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High hit on a doe last night....

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I was out yesterday afternoon and had one of those nights every bowhunter has sooner or later and dreads. I was only in the stand 20 minutes, when I see big doe and 2 fawns about 80 yds away. I had just used my Primos Can call, before I saw the deer. I don't know if they responed to the call or not, but I'm thinking they did as the doe came "in on a string". She gets to 20 yds broadside and I'm at full draw. She stops behind a tree and all I can see is the front shoulder/neck/head of her. She's acting nervous, so I lean my right shoulder (bow shoulder) on my tree, settle the pin on the top of her heart, and the arrows on it's way. It was going perfect until an unseen branch deflected the arrow. The arrow hit her above the lungs and above the spine. She bolted and I saw the arrow sticking out the top of her back and it flipped out. She then walked off and I could see blood on her back. I waited a half hour in my stand, finding blood on the ground with my binoculars. I get down and find the arrow, which was covered in blood. It had me second guessing my shot and thinking maybe I hit femoral artery? My dad and I followed a diminishing blood trail for 200 yds, before we completely lost it. It was in thick swamp grass, tag alder, tamarck bog. We walked every deer trail we could find and no more blood. I'm thinking the arrow definitely hit above the spine and was a flesh wound which the deer should survive. Anyone ever hit one like that? I'm back at it tonight, maybe she'll come by again?


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I feel you pain but unfortunately it is a part of hunting.

By what you have described I would say that the deer will survive. They are very tough animals. I shot an 8 pt buck last Dec. that upon finding it, I noticed a big hole in its back, apparantly from a bullet. (my guess anyway) The deer wasn't limping and took off like a bat out of **** when I shot him. My point is that the Doe will probably heal up just fine provided it doesn't get an infection. Hopefully you'll get another shot at her.


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Brian, I know a guy in your area, Who killed a deer with his bow last year that only had one lung, He said there was just a stub where the lung used to be, he figured it was a bullet wound from last year there was lots of scar tissue on the rib cage....musta just "ticked" it. I'd say they'r very tuff and determined animals

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You never know with that type of shot, being near the spine. Chances are, from what you described she'll make it providing no infection as NELS stated. It's mostly speculation, but from experience, that area is a tricky one with deer. Touch the spine and it's a different story altogether. Hit high of it (hard to do), or low of it (much easier) without hitting spine or lung and you've got a deer that usually makes it.

The worst hit I've made I think of as the Bermuda Triangle. You place an arrow smartly between ribs below the spine, and just above the lungs that sit gravity make sit below the spine a few inches. That deer barely misses a beat. I know because my brother shot that doe during gun season a few days later.


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    • Boonie5
      We will be in there 2nd weekend & looking forward too it!     
    • Fish Head
      My cabin is very close to where your boat is in that pic.  It was 40 around there last weekend. Headed up again Thursday morning. 
    • bigeyes12
      Is anyone interested in pheasant hunting in SD in Mid or Late November?  I used to do more of it but kinda got busy with really young kids for a few years there and lost the dog around the same time. I basically gave it up for a while. I would like to start making a trip or two back out to SD and would really like to meeting some other guys who enjoy the sport.  It would be great to find a few new friends around the same age +/- 10 years and maybe some of the same interests in fishing and hunting. Live in the Twin Cities area so we could drive down if you are in the area or just meet out in SD sometime.  
    • creepworm
      I do not believe that is from Red. It shows sunny's under the smallest fish and according to the DNR, there are none in Red.
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the main basin... As water temps approach mid 40's, walleye anglers reporting strong fall bite. Good fish caught despite a lot of precipitation this past week.  Clear weather in forecast.  Walleyes staging at various south shore locations in 20-29'.  Jig and frozen shiner the ticket. Anchor up and jig with gold, glow red, or gold/orange.  Fish are very active. On the Rainy River... Strong walleye activity continues.  Jig and frozen shiners continue to be go to method with some anglers also trolling crankbaits.  Shiner run has slowed for the moment but good numbers of walleyes in river.  Sturgeon have the feed bag on.  The sturgeon catch and release season goes though April 23, 2019.  The bite is on!     Up at the NW Angle... Fishing continues to be excellent.  Limits of walleyes being caught in 14 - 25'.  Jigging still producing.  Look for areas of current in neck down areas and outside of bays.  Fall crappie bite continues strong.  Big pike are making their presence felt, like it or not!  Muskie trollers boating and releasing good numbers of fish.  The best fall fishing is yet to come! 
    • leech~~
      Wow, it would be interesting to see if the big winners Cory, Justin and Dave all drove down from Canada together and where they hide the fish to get across the boarder?  🤔  😆
    • ozzie
      I am gonna go out on a limb here and say they did not catch a 15 pound walleye on Upper Red in MN.
    • bbfenatic
      Early ice I am always targeting big crappies not numbers and I always start shallower in the weeds that are still green and I use bigger profile spoons tipped with a minnow head or even a large plastic monnow profile. I find that the larger crappies will  move in for a short while and be feeding on the remaining minnows until they head back out. I fish in that 6-9" area with great results very early ice.
    • jgrimmz
      I'll be out second weekend in my traditional spot as well. Always see deer but I have yet to stick one. Hoping this is the year!
    • jgrimmz
      Wow, impressive! I was out in northern MN over the weekend and, while working on stands, flushed six. No shots as all were roosted high in the trees thanks to the rain, but made for some excitement at least.