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Bullhead Lake

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I have a friend that owns some land on this lake, and I'm looking for any help on where to find some panfish, or even if there are any in there. For those of you that may be wondering, it is connected to Little Cormorant through a small creek. You can see it off of County 6 just past the intersection where the Pit 611 is. Any tips would be appreciated.

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Peter, the north shore of the lake has quite a bit of timber etc under water, and drops off fairly quick compared to the so side. both bays on the north side have produced for me as well as the corner closest to the pit. deepest water in the lake is 39'.

here's a good one, I guess the allure of being on one of the Cormorants has a developer is in the process of trying to get the lakes name changed to....LOWER Cormorant.... being north of Big C confused.gif

If it must change, how about LITTLE cormorant...

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That developer is a friend of mine (he's not really a "developer", just got it at a good price), and don't believe everything you read laugh.gif. You know how the media can make things look shocked.gif. He doesn't really care what the name is, he and the other land owners wouldn't mind it being something other than Bullhead, that's about the jist of it. It's funny how the front page news is about the county commissioner meeting for a lake name change that is supported by the DNR cool.gif, being from New Jersey where that would probably be the smallest print in the paper, I find it rather amusing. If you have any more insight such as depth, time of day, species, please shoot me an email. Thanks Minneman.

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    • TSquared
      I fished with a guide on the Detroit River two weeks ago who had the new Panoptix unit ($4000 to get setup).  Incredible what you could see as it is a live image.  Have to say it can frustrate the hell out of you sometime,  you see the fish just looking at your bait and then swimming away.  Very cool tech!  You could actually see the fins on the fish in the image and truly judge the size somewhat.  
    • Spearing Machine
      7-10 days the lake will be ice free. Which will be almost right on average ice out (April 30). Pike bay is open up to Duffy island working up the bay. Paddled from the Pike river up the bay to the ice line tonight. 
    • delcecchi
      Fake chirp as marketing gimmick.    They need something to convince folks to buy their unit and dump their unit from two years ago.    I am reserving judgement on the new higher frequency units.  "mega" and equiv.   Side scan actually seems like it could be useful.  Lots of stuff is changing these days in electronics.       I think what would be cool is an underwater drone with several transducers that communicates back to the boat wirelessly with sonar and video.....    Fresh water doesn't block radio waves too much so probably could use radio communication at least for a limited distance.       Some sort of modulated acoustic waves would work too.       Can't you just see, sitting in the boat, driving the mini-sub around looking  for fish, with sonar to help?   I bet the open water musky guys would pay big bucks for one....😂
    • Kettle
      https://www.valleynewslive.com/content/news/Big-fish-likely-NDs-largest-walleye-ever-caught-508887291.html   16lbs 9 ounces, 32.5 inches, absolute hawg of an eye
    • Cooperman
      Unbelievable! For a fish?
    • eyeguy 54
      no prob that you want to die fishing. but no sense in hurrying it up. lol 
    • smurfy
      Wowzer, again.🙄
    • walros
      Heading up to Wheelers Thursday for sturgeon.
    • side_laker
      Heading up to the river in the morning trying to decide if I should fish up the river or out if wheelers. 
    • Jim Almquist
      Sure wish we would get a strong enough east wind to pile the ice on shore. Lot of ice out there and it will take a long time if it has to all melt.