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Hello Everyone,

I am heading the Lake Vermillion in the AM and want to know how the west end eye bite has been.


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Just wondering what the fishing pattern is looking for the next two week? Reefs, hups, bays? What seams to be the bait that they are enjoying the most?

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We were there for a couple days last week and found some walleyes by the bay mouths, nothing on the reefs and humps for us. Half a crawler on a lindy rig did the best(if you could get it down past the sunnies and bluegills).

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der vasservolf

I was just up on the west end for 2 weeks, Aug 5-19. I'm no expert fisherman, and am learning this lake, but here's my report:

Caught walleye trolling #5 shad raps in the mouth of bays, and along rocky shorelines, in 9-17 ft of water....morning and evenings. Usually got 2 or 3 keepers, usually 2 were too big. A good walleye fisherman at the resort tipped me off on this pattern. Prior to that, I was fishing points after dark with a Lindy rig/leech from sundown to ~ 11pm to catch 1 or 2.

Caught lots of northern, casting in weedy bays with bass spinnerbaits. Fought an 18-20 lb fish for ~ 5 min, and it got off in the weeks. Ugh. Next time, I'm gonna horse a pig like that in...had 50 lb powerpro and could have done that. Caught it ripping a Shallow Invader through the weed tops in a weedy bay, about 10 ft deep. That was by far the biggest fish I ever fought, I hope I get another chance someday.

Caught about 15 largemouth, more than usual, mostly fishing for pike. Did catch a few on senko's under docks while trying to catch a smallmouth. Only caught 3 smallmouth, couldn't seem to find them on rocky shorelines with a senko worm, and got a few under docks but nothing to brag about..

Caught bluegill anytime I wanted in weedy bays or rocky points that were close to 10-13 rock flats.

Tried for musky, couldn't get any as always, did get a 20 inch baby while fishing for northern. Did have a 10 lb'er chase a bucktail to the boat, and raised what looked like a big one in shallow rocks with a bass spinnerbait- I think he/she was just protecting their turf.

That's the report - had a blast on this beautiful lake as always, and learned a few new tricks and spots as always.

Oh - and I was unable to defend my 2 time family fishing tournament because I couldn't catch a walleye that morning mad.gif. It's a multispecies tourney - caught perch, bluegill, largemouth, smallmouth, northern...but no walleye, musky, or crappie. Actually caught a 13" crappie the night before, my one and only Vermilion crappie.

This was my 4th trip there, and I'll be back up for a week next August.

Good fishing, and thanks to all who post their reports here - it keeps me going until my next annual trip grin.gif

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Got to fish vermilion sun for about 4 hrs and if you guys find fish and can't get them to go on crawlers( I couldn't) try crankin them with reef runners. You wont be dissapointed smile.gif

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    • monstermoose78
      Green has some nice gills. Glad to hear they are biting
    • Fully Kraeusened
      I’m wishing you luck my friend. It’s hard to get away and it can be very deflating when the weather doesn’t cooperate. 
    • MinDak Hunter
      Hit Green for a couple hours this afternoon, almost zero traffic and the sunnies were active. It’s nice to see this lake is back!
    • jigginjim
      still frozen in?
    • CigarGuy
      Was out for a while on the Partridge River this afternoon, didn't have any minnows, managed one 13" crappie on Gulp waxes.  But, the old Strikemaster almost bottomed out-close to 30" of ice.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I don't know what your Helix 7 requires in the manual, but a quick look would figure out if that 3amp is too small. Definitely wire your sonar to the motor battery using the correct gauge wire and fuse. If you connect it to another battery, it should be a stand-alone. Connecting to the trolling motor battery will generate interference.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I've done cheeks quite a few times and they are always good. They take only a few seconds to carve out. I like to get the most out of the things I kill to eat, so I'm not afraid to pull them out of smaller ones. I'm glad to see that so many people picked up a new tip. That's the point of congregating on these forums. I wonder how many non-registered folks will read this and learn something new.
    • CigarGuy
      I've been doing them for many years.  Like Cliff, a friend who was a guide on LOW brought some out prior to the main course-been doing it since. 
    • Tom Sawyer
      With the snow cover completely gone and lots of standing water, 60s in the forecast, with plenty of sunny days next week, and a good chance of rain mid-week; this may be my last weekend on the ice, South of Hwy 210 anyway . Fish have really been on the chew
    • Alex wilhelmi
      hey guys..i installed the helix 7. took it out the other day. it keeps  randomly shutting down, with the motor off it will stay on no problem. Heres where i think i f'd up. i used the same 3 amp fuse harness from the old sonar that came with the boat, the old hb depth only kind. its wired right to the ignition wire. i used the correct gauge wire where i needed it. im guessing its not getting enough juice? also if i wired it direct to a separate battery, how do i go about hooking up and on board charger? or would i be ok just wiring direct to the battery that runs the motor? thanks for any advice. those musky lures look so bad ass! nice work !!