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First Timer Reeeeeport!

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My apologies for being a tad lazy to the computer, that's the way it goes when you're obsessive/compulsive about getting reorganized after a fishin' trip (gotta be ready for the next one, right?) grin.gif.

Team BuzLogic (FishinLogician and yours truly) headed to Mille Lacs for the first time 1/15-1/17. After all of Cranker's great reports, how could we not stay at Appeldoorn's? We booked a 6-hole deluxe sleeper for two nights and proceeded to fish to our heart's content. Well, the reports are already in, so I don't need to tell you all that it was tough. Apparently those fish aren't impressed with my investment in fishing tackle smile.gif.

We did end up catching a 21" eye on a tip-up the first night(line was frozen in of course; and boy, she just barely had it in her lip), and we had a few light pulls on the rattle reels each day (probably perch), but other than a few 8" perch, it was tough going. One 'eye was spotted in the morning on camera as well.

Did we have a bad trip? Of course not! The accomodations were great (real nice sleeper's ya got there Cranker), and The Cranker was more than generous with his time, information, and cordial nature. We had a ton of fun just shooting it, and even enjoyed a fine cigar or two...maybe three...or more grin.gif. I hadn't seen the aurora borealis in many a moon, but the sky was lit up on that cold Tuesday night, and there wasn't anyone in a house near us. That was cool!

Thanks for stopping by Cranker. BTW, that Wilcraft is saweet! I got's ta go fishin' in it sometime!

I look forward to fishing up at Mille Lacs again sometime soon, and am sure I'll head out of Appeldoorn's again if I'm fishing that side.

Incidentally, for those anglers that want to fish during the weekdays like we did, I don't think you can find a better deal. We had 50% off for the 48 hours, and the regular rate was already reasonable. Plus, the fishing pressure is pretty low during the week(although sometimes even that doesn't help grin.gif).

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    • Borch
      Sounds like a blast!  My time has shifted to turkey hynting prep.  So it looks like I'm done despite good ice conditions.  But I'm a bit jealous of you all.
    • smurfy
      One thing I'd like to add, they live about 2 miles north of remer on hwy 6.
    • Brandon Klatt
      Went up to Knife lake today to see if i could find some slab crappies. After drilling countless holes and only 1 crappie to show for it was thinking about packing it in. Then i notice a mark 1ft under the ice, bam a nice 12in slab. fished 2:45-8pm, bite was good 6:30-8.  Caught a good amount of crappies, key was to be 6-8ft of water and most fish were 1-4ft down. All crappies were released, with how hard this lake gets its nice to see there's still slabs in there and wish the DNR would put a 5 crappie limit on the lake, even down to 3 would be great. 
    • leech~~
      I think Duff has been hacked? He's replying to posts over a year old now?
    • smurfy
      You might be fighting for room with all the geese ducks and swans!!
    • smurfy
    • smurfy
      Check out weezie outdoors. They guide bear, and all kind of things. I know they hunt Winnie for ducks. They also supply a dog if needed. They also do fish guiding. They have a website also.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      We always called them wing-dings! I also learned that trick on LOW. Very tasty!! Cliff
    • phishslayer
      Anyone know how the lakes are doing in the Madison Lake area? Still fishable? Ice pulling away from shore yet?
    • biff
      The big storm last weekend blew a lot of ice into shore around the park point area...the south pier was closed again and there is ice piled up around the pier...not good for the coho fishing off the pier and not good for the smelting off the point. At least the weather is going to be in the 50's for awhile it looks like.