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Bullhead Lake

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I have a friend that owns some land on this lake, and I'm looking for any help on where to find some panfish, or even if there are any in there. For those of you that may be wondering, it is connected to Little Cormorant through a small creek. You can see it off of County 6 just past the intersection where the Pit 611 is. Any tips would be appreciated.

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Peter, the north shore of the lake has quite a bit of timber etc under water, and drops off fairly quick compared to the so side. both bays on the north side have produced for me as well as the corner closest to the pit. deepest water in the lake is 39'.

here's a good one, I guess the allure of being on one of the Cormorants has a developer is in the process of trying to get the lakes name changed to....LOWER Cormorant.... being north of Big C confused.gif

If it must change, how about LITTLE cormorant...

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That developer is a friend of mine (he's not really a "developer", just got it at a good price), and don't believe everything you read laugh.gif. You know how the media can make things look shocked.gif. He doesn't really care what the name is, he and the other land owners wouldn't mind it being something other than Bullhead, that's about the jist of it. It's funny how the front page news is about the county commissioner meeting for a lake name change that is supported by the DNR cool.gif, being from New Jersey where that would probably be the smallest print in the paper, I find it rather amusing. If you have any more insight such as depth, time of day, species, please shoot me an email. Thanks Minneman.

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    • Tpowers167
      Hi, I am writing on here to try to find the owner of some fishing gear that was left on East Rush Lake. I found it last Sunday morning and would like to get the gear back to the owner. If you can describe what you lost I'm willing to meet up and return your stuff back to you. I know how much it sucks losing your gear and starting over. Call me if you think it might be your gear.  Travis 651-315-9913
    • leech~~
      Best to contact the DNR and let them access it to see if they think it's an issue before you end up with a fine.
    • iiccee63
      No, I went out the north access that you can't launch a boat on. 237th and Granda off of North Shore Trail. Very north end of Lake 1.
    • Mike Walerak
      Just a heads up that you cannot trap beavers on an WMA without a permit from the wildlife manager. 
    • nofishfisherman
      The cost is for sure starting to get up there.  I've been wanting to take the kids but I just can't justify the cost for a weekend of fishing.  All of ice fishing trips end up being guys trips where we all split the costs, then it doesn't end up being that bad.  I'm guessing the bulk of the groups that outfitters service are groups of guys splitting the costs and that is partly what drives their pricing.  If they were pricing the houses and services with families of 4 in mind they likely wouldn't be able to charge nearly as much.    I can't fault the resorts as they are pricing based on what the majority of their clientele are.  Very few resorts are out there getting rich regardless.  I do however think hundreds of dollars a night for a single room shack with plywood bunk beds is a bit crazy when you really think about it. I pay less per night when staying in high end hotels in down town Minneapolis.  
    • DWBMontana
      Lease is full
    • fishingMN4eyes
      Just booked our first LOTW winter trip this week. Interesting and funny😂 reading this thread. I thought the price for a long weekend was a bit steep, but like others have said, it's guys trip so we will be paying per person. I can fully understand the family angle.   Thanks for the laughs!
    • gunner55
      Not sure, leech~~. But her health may have a play into it, as about the time he was rebuilding our place, he started just after Labor Day 2013, she had a major accident while riding 1 of her horses. The horse landed on her & crushed her hips, so bad they said she was lucky to be alive & were afraid she'd never walk again.  Her not being around to do his paperwork actually caused some issues with some of the other sub-contractors at out place. Many surgeries later ,with them having to come down to Mayo for the last, she seems to be able to get by.  I agree to in that I think the business would be easier to sell with the bar & restuarant too. Another issue is that all her good help has had to find different work & would be very hard to replace. Know there's quite a few people  that are  still hoping they rebuild.
    • Pat McGraw
      FYI May have been mentioned before but just in case, there is a ridge running from Gold Island towards Breezy Point in Frazer bay as well.  
    • bassbouncer
      Still waiting for the fire marshal to determine cause. They are working on a plan but can’t knock it down until the fire marshal lets them