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Mike Sertich

Heading up to Vermilion Bay this next week to fish Clay Lake. Anyone have any tips? I have never fished that fishery, but so any help appreciated. Thanking you all in advance.

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You are talking Canada right???

Try posting it in the Canada Forum. I know Clay is part of the Wabigoon River Watershed, so you can expect cloudy water from the..CLAY lol. There should be some nice pike and walleyes, and some large Musky if you can find them. Cant help ya out anymore cause I dont hear any reports about Clay and have never been there myself..

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Mike Sertich

Just returned from Clay late last night. Spent a week there. First time on the lake.We had great fishing. Lots of 20 plus walleye. Largest 26.5 Met a few others there from Esko. They came when we were leaving. Accomodations very good. Nice dockage, power, landings and protection. Lots of eagles to watch, loads of grouse around and many deer, No wolves though and no moose spotted.. Weather was in the hi 70's to low 80's. Had to hunt for deep water reefs, but once you found the ciscoes, the bite was great. All in all it is a very healthy lake. Gosh I wish we had the forage bases in our local lakes that they have up there. It was a great trip. i recommend it to anyone who loves to fish walleye.

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Mike can you send me the info for the place you stayed at? Im looking for a new place in Canada to go to. Dogtooth is getting old and Northern Lights is dead.

My contact info is on the bottom of my posts.

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    • CTfish
      Hey would someone that lives close by the Hatchery let me know when they are stripping eggs this year? Shouldn't be too far off. 
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Here are a few photos taken off of my dock which is straight across the Pike River from the Hatchery. Only a day or two more before it opens up here on the river! The second picture is looking toward the dam.
    • halad
      Hey Kelly can I fish of your dock opener
    • jkrash
      Your Right! after clicking on the picture a couple times and zooming in you can see the big white head of the male hooded mergaser.
    • kelly-p
      According to the Army Corp of Engineers weather station here in Waskish we have had a grand total of  1.29 inches of precipitation so far in 2018.  When we were burning the grass of there was still about 30% snow cover. The flames were hitting 10 feet high.
    • Wanderer
      Nice to see there might actually be some ice melting up that way! jkrash, those are hooded mergansers though.   I might’ve called out my first woodie sighting this year as one of those too.  But nah!  I know what I saw had to be woodie! Haha! Seriously though, I’ve seen more, and more variety of ducks this spring than ever  in my life.  The late lake ice outs have made the river a diver Mecca.  I think I saw a few with Ely or bust signs on em too!  The bulk of woodies have been in the Little Falls area for about a week, some for a couple.  The hoodeds have been here for at least a month. They’re all coming though!
    • Wakemup
    • mrpike1973
      Wow great job!! Looks like a nice young generation of care takers of the land. Thank you all for your efforts! Sure a nice day today.
    • eyeguy 54
      I see one of my hot spots   Nice job JC and kids!
    • SkunkedAgain
      I just cut it out, dip it in the breading, fry it fins up/meat down, and eat the meat off like you are eating oysters.