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Spending Wisely

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Saw this on FoxSports this morning, thought it was interesting. It shows who knows how to spend money wisely.

Its crazy how much New York spent, over 2 million per victory and they only finished one game up on us.

Here's how MLB's 30 teams rank this year in terms of payroll dollars per victory (through the end of the regular season):

Team — $ per victory

1. Marlins — $192,288

2. Rockies — $541,223

3. Devil Rays — $580,622

4. Pirates — $600,519

5. Twins — $664,688

6. A's — $670,129

7. Indians — $728,152

8. Reds — $743,612

9. Brewers — $757,200

10. Royals — $762,806

11. Diamondbacks — $779,226

12. Padres — $792,331

13. Rangers — $818,351

14. Blue Jays — $826,609

15. Tigers — $866,337

16. Nationals — $891,091

17. Orioles — $1,036,938

18. Phillies — $1,038,509

19. Mets — $1,040,217

20. Cardinals — $1,065,556

21. Dodgers — $1,127,010

22. Astros — $1,128,676

23. Mariners — $1,132,365

24. White Sox — $1,143,062

25. Angels — $1,164,329

26. Braves — $1,170,403

27. Giants — $1,195,553

28. Red Sox — $1,396,517

29. Cubs — $1,436,987

30. Yankees — $2,048,063

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guess when it gets right down to it, Twins and A's are very similar teams if you look at it that way

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very similar.

Focus on pitching first and don't break the bank

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very similar.

Focus on pitching first and don't break the bank

The two best business models in baseball, it starts with the farm system.....

Go A's.... shocked.gif

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    • Rick
      They knocked the Wolvies around a bit. 102-82
    • AlwaysFishing23
      What do y’all think a week from now? Will Duluth be fishable from the boat. A lot of ice around right now. Might have to wait yet rather stay around Duluth than drive another half hour to two harbors.
    • mulefarm
      Will Green be ice free for Govenors opener?
    • Bigfatbert
      Just make sure there are not any tiny , tiny little bloodsuckers attached to the fins , as they so often are up on these front fins ..  I don't mean to spoil ur appetite... like the cheeks ,these wings need to come from a larger walleye in order to get much out it ..
    • TomWehler
      Scaled n skin on after gut n de-head. Wash n batter n sizzle. Fork at Dorsel n whole fillet falls onto plate or butter bun or hounds mouth. : ). Mmmmm sooo good.      I dream melt ice at Nine inches per week starting today -  Pike bay be open day before opener clear out to Marauderville. Then Bonnie n I n Polar Bear do opener on Docks as per our tradition. Dreams are fun.   Then everyone wants to can enjoy the fever reducer that is our sweet Vermilion. Big Smiles. Maybe weekend after opener?  All good but just miss our lil chunk of paradise x million. An lake friends n nuts.  Think warm thinks!  Thanks for letting me post some n butt in on threads a bit. Still two feet of snow here n same ice an nothing to do outside easy.  Peace...     T
      Thanks guys for the information.  I will stop in at Fred's sometime this summer and say hello.
    • TomWehler
      Hi. Figured everyone did that. Hmmmm?  Life long pal Rene Franckuz Way Up end of road Red Lake Ontario showed me that lil yummy rid bit long time ago when we was both still young, he had hair n both loved BEER N BRANDY with anything 24/7. Called them Yanks! Nice videos to share. Try it you will like it. Mmmmm hungry!! Keep on Rocken!  T
    • rumeye
      Better known as North Dakota shrimp.  
    • leech~~
      well I never?  Here's another. May have to give that a try.    
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Wakemup, I also like them scaled and the skin crispy but hate all of those scales every where so I fillet them with no skin. Cliff I have not heard any news about the City Auto Glass. Pike Bay will be open to fishing. Ice being off of it will be close! Cliff