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caught a couple walleyes on beaver the other day was wondering if anyone has caught any lately... just wondering cuz normally i cant score a walleye on beaver in the winter for nothin

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Don't know. The Minnesota Sportsman has a write up on Beaver lake.

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    • leech~~
      Instead of going through all the hassle of mounting it in your boat before you knows if it's good. You may try duct taping the ducer to a stick to hang over the side and run some power wires to it.   You should know pretty fast if it works or not by making a few knob adjustments. Good Luck.  
    • Topwater Scott
      Orchard in Lakeville has a good population of tiger's.  
    • mbeyer
      I know this....not as many smallmouth coming up shallow on this fall trip as compared to spring. Could not get a top water bite regardless of time of day and depth of water.   Found a few stragglers in the few hours we chased them.
    • plot0015
      thank you!   and thank you for the advice... i will try it out in my boat this week, and report back
    • leech~~
      Welcome to the forum.   Go try it out in 5 feet of water before you write it off.  The older units need a pretty solid water column to send the echo back and forth.  Good luck.
    • plot0015
      So i recently picked up a Zercom Clearwater Classic for 15 bucks off craigslist....     I fired the unit up and the LCD screen works, back light works, and when i plug the transducer in, i can hear the transducer "clickling" (i can see a slight change in the LCD lines when i plug the 'ducer in....so its almost like it recognizes that its there....) but as i'm messing with it i can't get it to see my hand or the floor...  (ie. the LCD lines never move off 2 ft)   I thought it might be the Transducer.... but this 'ducer has an old school RCA jack the reminds me of the old Red/White/Yellow cables from my Nintendo....(see image)  Obviously zercom isn't around anymore so getting a tranducer is brutal.   Marcum bought zercom, but they couldn't help when i reached out to them.  Called Fishlectronics, they didn't have anything....    See the pictures to see the LCD lines that never move and the 1990's tranducer plug.....      Did i waste my 15 bucks?    
    • leech~~
      Sounds like a worn wire grounding out some where.  One of my trailers I just pulled the whole wire harness off and put on a new one. Not fun but it worked. 
    • Hookmaster
      I checked out the truck wiring and it looked good. I towed my duck boat last weekend and the running lights worked. So, it must be my fishing boat trailer. I'll check light bulbs first but may need to rewire since it's seen 20 summers.
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the main basin... Good fall walleye fishing continues.  Jigs and frozen shiners working well in 28-32'.  Anchor up and jig.  If not finding fish, drift with spinners or troll crankbaits to find active fish.  Fish starting to stack in front Pine Island and other south shore locations.  Some days fish are sliding shallow.  Shiners continue to run up the Rainy River.  On the Rainy River... Shiners are running.  Walleyes are just starting to enter river.  Anglers reporting success both jigging and pulling crankbaits.  Increased sturgeon activity.  Walleye activity is increasing as shiner run continues.     Up at the NW Angle... Fishing is excellent.  Strong numbers of walleyes being caught on mud flats and adjacent to islands. 15 - 25'.  Spinners, crankbaits and jigging all still producing.  Walleyes starting to move towards structure and outside mouths of bays.  Crappie activity strong, guides helpful for crappies.   
    • leech~~
      It would be nice to have a massive private slough or hunting woods but for the majority of us poor folks it's part of the game. Some days you win and some days the other guy does. Or you just sit home do nothing and play with yur doober!  😕