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Ice out fishing tactics

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With the ice about to be gone, what kind of areas are best when the ice first goes off. I usually wait a week or 2 for the water to warm before I start fishing because in the past I have had a hard time finding the fish right away when the ice goes out. I am thinking that they are out just a little deeper then they are when they move into shallow water after it warms some, but I am not sure. I have heard some people say that if you find the right spot the fish move into the really shallow water right away when the ice is gone. Thanks for replies, good luck this year.

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big musk411

Here is my 2cents.

You are going to want to look for the warmest water. This is typically very shallow dark bottem bays or channels. I have caught crappies as soon a two days after ice out in these locations befor. Its good to have a temperature gauge on your boat to gind these areas. Another thing is that the warmest water is usually on the north east side of the lakes. this is due to the prevailing westerlies and the ambient light from the sun.

Hope this helps.


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Don't forget to check deep water - it is still 39 degrees and may actually be the warmest water around. Applies to crappies. Gills are already cruising around in 8ft or less. Find some green weeds and you will be golden. Look for creek inflows too. Water may not be that warm but it is washing edible stuff into the lake. And the fish are hungry.

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I think the time of day is important as well. I remember last year I went out after work on a local lake and caught about 60 crappies in a couple of hours. It had been a nice warm day and the water had really warmed up.

I went back to this very area a couple of days later and went out in the morning. I caught four. I think I got out too early, before the sun had warmed up those shallow muddy bays. The weather period over those few days was pretty stable as I remember so as I look back I think the time of day was key.


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I would target smaller darker waters early spring. But on any water you may want to try the north side first as it gets most the sun and tends to warm quicker. Wood and manmade structure seem to hold shallow fish early on. Like most said temperatures play a big role in fish locations, even a few tenths of a degree can be a big difference in how much you catch.

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    • Todd_B
      I agree I have not heard much on here about the area.  Headed to shields on Saturday,  hope it pans out.
    • Savage Brewer
      I have a Striker Hardwater and the Wife has the Clam Rise suit. Both are great and we chose them based on how they fit, each body is different and you will find different brands and even product lines within a brand will fit different. I would try stopping by Thorne Bros and see what they have in stock to try on, they might have more upstairs if you dont see your size.  Float suits dont go on sale much other than the Blaine Ice show, St Paul Ice show, Black Friday and then after the season.
    • Angelfish
      I wamna go fishing this weekend but was troubled by the ice condtions. Do anyone know how much ice are on the following lakes; Osakis, Grand, Arvilla or possibly even Star???
    • Randy  Kato
      Will be on horsehoe  tomorrow first time for the yr If see my little camper/fish house and a white chev 2500 with topper stop by for a pop or beer its nice to meet new people from the forums Thanks Randy  
    • Parmer
      Northern tool had the skid shoes for 19.99.  Cabelas had the steel bar limited stock online it said. 
    • Jpthom1616
      This are premium Rods from Alpha Angler. This company is the rod sponsor for 2017 Bassmaster Angler of the Year Brandon Palaniuk. The Rebound: is a glass cranking rod. Best I've ever used. Fantastic feel. The Zilla: is a a perfect all around Rod. I primarily used it for pitching jigs. I've owned these rods for less than a year they were purchased in spring 2018. I just have way more tackle rods reels etc. Than I have room for. Rods new retail together are $475 I'm selling them as a package for $320. Or individually for $175 each.  I'm in the north metro area. And am willing to drive a reasonable distance if need be. Feel free to make an offer but a serious ones only. Also I have photos of the Rods if youd like just email me and I'll send then to you. Let me know!  Email me at  [email protected]   
    • TomWehler
      I posted some pic's of the heaves on above Fishing Reports info post.   Pretty interesting if you never seen anything like that.   CRUNKY CRUNCHY sounds of ice on rocks last night as trucks drive on an off.....always fun.   T
    • DP
      Went out just to check ice depth today, measured 13.5" on lake one a couple hundred yards out from the public access in town.  No snow left, very slick, and lots of heave action on a majority of the shoreline.
    • Bryan P
      Me too. Got out few times before but nothing really going on. This was my best outing yet for me this season. Hoping to have more of these days!  I'm glad you enjoy my videos. You can follow my channel if you want to see all my videos. I only post some on this site. 
    • Mike89
      that be you!!!  LOL!!   but I hope to see it!!