goes down into the swamp to get that pesky squirrel 🐿 , or something like that?   Glad they are real bro buds and enjoy there digs were they hang , and maybe some digs in the sand come time the spring decides to say “hello all”. Oh if we the people only had it so rough as those doggies you got there .🐶   As for Bobby Orr and needing longer legs 🏒 , your pic shows that your all legs , maybe just need to practice more , or shave , nothin personal whatsoever  , just sayin that old number 4 didn’t have a beard .   And last but not least ,  hope that those K-9’s didn’t get into those baked beans to heavily as burping may be the least of your issues !! Keep on rocken and rockin !    🎸  🎵  🎤  🎧  🎚️         A  
    • jim curlee
      36 degrees BELOW zero this morning, the ice is firming up. LOL
    • PRO-V
      -23 degrees out in GR right now. Saying -25 tonight. This might harden things up a bit.🤔
    • chaffmj
      I bought a Striker snowmobile jacket and bibs at the Red Rock store up the Fernberg about 8 years ago. Really like them!