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Custom Snowmobile Auger rack input needed!! (pics included)



****I meant to post this in the ice fishing section so if an Admin could move it that would be great. I also can't get my link to work, it shows up fine in the preview, but then displays the whole path instead of a direct link.****

I might be going to finish this with the welder today so your input is needed ASAP.

So I already have a guy that welded me up the bars that connect to the sway bar mounts on my Arctic Cat. Now I need to figure out how to mount the auger to the bars. So I have one main question. Do you guys think that the Mad Dog ice auger carrier kit is sufficient enough to support the auger? Or do you think it would be a good idea to buy the pieces separate so that you get two fin grips to use one on each end of the auger so the powerhead is supported?

I am building this to fit my Jiffy 3 horse (don’t tell me about how it’s too heavy) and know that when I had a mount in my Otter and I stood it up the taller way that the connection between the auger bit and the gear housing started to get loose. Do you think I’m wasting my time having the extra fin grip or do you think if its getting custom build spend the extra money and build it right the first time?

I have attached two pictures, and the fin grip near the powerhead (circled in red) would be on a bolt that you could raise or lower so it evenly supports the weight across all points touching the mount.

The basic concept of my idea can be found on this post

Auger rack



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My opinion on that Mad Dog auger mount.....that thing is a horrible design. For one that velcro isn't going to hold up once it gets covered in ice, water and snow. Its not going to hold the auger in when you go bouncing across the ice on the sled. I received mine for X-mas and after looking at it closer I don't want to have to strap the auger in 100% every time I'm done using it. You can't just set the auger in the rack without pulling the velcro tight. I ended up buying the auger rack from Ryan's Racks. It has a wide enought opening to cradle the power head right at the gear case. Much better support.

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    • gimruis
      Well played.  Wish more people had that attitude.  Even a reduced statewide limit and/or a minimum keeper size would be fine by me.
    • gunner55
      I crossed paths with the person that works over there yesterday & got to ask if they would be netting on the Opener? Their reply was it might be July.  We'll see, may run into them again in the near future.
    • paceman
      Went for a short hunt yesterday morning. Heard a few gobbling on the roost on the neighbors land. They did not come my way and did not make any sounds once they flew down. It was great to be in the blind with the bow again. I am always amazed how loud the spring woods are. Every bird in the country was going crazy. Ducks, geese, crows, woodpeckers... music to my ears! Might get out again Sunday afternoon with my son and then myself Monday morning depending if we see anything Sunday....
    • OhioVike
      Tom, good thoughts now we need good weather!
    • OhioVike
      I have to admit I never heard of it.  I will certainly give it a try.  I am surprised by the number of people that haven't done the cheeks before.  This will really get em.  Thanks.  
    • imhatz
      I heard back from Michael Schwanke a guide working out of Crane Lake that I have known for several years. I told him we are heading up on May 17th. He said it will be close real close. I depends on the night temps need to remain over freezing.....we will keep fingers crossed for a week or two and then decide what to do.
    • Wakemup
      This is great! I’ve never heard of this either Skunked, thanks for sharing- will give it a shot this summer!
    • Borch
      Sounds like a blast!  My time has shifted to turkey hynting prep.  So it looks like I'm done despite good ice conditions.  But I'm a bit jealous of you all.
    • smurfy
      One thing I'd like to add, they live about 2 miles north of remer on hwy 6.
    • Brandon Klatt
      Went up to Knife lake today to see if i could find some slab crappies. After drilling countless holes and only 1 crappie to show for it was thinking about packing it in. Then i notice a mark 1ft under the ice, bam a nice 12in slab. fished 2:45-8pm, bite was good 6:30-8.  Caught a good amount of crappies, key was to be 6-8ft of water and most fish were 1-4ft down. All crappies were released, with how hard this lake gets its nice to see there's still slabs in there and wish the DNR would put a 5 crappie limit on the lake, even down to 3 would be great.