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the buck

Arnesens 1/21-1/22

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the buck

I took a friend from Iowa to Arnesens on 1/21, 1/22 and we had a great time. He had never ice fished before so everything was new to him. We kept 6 sauger, 2 eyes, 1 perch and threw several "dinks" back the first day. I'm not sure of the reef names there but we were straight west of Gull Rock in 26 ft. 2nd day they moved us about a mile further north and again in 26 ft. We caught 8 eyes, 2 jumbo perch, 1 sauger and 2-8# pouts. Threw back again about a dozen undersize ones. I thought it was only right that the guy from Iowa caught the 2 pout and boy did he have fun catching them. He was really excited not just for the fact that they were fun to catch, but because they were so much like their native state fish - the catfish!!!

I do have to say that Arnesens really does a nice job catering to their guests. The guides were very attentive, making sure we were satisfied, the staff and accomadations were excellent and the food was great. I was really impressed in how well they keep their houses - freshly painted every year, good clean conditions. We ended our trip with another treat . . . I took him over to Riverbend for one of the best breakfasts around -their bisquits and gravy.

I would highly recommend to anyone that is going to take their wife on one of these ice fishing excursions, Arnesens is a good clean and friendly place to treat her. Good luck to everyone and keep your stick on the ice!

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thebuck: Sounds to me like your friend may make this an annual run. Much better than catching bullheads eh?

grin.gif I have almost as much fun taking someone up who has never gone before and watching them catch fish as catching them myself.

That biscuits and gravy goes really well with a hot carmel roll and some butter on the side. Thanks for posting your report. Bill

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Mmmm Riverbend bisquits and gravy I love those things man are they good grin.gif. Worth the trip alone for those.

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the buck

Bill,I do believe this will be an annual trip for him. Its always a good feeling to get another person hooked on this great sport. And by the way, I didn't have room for the rolls, 4 bisquits and gravy was very filling and very tasty. I'll get the rolls next time around. smile.gif

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You are killing me with these biscuits and gravy comments! I'll be at Riverbend fishing the 2nd and 3rd with my 14 yr old son and a 16 yr old nephew. I've got the menu planned out and it doesn't currently include those on the menu as the big cakes in Baudette were a challenge I was going to impose on those two growing boys! Who knows--I love biscuits and gravy so I may have to redo the menu. Now you throw carmel rolls into the mix---it just isn't fair.

Neither of these guys has ever caught a walleye through the ice and in fact the nephew has never even ice fished so a whole bunch of cherries are to be broken. A couple of extra depth finders hidden in the pocket should get some early adrenaline going. Maybe a pout or two to slime em up!

We'll also be on URL with Kelly P. for a night before so they should be broken in and maybe a bit tired when we arrive. That should help at the resort with the noise level.

I've fished out of a number of other resorts on LOW and always had good experiences if not always the greatest of fishing but who cares--it is definitely better than working! Although we haven't met, I told the folks at Riverbend that you are one of their greatest supporters on FM and I didn't think I could go wrong. They have been great to work with already just through my phone calls and reservation and if they are half as good as you have consistently reported this should be a great trip.

Will report back results after the Super Bowl!

Tripleplay (aka: Irv)

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    • moderation
      Good news. Our place on Ash River is reserved and all is go. Just have to finish getting the boat ready and we are off, can't wait. Friday night crappie Sat morning all out.
    • gunner55
      Fished this with my grandparents when I was little, don't remember ever catching much thought.
    • ANYFISH2
      First sits of the weekend occurred for me this past weekend. Friday morning was kind of odd I thought as birds where gobbling very early.  I figure because of the full moon, the sky was bright long before shooting time.  After flydown the gobblers were very quiet with very sporatic gobbling all morning.  Sat until noon without seeing a single bird. Friday afternoon was very active, good amount of gobbles between 4:30-6:30pm.  Had a group of 2 large gobblers walk by about 5pm and at 5:15pm had a group of 3 young toms walk by at 30 yrds not presenting a shot. My blind in very near a roost site so I left the blind about 7:30 so not to get caught at dark if they decided to roost there.  On approach to the bean field I watched 2 very large toms work the field, until the neighbor shot and both birds scooted out. Saturday, had Abigail with her 20ga.  Again plenty of early roost gobbling in all directions.  A little more gobbling after flydown as well.  I assume the same 3 young toms from Friday worked by us at 6:30am never really acknowledging us other than gobbling as they pastes us at 50yds.   About a half hour later, I called in a loud mouth hen that actually fanned out for our up right Avian x hen decoy.  That would be last bird sighted for the morning although we has gobblers walk by out of sight 2 more times. I left the woods alone the rest of the weekend as the landowners kids and grandkids were home for Easter and like to enjoy the woods when home.   In the end a good and frustrating weekend.  The birds were definitely not buying what I was selling as far as calling was concerned.  Something I was doing was off, as they may have walked by, did not really investigate much and didnt hardly look at the decoy.   Good luck guys and gals.
    • BobT
      Drove past Osakis on my way home this evening and it is pretty much ice free. 
    • Mike89
      Little O really lost the ice today!!!!!!!  won't be long now!!!!
    • Nix769
      Show some optimism!😝  The forecast has dropped some but I don't see the ice lasting much past the 1st.  I went out in front of my parents on Frazer...some of the latter ice to go...was sketchy enough I turned around and went back.  Opener is certainly a non-issue.  My boat goes in next wknd...but my back bay allows me to do that!
    • timjones
      Saw the first boat launched at Battle Point access about 2:00 this afternoon. Three guys were out for about an hour and came back and took the boat out. Don't know if they fished or just checked to see if any ice remained on the lake.
    • Cret Jigs
      Never heard of this float ... checked out there web site and read reviews .... sounds like a great day off of work in the mid week to try out!   Think it would be fun ... thanks for pointing out.    Bob
    • TomWehler
      Thanks D&D.   We enjoy yer Wally harvest report n videos. Thanks DNR folks.   Happy Easter n Spring! Big Smiles. GO LEAFS!   T
    • jparrucci
      Hopefully it gets moving.  I need docks and lifts in before opening weekend.  Any updates?