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Prayers appreciated

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This young woman provided day care for our daughter for about a year. Very very nice young lady. I am sure any thoughts and prayers for her and her family would be greatly appreciated.

A 25-year-old Fargo woman died Wednesday of bacterial meningitis, and authorities Thursday were notifying people who had contact with her to take antibiotics as a precaution, including the youths who attend the child-care center where she worked.

The woman – identified as Erin Mae Bye by Gilbertson Funeral Home of Devils Lake, N.D. – went to the emergency room at Fargo’s Innovis Health on Wednesday complaining of a rash, vomiting and a high fever, Fargo Cass Public Health officials said.

Treatment with antibiotics was attempted, but she died a short while later of an overwhelming illness, said Roberto Patron, a specialist in infectious disease at Innovis.

Patron said the situation is cause for concern but not panic, stating it is rare for people who carry the bacteria to become ill and even rarer for people to die from the disease.

Health officials have notified Here We Grow Child Care Center in Fargo of Bye’s death and are advising employees and parents to contact their doctors to obtain antibiotics.


Nancy Bangsund, director of the center, said letters are going out to the approximately 150 families served by the center and parents were being notified in person when they show up at the center.

Bangsund said she believed all of the families will have been notified by this morning.

Health officials said Bye went camping with a group of about half a dozen people during last weekend’s WE Fest in Detroit Lakes, Minn.

Those who came into close contact with Bye are being warned to take antibiotics as a precaution, said Dr. John Baird, health officer with Fargo Cass County Public Health.

Officials said the bacteria are typically spread through contact with nose or throat secretions, such as sharing a drinking glass or kissing a person who carries the contagion.

North Dakota State Epidemiologist Kirby Kruger said cases of meningococcal meningitis are rare in the state, with his office seeing between one and eight cases a year.

Officials said they don’t know how or when Bye contracted the disease.

She started showing symptoms a few days before her death, Baird said.

In many cases, symptoms begin to show up one to 10 days after exposure, officials said. In addition to the symptoms Bye displayed when she went to the emergency room, signs of meningitis can include a sore neck, leading to confusion, and in extreme cases seizures.

Baird said anyone concerned about whether they have been exposed to the disease should contact their physician.

There will be a memorial service for Bye at 2 p.m. Saturday at the home of her parents – Bob and Joyce Bye –in rural Devils Lake.

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Prayers will be offered up for Erin Mae and her Family. May God bless her soul.

Good Luck!


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Our prayers are for you Erin Mae. God bless your soul.

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Prayers sent.

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Dan Thiem

Such sadness happens and we can't understand it. Erins life ended way to soon. My thoughts and prayers are for her and her family. God bless her soul, and may her family find peace.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Check the lakevermilion.com site for a list of public campsites on Lake Vermilion. Cliff
    • gunner55
      We'll be making a trip in to GR again. in the next couple days. See what it looks like then.
    • TomWehler
      Hi I don;t know really if there is a list or not? Hmmmmm. good question? How do ya find out? I do know House boats tie up n camp to some of the smaller ones. So guessing fair game for campers also?? Fast simple way to find out those islands n locals might be to call Vermilion Houseboats n ask a few questions or drop by with a load Hoogies.  That 4 sure get some answers... KEEP OUT, PRIVIATE PROPERTY signs, Boat Lifts, docks ~ cabins n Reputation and of course GUNS n DOGS take care of the lite work for rest of us island owners. : ) 15 years ago Bonnie n I were going fishen an teasing Marauder crew of our hounds NO BOAT TODAY!  We jumped in boat on back dock, told them to have fun, be back soon. Driving around front of island to tease them an pick up front docks we see a boat pulling in to east side of island. I motor over an I ask if I can help them. Two dudes, kind of laurel n Hardy type couple. They say hey man, you a lake cop? Were on vacation an don't want no trouble, Go %$# @#$%^ an back off we are here 1st an need to take a dump. Before I say anything Bonnie says, well bud yer on private property an if you like staying healthy you should get back in yer boat really fast or you gonna know why in 10 seconds. : ) "Yeah well no one can own an island so just back off.....this aint nothing to do with you" That is when the four hounds turned corner of shed full blast in silent sneak attack mode.  : )Guess they were wrestling or chasing frogs or simply in shock that we did not let them in boat cause it took them about 1 minute to react to the voices. But maybe they were just waiting for right moment to GET IT ON! Becky arrived 1st....Buddy, then Barney an then Bailey....... One united big bark turned the dudes heads an you never seen two guys leap into a boat so fast just shy of four mouths full of teeth.... : ) Fat guy flew over the lil guy what seemed like 10 feet right into the bow of boat. Lil guys legs moving so fast to climb into boat an move it off show at same time all while screaming top of his lungs........HELP HELP HELP!!! Bonnie just says as I motor along to front docks to get hound pals.  "Talk to the hounds, this aint got nothing to do with us ~ remember" Fun couple of minutes! Later out on lake they apologized an asked info on places to camp an were sorry for being real DICKS. Told them to maybe got to DNR office in town an ask them about island camping as at the time I had no idea. Actually got to know them pretty good an laugh about this online every summer when they come to lake or when see them on lake once in a while. : ) Keep on rocken! T      
    • Hoey
      Yesterday there was open water, half way from the bridge to narrows used for netting and stripping.  It won't be long now.  The gates are still locked too.  
    • Hoey
      I was able to get my ice to boat equipment and gear cut-over completed.  Only problem was the electric golf cart was a no go.  Finally got it charged enough to move.  I just found out that the charger needed to be replaced.  Over $300 - ouch. There were many out chasing pike.  Those fishing on the reefs and in deeper water were not doing as well as those fishing in one foot of water below the ice.  Sounded like you need to be willing to run your auger into the sand.   I put new blades on my auger and went out to see how well they cut.  Well, I drilled down 2 feet in less than 3 seconds as the ice was on the hard side of slush.  I did not drill any further.  The hole filled immediately with water.   The pike chasers indicated they found little to no hard ice remaining.  That is encouraging since hearsay from the DNR indicated we need 4 weeks of 70 degree days with above freezing temps over night to get the ice out.   Come-on 70s!!!!
    • Kettle
      For those interested in current conditions Red Door has a webcam and the north end typically goes the fastest or at least that is what it seems.  I'm all for a late ice out, similar to 2013 when the last really good year class of walleye were produced.   Kettle
    • Getanet
      I know there are more than 300 islands on Lake Vermilion, but I was wondering if most of them are private, or could a guy throw some camping gear in his boat and stay overnight on one (obviously one that is uninhabited)? If that's possible, does anyone know of any resources that identify which ones are private and which ones would be available for something like that?    
    • leech~~
      Trying to stay on Topic from what I read. Ice out by opener.......so
    • delcecchi
      Sounds like the record of May 23 is looking safe for another year... 
      Ice is going fast!  The sun is high and powerful, we're flirting with 70 degrees and the forecast looks promising. I'm feeling pretty confident there will be a lot more open water then most are expecting.